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    From the album Getinmybelly's GTA V Screenshots

    ...policing the one freight train in all of SA
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    From the album Chappie's photo depository

    @RangerRick, bring it. Vehicle by @t0y, part of his new york shit. Light editing to make shit sexxaaay
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    Version 1.0


    Blaine County Sheriff's Office IMPORTANT: -These vehicles are not meant to be accurate to any specific department as they are lore friendly, please do not post reviews criticism on what is innacurate. -To switch liveries you will need to put a 4K version of the livery in the +hi.ytd and a 2K version in the regular .ytd. INFO: Over the past few months I've worked very hard on this pack to make it the best it possibly can for release, and its my best work yet of course. This pack comes with: 95% breakable windows (all except the CVPI windshields), pushbar collisions, three light stages per vehicle, and functioning takedowns for every vehicle. CONTENTS: SHERIFF- Marked CVPI - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap SHERIFF2- Marked Tahoe - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap POLICE4- Slicktop CVPI - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap POLICEOLD1- K-9 Tahoe - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap POLICEOLD2- Marked FPIS - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap FBI- Marked 2017 Charger - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap FBI2- Marked 2016 FPIU - extra_12 - PB-5 Wrap INSTALLATION: 1. Make backups! 2. Drag all files included in the "Models" folder into: gtav/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/(LATEST PATCHDAY)/dlc.rpf/x64>levels/gtav/vehicles.rpf, using OpenIV in edit mode. 3. Drag the vehicles.meta included in the "vehicles.meta" folder into: gtav/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gtav, using OpenIV in edit mode. 4. Drag all VCF files in the "ELS VCFs" folder into Grand Theft Auto V/ELS/pack_default. DISCORD: Join my Discord to learn more about my projects! https://discord.gg/wsEyXUK KNOWN BUGS: -CVPI windshield does not shatter. -Due to the slots they are in, policeold1 and policeold2 spawn in with matte paint. This can be fixed by manually changing the color of the car in your trainer. ENJOY!
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    So i recently took it upon myself to redo the commodore, both VF & VF SSII are now complete and boy am i happy with them! Id like to publicly thank @Jenkins87 for his help with the computer screen and a new skin he is working on! Both look amazing!!
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    From the album New York

    Edited the CVPI base a bit, and then upfitted it to Utica, this will be the smallest pack so far with only 3 vehicles.

    © t0y, Slendis

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    Long time since the last update. I still havent gotten around to testing out my lidar again, but ill get around to it, one day or another. currently working on some peds to go along with the state police in my mega pack. Some stuff will either be moved, modified, deleted or replaced.
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    Project: Utica Police Department Current Vehicles: Soooooooooooooo that was quick. I finished the rest of Utica lol, however it is only a 3 car fleet, with the same simple LIN3 + Legend lighting on every car, so it wasn't that big of a pack to make. Included is a 2006 generation CVPI, 2012 generation SSV Tahoe, and a 2016 generation FPIS all with forward red and white lighting, 2 grille area LIN3s and the Federal Signal Legends. Car 40 (Supervisor) Car 44: Summary: New York State Police: 19 vehicles from various troops, Finished White Plains Police Department: 5 vehicles from various precincts, Finished Utica Police Department: 3 vehicles from their main division, Finished New York State Park Police A Chevy Tahoe as a test vehicle w/ dirtmapping, etc. may become a full 3 car pack In Progress Westchester County Police Department: Large pack, comparable to NYSP Possible future pack Releases are all pending, will depend on how long it takes to finish the other packs, and when I can get showcase videos made by the talented @MrOxPlay and screenshots from the also slightly talented @Chappie :)
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    Version 2.0.0


