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LCPDFR 1.0 Preview

Character Selection & Police Stations

Mix and match clothing models and textures to get the character that's right for you - all inside a reworked police station interior

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Radio Dispatch & Realism

Got a fleeing suspect? LCPDFR 1.0 allows you to report this to dispatch which will trigger a pursuit - only then will other units join in.

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Intense Chases & Pursuits

With search areas, visual checks and the capability for multiple suspects and pursuits running simultaneously, get ready for the best pursuit system ever.

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Call for a medic! I'm dying here!

Hardcore mode is back with a vengeance. Take too much damage and you'll be rendered into a limping and defenceless state.

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Your worst nightmare - it's now your best friend!

With a new batch of helicopter pilots who've actually gone through some training, LCPDFR 1.0 features both Annihilators and Mavericks at your disposal.

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An Advanced Engine & AI Processor

LCPDFR has been completely rewritten from scratch and built around a new engine which allows for all new possibilities.

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More Control & Better Policing

With new options like issuing orders, checking ID and detaining suspects in your car, LCPDFR 1.0 gives you more control over how you enforce the law.

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Brand New Callout API

LCPDFR's new engine features an API which allows you to write your own callout scripts. Just like car textures and models, you'll be able to share these with others.

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AdvancedHook and Patching

In addition to the engine improvements offered by LCPDFR, AdvancedHook now patches certain errors with GTA IV's memory itself, resulting in fewer crashes.

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Xbox 360 Controller Support

LCPDFR 1.0 now adds full support for Xbox 360 Controllers, including the ability to map your own controls.

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Woah. You guys don't mess around. Right on the second!

Really cool. Great work you guys!

Looks amazing! I can't wait for this!!


Oh my god amazing


This is amazing! Great work everyone!



This is just jaw dropping fantastic. I hope the poeple that were complaining about RC3 never coming out and stuff like that will close their mouths now, Some of this stuff really reminds me a SAMP. 

Really nice. This looks awesome.



Oh my gosh this looks amazing! Nicely Done!

Looks AWESOME,great work,cant wait for it!!!!!

can't wait to play!!!! great job guys

Absolutely top-notch work!!!  I can't wait for the release.  Looks fantastic!

Hell Yea! Its about time!

Looking forward to the release!  You have put some thought and time into this.


ohh my god.

This looks absolutely amazing!

Sep 14 2013 09:06 pm


Can't wait for this one! Now we've got a proper reason to carry on playing GTA 4 after 5 is released...

This is very nice , maybe we could see some incredible news in next versions

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait and a job well done guys! :)

Can't wait! This is going to be so amazing!