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  1. Adam-12 Intro (Actor Titles Fixed!)

    i got lazy not even sure i still have the files for the video....i hate that camera limiter on rockstars editor
  2. APD

    what car is this?
  3. im sure i put that in....i redid the intall on my laptop...but my god...it lags
  4. i rolled it when i noticed......i did that on purpose to get the pics. and the tahoe's lights in policet's slot werent working O.o im sure my meta file had a custom tint value for the tint since my transporter was the JJ's van and it had a screwed tail light till i used my custom one....i think....i need to check both my computers.....since i have GTA on both systems and i use both for it
  5. wonderful...your coronas are UNDER the 2011 vic with the vector
  6. thast the way the game is. i think J shuts off the siren on the non ELS cars, i think it keeps it off after getting out? Im not so sure since i havent used a non els car in a lONNGGGG while
  7. LSPDFR+ Double Traffic Stop Menu?

    it shoul...i mean mine is working fine, idk why you get two menus
  8. LSPDFR+ Double Traffic Stop Menu?

    change the keybindings in the ini
  9. Where is the "Mod" Folder in OpenIV?

    becasue you have to make it...mods is bascially a modded version of files while keeping your orignals intact read dis http://openiv.com/?p=1132
  10. Better Dispatch Alert Tones (NEW UPDATE)

    I Hear an APX emergency ID received tooonneee WOOOO
  11. GNAM GNAM..

    10-33 DONUT DOWN!
  12. Officers Ambushed

    From the album Asu's Pics

  13. Officers Ambushed

    From the album Asu's Pics

    1L30 Show us 23 on scene...need ems officer down...SHOTS FIRED IN THE GARAGE!!