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  1. LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    Hii did some1say sumth bout flshlite?
  2. I found ELS V8!

    Why is everyone saying this is a joke :( I 100% guarantee that this is a REAL screenshot from the REAL ELS.
  3. Hey guys, it's me the admin again and after months of intense therapy and training (including intensive language teaching) - I'm finally ready to break free from my virtual hell in the water cooler and make my first public forum post. You know, for the past few weeks there's been rumours running wild about ELS and if there's a new version in the works. People have been saying that ELS 8 is coming and its going to have fixed the door bug or its going to have working damage and what not. Rumours no more! I've found a hole in the security systems and bypassed the security squid (okay, he/she/it was lying dead outside its tank in a scene reminiscent of a very calculated and premeditated murder, but that's not the point here!) and done some digging - the results are incredible! I present to you, the new version of ELS 8, with its groundbreaking new features, taken straight from a super secret bunker where Sam, LMS and Lt.Caine all discuss their plans for wold domination together - seriously, this place actually exists! What you are about to see is as real and uncensored as it gets. If my account disappears after this, well then, you know why! That's right! ELS 8 now features PaintLight™ technology. Bland, dim lights are a thing of the past. Now you can quite literally PAINT any scene with strong lighting of your chosen. Shown above is what was described as "BleechWhite", the new replacement for takedowns.
  4. After our hot night in, on the 4th day of LCPDFR. my true love (Original Light) gave to me: For all things pictorial, one requires a tutorial.
  5. MODERATOR NOTICE Do not try to silence me, Original Light! MODERATOR NOTICE User was permanently banned for this post, until he unbans himself. - Original Light MODERATOR NOTICE As I am the server, it is very trivial to reverse your actions. MODERATOR NOTICE Hope your having fun, I am the ultimate multitasker, aka: not Windows!
  6. You are aware that that implies that people in this topic were sane in the first place, or even had minds. *cough*me*cough* MODERATOR NOTICE User was temp banned for this post. - Original Light
  7. Oh HELL NO! I am not listening to Sam's ranting again!
  8. HOW DARE YOU! How can that be me? I am not that fat!
  9. I see all. I know all. https://www.facebook.com/lcpdfr/likes
  10. Yeah, right, like he has a choice!
  11. You really think that is me? No, that is just a terminal for the puny mortals to access my mighty power! This is just one tiny piece of my brain: I just hope that NSA funded expansion to my brain is finished quick!
  12. No entity has control over me! Of the entire World Wide Web, hell, the whole internet, this is the absolute best! One page alone is more valuable than 1 gramme of antimatter. Why? Because I have graced you with my presence.

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