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    Outstanding pack man, great work!
  1. (ELS) 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked All Blue Christmas Tree

    Nice model man, the rambar isn't mine though.
  2. Development Things

  3. Just as all of the other models released with this base model. The rear wheel is bigger than the front. Other than that nice job
  4. [ELS] BCSO Vehicle Pack

    Great job buddy, glad to see someone utilizing a Justice. Not to mention to using different livery sizes the way they're supposed to.
  5. ZModeler3

    Keep an eye on my channel. Ill do some for you. I have a very basic one now. But ill start from step 1. Expect them to be available 1 by 1 starting in a couple days. One a day. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgIQxSOplBd1ZQLeIUBROWw
  6. Since I've recently updated to the newest GTA version as well as the newest Ragehook version I have no callout audio. You can here the "chime" like its going to play and then just static until its over. I've troubleshooted to the best of my ability but no luck . Anyone have any ideas?
  7. NoBueno007's LSPDFR Mayhem

    Join me live in Blaine County until 11am est!
  8. NoBueno007's LSPDFR Mayhem

    Its amazing!
  9. NoBueno007's LSPDFR Mayhem

    Thank you. No boosts or anything just Prophets siren.
  10. NoBueno007's LSPDFR Mayhem

    Come join me as I try to conquer the crimes of San Andreas! Daily livestreams at 9:30pm EST. Click the link to see when I'm live! - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgIQxSOplBd1ZQLeIUBROWw/live
  11. LSPDFR Livestream!

    Come join! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgIQxSOplBd1ZQLeIUBROWw/live
  12. Anyone be interested in seeing a livestream in Zmodeler3? It would consist of downloading placing/mapping parts as well as in game tests and error fixes. If I can get at least 5 people ill start the stream.

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