    The ProLaser 4 Radar Gun is here! Combine this mod with Albo's Traffic Policer for great RP. Installation: Use OpenIV to copy all four files into mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday10ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > models > cdimages > weapons.rpf (Optional) Install Claude_III's mod to allow marksman pistol use in a vehicle. https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/driveby-marksman-pistol Thanks to the folks at the LSPDFR Fans Discord server https://discord.gg/GFU82gX for giving me the idea and testing it out and thanks to Narobic for letting me know about the driveby mod!
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    The in game name is the Marksman Pistol. The file name is singleshot. If you drop all of the files in patchday10 it will be loaded after the original marksman pistol and override it. Sorry for the confusion.
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    This is definitely one of my favorite packs for sure. Love all the small details you put into the car like the notepad, switches. And most importantly all the setina push bars have the shiny logo like real life. The small details make this pack stand out above the rest. Very nice work, hope to see some more stuff just as good, or better in the future.
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    Slicktop LAPD

    From the album Police Department

    Had to put Gump's new charger in my game with just a small change added my LAPD texture to it Not that getinmybelly's texture wasn't nice just wanted a nice slicktop charger with black or matte rims....
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    Rescue Team

    From the album Getinmybelly's GTA V Screenshots

    vehicle cred goes to @RobertTM
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    *Slams head into desk multiple times.*
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    Version 1.0.1


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    Version 1.0a


    A CVPI meant for stringing/security, with only amber lights. Supports ELS, but also works without it (ELS file is just there for people that enjoy using ELS and ELS controls, and who also want the CVPI lights to work without a siren) To get those lights to be as bright in the video / pictures, install RadianceV / any other mod that enhances police lights. Original, unlocked model from here.PS: Original model was edited to remove lightbar and some other features. Downloading the original model and adding the texture in my download will NOT work. Video showing off the car here.
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    Version 1.0.4


    Do you love @BradM's State Police Vehicle Pack as much as I do, and want to add some Sheriff textures? Then you are in luck! More Pickup trucks to come... For: 2 Simple Rules to follow: Q: Can you make "This" department for me? A: No Q: Can you add / change "This" A: No Enjoy:) NOT FOR REUPLOAD WITHOUT PERMISSION, PERSONAL USE ONLY!
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    I'd be willing to bet it's a version incompatibility issue since my version of winrar is quite old. However, this is the first time I've ever had an issue opening a rar file with it so I'm rather surprised it hasn't come up before. I will download a newer version of winrar later today or tomorrow and report back.
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    I know the RDE team runs a server on Discord. You can check out their forum page here. In their Discord server, there’s a gameconfig file setup for the latest version.
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    This pack is truly amazing! All the cars are amazing but that Crown Vic Slicktop is beautiful! Amazing work Robert!
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    Someone watched to much "shot in the dark" PS: I like the car
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    Great pack, lighting is in point no more lights needed. But the cars are new like you have 2015 charger, a 15’tahoa & a 16’explorer. So I’m thinking Blaine County is a small town and wouldn’t spend much money on updating there vehicles, so could you add a Los Santos Sheriff’s Department texture to. As an option. Thanks a lot for all effort you spent and time on this pack.
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    I think it's an ideal fix as long as emissive changes value. I did, no help... But someone could easily write a script for this If player distance to emergency vehicles = 100ft Then vehicle.emissive = 3,000 If player distance to emergency vehicles = 200ft Then vehicle emissive = 20,000 And so on Something like that. It really looks good with a huge value from far, very realistic.... I'll post a video maybe :((( It's a simple script but no one has ever done it or can help. @Aldo1317 @Sam @Bxbugs123
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    Hey buddy, I love my home region in this game. With JJ dawkins OPP (SAHP) pack, it feels like home inside my game. I was wondering if you would be adding TheHurks 2013 SRT8 Charger?
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    Basically, "Stop The Ped" is a plugin which contains replacement for the same functionality in vanilla LSPDFR. But, there's a very annoying bug which sometimes prevents you to stop the ped by holding the "E" key. This plugin provides almost the same functionality which allows you to stop the peds. PREREQUISITES: Rage Plugin Hook v0.57 alpha LSPD First Response v0.31 by G17 Arrest Manager v7.8.2.1 by Albo1125 ((required to arrest the ped) Rage Native UI v1.6.3 by alexguirre INSTALLATION: Copy the contents of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in this package to: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR" If you haven't had "RageNativeUI.dll" in your "main GTA V folder", don't forget to copy the file from this package If you already have newer "RageNativeUI.dll", please keep using it. No need to overwrite the file Please open and edit "StopThePed.ini" file, if you want to replace the keyboard key or controller button bindings HOW TO USE: To stop the nearest ped: When using keyboard, you just need to DOUBLE PRESS the "E" key When using controller, DOUBLE TAP the "DRightPad" controller button Come closer to the stopped ped to bring up the "Stop The Ped" menu. You may close the menu at anytime by pressing "Backspace" or "Esc" key on keyboard, and "B" button on the controller FEATURES: Stop the nearest ped. (only one ped at a time) You may stop the next nearest ped by doing the same command Using menu, you may choose: Ask ped's ID card Issue warning to the ped which will dismiss him/her Arrest the ped (this feature will only work if you have "Arrest Manager" plugin by Albo1125 installed) Release the arrested ped. The stopped ped will have a yellow blip with "human" icon The arrested ped will have the red blip Stop the ped on the vehicle. The ped will comply as long as the vehicle is not moving Please feel free to contact me through LSPDFR forum or download's comment section for any issue you encountered with this plugin. Happy patroling! Enjoy! SPECIAL THANKS TO: @Albo1125 for all your plugins which make LSPDFR very joyful!
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    reviews are plentiful and they're all good ratings so I'll just say it as a comment. great job on this one!
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    I respect the fact that you share the opinion. Also the fact that you weren't mean about it!
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    From the album t0y's Screenshots

