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  1. Quick question for you guys, I've been having game crashes after about 10 minutes or so playing. I'm starting to think it's a memory issue since I use a ton of add on cruisers with RDE, even with an edited gameconfig I'm still getting crashes. My question is: does anyone know if there is a way around this? I love using RDE & tons of add on cars but I fear the rde folder in update.rpf just gets too large to handle.
  2. Lights working, Siren is not?

    Worked like a charm, it appears I completely overlooked that line. Thanks so much for the help & sorry about posting in the wrong section.
  3. Lights working, Siren is not?

    I've run into an issue with 2 add on vehicles where the lights work but the siren does not. I run RDE with a bunch of add on cruisers, a mix of ELS & non ELS. Both of the cruisers I'm having trouble with are non ELS & are in RDE slots not necessarily original slots (like lssheriff.yft instead of the original sheriff.yft). Is there anything specifically in the carvariations.meta or vehicles.meta that would cause this to happen? As I have edited both with the required information included with the car file. Any help would be really appreciated.
  4. Good LAPD cruiser with MX7000?

    Sorry to hear it was taken down, but happy to see you're still pursuing making one. Thanks for letting me know
  5. Does anyone know of any good quality late 90s early 2000s LAPD cruisers with an MX7000 lightbar? I recall using a nice one in game like half a year ago when I played, now the searches haven't been giving me much. Any suggestions are welcome.
  6. ELS and Non-ELS Vehicles

    In your case are there any extra steps to adding a non els vehicle? Or will els only impact the vehicles that have configuration files in it's folder
  7. ELS and Non-ELS Vehicles

    Hi guys, I've been facing an issue with installing BxBugs non els lasd cvpi & a non els whelen liberty caprice into my game with multiple working els add on vehicles already installed. I get a crash in the loading screen each time which I managed to narrow down to my carvariations file: using the original file the game launches fine, the add on non els vehicles load but the lighting is all screwed up. When I replace the original with the files modified with the carvariations included with the cvpi & caprice I get a game crash. My only real questions are: 1. the obvious one, is it even possible to run els & non els add on vehicles simultaneously? 2. if it is possible, are there any special instructions associated with running both? (I attached my edited carvariations if it is any help to look over what I'm talking about, it's worth noting I use RDE & the files being edited are policelsia & policelsia2) carvariations.meta
  8. LPCallouts

    Outstanding callouts that actually prompt multiple part investigations and the only callout I've used that has a full emergency scene set up when you arrive. Definitely has to be my favorite callout download. I wish I could rate more than 5 stars. 10/5
  9. 2011 CROWN VICTORIA - CVPI 1.7U

    Any chance the hubcaps are going to be released?
  10. Dashcam V

    Do you think there is any possibility of working with albo to get the Lights & Siren indication to work with SirenMastery?
  11. Hopefully these are sexy enough

    Is there any chance of us getting cvpi hubcaps? I've been holding out for the hubcaps you mentioned with the slicktop vic you released around a month ago
  13. Realistic one slot LAPD/LSPD CVPI?

    Sorry for such a late response, I didn't see the notification for a reply. Thanks so much for the info man, looking forward for the update
  14. I'll give your meta a shot, thanks buddy!
  15. I started using the meta files included to unbind the vehicle controls and now found I cannot navigate the lspdfr menus with the dpad. Is this something that can be fixed by editing the meta? Or is it simply the way the controller config/lspdfr works & unable to reconcile?