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  1. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Friggin awesome!! You guys always impress :) Can't wait to see what this brings into V :)
  2. Emergency Lighting System

    Hmm. every key i try does the same. It's like ELS "steals" the Cinematic key whatever it is. I wanted to use Middle mouse button for it. Works very well when ELS is not loaded.
  3. Emergency Lighting System

    Anyone found a workaround to get the Cinematic camera to work? Still it acts as a Manual tone for me, regardless of what button i assign it to.
  4. Numbnuts. Closing down a tool that has gained them so much coin the last decade. Well done RockTard Games. Loosing both moneh and potential customers still wanting to buy the GTA franchise. Well done *slow clap* Let's all salute the creator of OpenIV and GIMS for his awesome tools all these years, and what a journey it has been. From editing taxi signs to your favorite neighbourhood shady-taxi, to creating complete addons like LCPDFR/LSPDFR. Whatever the mod, it has learned me atleast a heap of stuff that i never before GTA had the pleasure or interest to learn. So many thanks! And i really hope that all this attention towards R* and TT will be frutiful! (mmm fruits) Firsty out!
  5. Emergency Lighting System

    Anyone found a resolution to the Cinematic camera being unusable when using ELS?
  6. LSPDFR Computer+

    I would go over every .dll file in the GTAV directory. Often these issues are because files are blocked by windows. Causes all kinds of havoc. Not only dll's, but all files belonging to the plugins installed.
    Top notch, upper shelf tool for us V officers :) Many thanks for this! :)
  7. [REL] Ladder Control Mod

    Looooking goood! Damn nice engines aswell!
  8. LSPDFR Computer+

    Even better i would say ☺ ☺
  9. LSPDFR Computer+

    Love this plugin! Can't lspdfr without! :) Would be awesome to see a config that can set for example Background off and pause off as default :)
  10. As Toastin said, probably ELS. And the cinematic does not seem to work at all when LSPDFR is loaded in.
  11. Try turning ELS controlAi off in the ELS.ini, could be some conflict. Had some issues with it when i did a traffic stop with lights on. Worked for me :)
  12. LPCallouts

    Hello sir! :) Unsure if this is related to the plugin. But LSPDFR crashes when and request transport for the reckless douche causing the Freeway accident :) (gutted the log after the cuffing part. All seems fine before) edit: Looks to be that the backup cant find the position for the transport? [14.01.2017 21:02:15.974] [TRACE] Instance cleaned ( #28) [14.01.2017 21:02:15.976] LSPD First Response: Contains key after add [14.01.2017 21:02:15.976] LSPD First Response: Weapon Dropped [14.01.2017 21:02:15.976] LSPD First Response: LSPDFR+ Ped arrested [14.01.2017 21:02:15.999] [TRACE] Assigned ped to PlayerSuspectTransport #9 (Blocker) [14.01.2017 21:02:15.999] [TRACE] Thread PlayerSuspectTransport #9 initialized [14.01.2017 21:02:16.791] 14.01.2017 21:02:16 - released [14.01.2017 21:02:22.877] LSPD First Response: Transport region(s) not available [14.01.2017 21:02:22.880] LSPD First Response: Recruited Officer [14.01.2017 21:02:22.907] LSPD First Response: [14.01.2017 21:02:22.907] LSPD First Response: ============================== [14.01.2017 21:02:22.907] LSPD First Response: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION DURING GAME FIBER TICK [14.01.2017 21:02:22.907] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [14.01.2017 21:02:22.907] LSPD First Response: Origin: Game fiber "Custom Backup En Route". [14.01.2017 21:02:22.907] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [14.01.2017 21:02:22.908] LSPD First Response: Exception type: Rage.Exceptions.InvalidHandleableException [14.01.2017 21:02:22.908] LSPD First Response: Exception message: Operation is not valid because the specified Rage.Task is invalid. [14.01.2017 21:02:22.908] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [14.01.2017 21:02:22.908] LSPD First Response: Inner exceptions: [14.01.2017 21:02:22.908] LSPD First Response: ------------------------------ [14.01.2017 21:02:22.908] LSPD First Response: Stack trace: [14.01.2017 21:02:22.909] LSPD First Response: at Rage.Task.get_Status() [14.01.2017 21:02:22.909] at ????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????.?????????????????????????????????????????() [14.01.2017 21:02:22.909] at Rage.GameFiber.Main() [14.01.2017 21:02:22.909] LSPD First Response: ============================== [14.01.2017 21:02:22.909] LSPD First Response: [14.01.2017 21:02:23.265] LSPD First Response: All signs removed
  13. This is just lotion for sore eyes! Beautiful Can't wait to help Justin Bieber on his luxus yatch(or maybe not help) And to be able to ditch all those hotkeys that makes alot of scripts fail due to conflicts *high five*
  14. Worked very well for me atleast. No crashes so far with the new patch =) Great work!

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