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  1. How to edit .ydd.

    So I've made textures for uppr_000_u in s_m_m_fibsec_01.ydd, and it works great for the ped. However I'd like to seperate this model from the rest and place it in its own .ydd for use with EUP. How would I go about doing this? https://i.gyazo.com/9489387e7e5ad7581f4d2b16bcf4c46a.png
  2. Humberside Police Maibatsu Vincent Retexture

    Nice skin. Humberside Police is rarely recognized. Hope to join the force in two years.
  3. Im Thinking Pepper Spray, Any Tips?

  4. Im Thinking Pepper Spray, Any Tips?

    Already been made http://www.mediafire.com/download/cvsuk5zqqmp1h9n/Captor+and+Taser.rar However, it would be nice to see a new pepper spray mod that's hosted on LCPDFR.
  5. EMT + FDLC Script

    I am pretty sure I am not the only one who called this copying, however I may be one of few who care about it and probably the first one to say it here. and after people compare the two trailers, I think a lot of them will change their oppinion or will at least question the matter. Look, you can say all you like, but sorry, you will never convince me you didn't try to copy Mordecki's feautres, the only thing you've added is that you can play as a firefighter, and even for this feautre you've said yourselfe in the video that it's pretty boring and buggy. The menu, the medic bag, the stretcher, the treating menu - It's all so similar that you can not convince me you didn't copy the idea from Mordecki. I think copying someones idea is more obnoxious than expressing your oppinion.
  6. Unavailable in the UK. Damn it.
  7. Met Police Officer & PCSO Ped Pack

    Thanks Doppler, been hyped about this!
  8. GTA IV: On which platform do you think its best on?

    Why wouldn't you be able to play GTA IV on PC for hours?
  9. Supervillains

    Dayum that trailer looked awesome.
  10. IV Vapid Cruiser skin

    I'm crap at skins but I liked the way the one I made turned out. '>
  11. Declasse Granger 3000X (SWB) LCPD

    My god it's beautiful.
  12. How about a Highway Patrol Mod/script

    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> EDIT: Ninja'd
  13. [REQ] ELS versions of original GTA V Police vehicles

    '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  14. GTA V Car Textures Megapack [WIP]

    Wow, sounds like it's gonna be awesome. Good luck.

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