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    Gaming, being with friends and just being social aswell as driving my supermotard.
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About Me

Hello! It is finally time to make a quick'n'good about me page, aint it?

So lets get to it!


I am a male from Finland that have always liked gaming, being with friends/being social aswell as driving different kinds of vehicles when i get the chance.

As of writing this, I am studying Information- and communication technics (If thats a thing in english..) at the first grade. 

I've always tried to be friendly, social, and not tried to be offensive unless needed, and thus if you have twitter and want to tweet me anything, I most likely will answer If i see it.


If you don't know me in real life, you will mostly find me in a highway patrol unit with all lights on going around all kinds of corners in Liberty City, or in other worlds of the gaming galaxy, so there you go!