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Hello everyone im gamerdanger99 but you can call me gamer if you want i joined LCPDFR.com a while ago and i have been a good member of this community im going to tell you a little bit about myself again since my last about page was ruined by moderators. I have playing GTA4 for a few years now. I live in the great state of Ohio where it is spring but its snowing outside :p I have a youtube channel with over 180 subs and over 90 videos here is a link https://www.youtube.com/user/gamerdanger99 I am a very friendly person if you want to send me a friend request go ahead. If you want to friend me on steam go ahead. You should know what my steam name is by now. That is a little bit about me I hope to see you all on the forums 
Great people i have met here on LCPDFR.com 
Srgt.scales Being a great person to talk to and running a great police clan 
Ineseri being there to talk to and helping me a lot
Reibu AKA Sharp Command being there to talk to and telling me about some great anime 
TeddiBearz being there to talk to and making me a great profile and cover photo for my YouTube channel 
Thanks Scales you are a forever friend :D i about died of laughing when i saw this picture for me JJNeZXo.png


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