    Few other liveries I made for my SASP pack but I dont want to spam my WIP album with the same cars but different liveries so here... Added new MCE liveries, TB liveries, and EMT liveries

    © t0y

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    Watching these babies grow up was fun. One of my favorite packs I've ever used <3
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    Yeah, there are a few videos out there. I don't know of any off the top of my head, though.
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    Project: Utica Police Department Current Vehicles: I have finished just this one vehicle, which is already 1/3 of their fleet. This is a 2006 CVPI with their new graphics, based on car 54, it has grille lin3s, and a Federal Signal Legend. The car has forward reds on the lightbar and in the grille, with two rear blues. The interior has the toughbook, with a custom screen and keyboard, and some random UPD textures, and a bunch of other random stuff, cencom controller, motorola xtl5000, etc. Planned Vehicles: I plan on adding just 2 more vehicles, since that is the entirety of their fleet. One 2016 FPIS, and a 2013 generation Tahoe with SSV rims, both will have their legends, grille lin3s, an the FPIS will use the rear ions that they use IRL. Car 54: Thanks to @Slendis for the badge, and helping with the livery, specifically the weird gradient specs they use.
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    Lmao Exactly @Officer603 your from the northeast like me i cant remember any state up here ever using these so im just not used to seeing them and never been a fan. I love the regular pushbar on this thing ive just always hated the wraps just personal preference i guess. That being said this thing is gorgeous @Gump I havent used a charger in quite a while because I couldnt find any I really liked but this one has everything in 1 package. The TA, the interior equipment is great, the rear lights (tail lights are usually an issue for me on a lot of charger models), the takedown and lights on the pushbar, the swaying antennas, different wheel and light packages, livery options (and the ghosted liveries ). Also a great traffic unit perfect timing with @Scaarus just releasing his radar gun model for albos traffic policer update. This will end up being the only vehicle in my garage with the wrap like that on it just because its too nice to pass up nice job @Gump thanks
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    Poly count scares me. Such a awesome looking model
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    From the album Robert's GTA V Endeavors

