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  1. Callout Request

    I think that an attack on the main police station would be good idea.
  2. I keep on getting this error when i go on duty and the LSPDFR Crashes
  3. LSPDFR 0.2 Delay Update - 13 July

    tik tok tik tok
  4. WOW looks amazing great work. is rage or script? If that's the case seems like it will be 100% , repossession agent? hows that? Im awaiting some tests here to take for police officer in nj. I was gonna apply to the Georgia state patrol recently but decided not too after all I reposted because I have no idea what happened in the above quote post ^
    Works great. Fantastic idea works great love it!
  5. Latest RAGE Plugin Hook

    ok we will continue to wait :)
  6. RAGEHOOK OUT 139 Patch!

    just waiting on LSPDFR now
  7. U.S. Marshal

    Update soon?
  8. LSSD Gang Unit

    Could you release them please?