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  1. 2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    I used this to replace "Police4" and for some reason I keep getting rolling at speed. Anyone have any idea of a good handling for this vehicle. Also I know this doesn't belong here but if I add a "Police4" entity in the handling.meta, will it actually affect that said vehicle?
  2. Forced Components on Vehicles?

    Anywhere specific that I should look? Say it's for Police 3. Do I go into the YTD model or?
  3. Forced Components on Vehicles?

    Is there a way for AI or just when you spawn in general to have say a Police Dodge Charger always spawn with a Pushbar. I got some great vehicle mods I am using but I hate how sometimes the vehicles spawn in the world or on AI without the pushbumper.
  4. Police Explorers talk

    Explorers is fun. Best thing to do if you're in your 16's - 20's. Very valuable knowledge and insight. I found explorers to be very eye opening. You see more then what the average person sees thus opening your eyes a lot more. lol Story from me: I remember the time when I used to be an explorer when I was younger. We were performing "Tubular Assaults" (Bus insertions) and part of our training was to turn off the bus before moving up to the main entry doors. So here comes Gung-Ho Shadow rollin up, past the shut off button, to the door, and then pinning the bus driver against his seat and making everyone put their hands up. I then completely go out of character, stop in the middle of everything and go "Sorry, I messed up, can we redo the scenario again?" That day become known as the "Tactical Do-Over"
  5. Question about Liveries and who can use them.

    It does, by any chance do you know off hand if the "Sheriff" model is multi livery? (White stock CVPI in game?)
  6. Whats up guys, I need some help here. I am trying to add a second livery for a specific location. So basically I want two have a B&W Sheriff Charger for Blaine County and a second livery W&W charger for areas near Paleto Bay. One more question. I notice that there are San-Andreas Highway Patrol units in the game and sometimes can be seen sitting alongside "Sheriff" model car one. Is it possible to make a 3rd Livery as a CHP vehicle that only spawns with the CHP officers (So I don't run into CHP in front of a sheriffs station or pursing after a vehicle on a county road.) Is there a specific file that I can edit to change these things?
  7. NEW 1.0.7 ENB, Game4videos!

    It ruined mine, Thank god I had most of the mods I used backed up. :/
  8. Gta Iv Enb Series Mod

    This messed up my EFLC
  9. [CA] Cypress Police CVPI

    Haha Thanks, It's okay, In fact it's what drives my motivation to give you guys perfection in my textures. :)
  10. [CA] Cypress Police CVPI

  11. [CA] Cypress Police CVPI

    Thanks guys.
  12. BxBugs123 CVPI Code 3 X2100

    FINALLY!! Someone puts up a CVPI with a Code 3 X2100 with a pushbar. Thank you so much! :D
  13. Orange County Police Sheriff Skin

    LOL I did a OCSD too but I don't think I did a Tahoe version.
  14. [CA] Cypress Police CVPI

    Version v0.2


    Cypress is a city in Orange County, Southern California. This texture is accurately made to look like the Cypress Police Department's CVPI graphics design on their cars. At the moment I have only the CVPI Texture. Later I might do a Tahoe one. This texture looks best on BxBugs123's "MX2100 CVPI" w/ pushbar (As this is the light bar our department uses.)If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Also don't forget to change the file name to what ever texture your car uses. Usually, it's police_sign_1 or something like that. Thanks for Downloading :) Enjoy! IMPORTANT: 1. DO NOT MODIFY OR UPLOAD THIS TO ANOTHER SITE WITHOUT CREATORS PERMISSION 2. WHEN GIVEN PERMISSION. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO CREATOR. *CHANGELOG* v0.2 - Added a border around the vehicle number like the real car. - Straightened out the door logos.
  15. Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Skin

    The skin will only work with the model it came with.