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  1. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: In celebration of this new timer and possibly RC2.   

    Got any glue? :)
  2. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: New computer tips?   

    Just tell us your budget and we could maybe help you a bit better ;-) There is such a diversity that we could only give you the best components for your maximum cost.

    Oh and do you want to use graphical mods for GTA IV? (like ENBSeries or iCEnhancer)
    And what is "some other games"? Games like BF3, Anno 2070, CoD etc or Games like GTA IV, BF Bad Company 2 (some older games)?
  3. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: Windows 7 64 and LCPDFR Install   

    In the program (86) directory (just like in most of the other basic directories created at the windows installation) Windows itself is often working with virtual paths. e.g. When I go to "C:BenutzerLil-richEigene Dokumente" (all in german, sry^^) and then copy the path it would be "C:UserLil-richDocuments" - so what you see is not what you get in the end.
    Therefore it can be causing problems with certain games/programs that require full access to their "home folders" especially when the UAC is activated or/and you are not a system admin on your computer (that's why most ppl deactivate UAC besides the annoying messages :D )

    Just read that somewhere and installing my games on C:Games since then...
  4. Lil-rich added an answer to a question: Continous Brake Light and Auto Reverse help...   

    Use this script (latest version by AngryAmoeba) and use GTA IV and it should work.
    Only "bug" is that any car in your range will just stop while you are stopping. But they won't reverse or anything. But this bug can't be fixed yet.

  5. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: GTA IV texture bug ( need help )   

    With my HD4870 X2 (2GB) I had some similiar problems but only if I had the previous (I think it's 1.25) version of iCEnhancer installed - though I gotta say it was never meant to be played on
    I think even the new graficcards don't have much more VRAM (most VRAM I saw on a single GPU yet was about 3GB) so why is it running on them but not on my card?

    Long story short: you really can't say on which compenents this does depend. IMHO it's a combination of various things no one really could sum up or better sort out...

    Edit: Oh but one question... Does this appear when you start the game (from the beginning) or does it appear later on?? Because this is two different "bugs" (I had the last one)
  6. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: cant play most of the callouts   

    are you patrolling the same spots always or are you really driving around maybe even go over to the other islands?
  7. Lil-rich added a file in Script & Data File Modifications   

    Indicator Script v1.0
    - left/right indicator
    - hazard indicators
    - permanent lighted indicators (like position markers)
    - key config via ini-file

    Planned in future:
    - flash indicators just while pressing a defined key (for now just toggling available)
    - add this mysterious ticking noise when indicators are on (coming from the indicator relais in real life^^)

    Anything missing? Just leave a comment...
    (for keys look at the included read me!)

    Recommended other mods:
    - TBoGT Vehicle Lights Fix ( http://www.gtagarage...ow.php?id=14536 )
    -> this will correct most of the problems with the vehicle's lights like indicators not flashing etc. - thanks to sam for pointing that out :)
  8. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: 095rc police computer problem   

    Hmmm do the computers in the internet "stores" work?

    Are you sure you got a legal copy of GTA IV? Because R* added several pirate checks which are causing issues like this (or permananent drunkness although you didn't drink anything) They seem to appear randomly and cause you to be stuck in mission (or even here in LCPD:FR^^)
  9. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: Road blocks?   

    Please discuss this via private message and stick to topic here ;)

    P.S.: StreetRace sounds good to me :) If you got some more ideas on this, don't forget to create a ticket about it!
    P.P.S.: Fast and Furious FTW! :D
  10. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: Battlefield 3 Clan   

    I know what you mean :D

    But as already said it's all about teamplay and of course also getting used to the map. Just throw a grenade to the campers and then rush with flashlight activated - they won't even know what hit em :D
    And if you have some good (team-playing) squad members in your back it's even easier...

    Please, please try it in a team (over teamspeak maybe) and give it at least 1 hour - you will be surely surprised!
  11. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: Looking for a Realistic Car Pack   

    Just wanted to say I removed the car pack finally due to issues. I wonder why they appeared so late. I could play for about 3 weeks without a single crash and now I had several problems with not loading cars etc. strange...

    Maybe it's just too much cars being changed :-/
  12. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: Mod not loading   

    About the tilde... It's different depending on what keyboard layout you have. For me it's ^ for example. Which layout are you using?

    I think it's always the key left of the number "1" in the upper left corner of your keyboard.
  13. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: [REL] Lawyer Office to Police Office transformation   

    So is this whole thing ready now?

    P.S.: There is a way to access the whole building :) (workaround^^) What ticket # was it?
  14. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: Mod not loading   

    try using some different Asi loader and be sure you have the newest hooks versions installed (see in the download section or at
  15. Lil-rich added a post in a topic: USB Keyboard (Possible Issue?)   

    same here. Using a G15 and having no issues at all (not on 0.91 and not on 0.95). You gotta search the problem anywhere else, sry