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  1. Zmodeler moving problem.

    Wow I feel stupid, thanks man.
  2. New to modeling and starting to put a lightbar on my car, I've had problems with this with two lightbars now, everytime I move or re-size it certain things don't stick with the object, does anyone know why? Thanks. https://youtu.be/i0c0ePUAoF0
  3. [REQ] 2001 Chevy Impala.

    I was looking around for a model of this car for GTA V, however couldn't find a single one.. I was wondering if anyone could make one, similar if not identical to this listed bellow?
  4. Seems like no matter what I do, I'm not able to get the K-9 as a partner.
  5. Tennesse State Trooper

    Spot on!
  6. California Highway Patrol CVPI

    Absolutely in love with this model, There's still a few tweaks that could be done and addons within the vehicle, However I love it! For anyone wanting this vehicle to respond whenever you use the menu as State if installed as addon
  7. California Highway Patrol CVPI

    For the ones using this as an addon-.. If you want it to appear whenever you call for Back up with highway patrol, Simply replace POLICE4 with CHPCVPI within your backup.xml in the lspdfr folder within the main directory of GTA V. You could do the same with the police bike as well if you hate it like me :P Great model regardless, I'm in love.
  8. 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Gang Unit

    I love the full blues and the lighting setup, it would be cool if we could get a few antennas, rambar and a spotlight as an extra.
  9. 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Gang Unit

    For anyone having problems with the lights not appearing bright, I had a similar problem and I had to clean the vehicle, I guess the dirt map on it is messed up.. Also make the window tint normal through your trainer too.
  10. 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Gang Unit

    For anyone wanting to install it into the police4 slot,| Mods > x64e.rpf > levels > gta4 > vehicles.rpf and drop her in.
  11. Light Problem-.. Again..

    Bump, anyone know a fix yet? :/

    I'm having this same problem, no ones found a fix yet.. :(
  13. Light Problem-.. Again..

    If you could do that, that would be great, Thank you!
  14. Light Problem-.. Again..

    The problem is the lightbar texture on the vehicle, It seems like it's just blank with no colors and all and aren't displaying what they're meant to show-.. Not emitting any source of lights off of them or anything.. Hopefully you can understand a bit better.
  15. Light Problem-.. Again..

    I don't know what the hell keeps causing this though I hope you can maybe figure out, Post FX is on high, I can post full graphics settings if needed but this keeps happening no matter what model.. Hopefully someone can help, Thanks.

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