    The BCSO pack has been released! This is one of the lightbar glass coloring options included at launch! Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.1


    Oh look, another scrub uploading files. Anyway, here is a pack I made a while back based on the Boston Police Department in Massachusetts and I think it came out pretty well. Of course things could improve but I got these vehicles to where I wanted them to be so I thought I would release them since they got a lot of good feedback from both testers and other people. This pack includes three different vehicles, a 2013 FPIU, a 2016 FPIU and a 2011 CVPI. I hope you will enjoy this pack and a big thanks to the people that tested these cars :) This pack includes three vehicles: 2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Federal Signal Legend 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Utility - Federal Signal Integrity, Whelen Micron, SoundOff Signal Surface Mounts 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility - Federal Signal Integrity, Whelen Micron, SoundOff Signal Surface Mounts Installation: Models: mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday17 (or your most recent patchday) > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf > Then it's just drag and drop VCFs: GTA V Directory > ELS > pack_default > and drag and drop FAQ: Q: Why are your lights so bright? A: I use a visualsetting.dat like RadianceV to make my lights brighter and I also run Post-FX at max. Q: X isn't working, why? A: You might be doing something wrong or I broke something. But if you think you found a bug or have a question, please post a comment with a screenshot or video so I can look into it. Q: Can you make a ELS pack for me? A: Probably not. Credits: Awesome showcase video by @mroxplay! Please do not redistribute this pack, or any part of it including liveries, models or the screenshots. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without explicit permission from me. Please report bugs in the comments before posting a one star review about it, it may be a misunderstanding or just an easy fix. Enjoy :)
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    Ill clarify it for you, the correct answer is New York
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    From the album Getinmybelly's GTA V Screenshots

    Hot FPIS by @RobertTM as a part of his Sonoma County Sheriff vehicle WIP
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    This is bad. There are pretty much no lights at all. Add more and I'll write a review. Will still be bad because... There are no lights at all.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Blaine County Fire Department/ SA Parks Fire Watch Silverado ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information: This was an experimental vehicle that ended up being quite sought after when I posted pictures on the Gallery. I've cleaned it up and here it is ready for download. THIS VEHICLE WILL NOT RECEIVE MAJOR UPDATES. Only tweaks and bug fixes. This pack contains: 2010-2013 BCFD Fire Watch Chevy Silverado Features: • Four liveries for the vehicle, including a bear patrol skin• Full custom halogen light bar• Optional 2k and 4k liveries The carcols.ymt and the carvariations files are necessary for the light bar to work properly. Full details can be found the ReadMe. CARCOLS IS FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH MY OTHER PACKS. BIG THANK YOU to my discord testers. This was a 'open test' in the server, and everyone who took part, it is hugely appreciated. These vehicles are not based of any specific department. Please don't comment on it being inaccurate or whatever. It's not meant to be. Plus I know it's not police. Get over it. Police makes a return soon. This vehicle is based of 'FireWatch' the game. I will not be providing support in installing these files. All the info is in the ReadMe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please consider donating, as you help keep myself making models and help show your appreciation towards my work. This is entirely optional though :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Bugs: None yet *Fingers Crossed* If there are bugs or whatever, just PM me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: DO NOT distribute my content without my express permission! DO NOT use the vehicles, custom light bars, etc. in a clan or group without my express permission. Just ask and we'll chat. The author accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the vehicle in any way (except for texture files). Vehicles are LOCKED for a reason. DO NOT upload this file anywhere else but LCPDFR.com Credits can also be found in the documentation. If I've missed anyone, please PM me.
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    Version 1.0.0


    TIRED OF UNREALISTIC GUN SOUND MODS? CADMIUMRED'S REAL GUN SOUNDS MOD IS FOR YOU! There are mods for nearly everything in GTA 4, including the lacklustre gun sounds present in the vanilla game. Unfortunately, most of them suck! Most of the community is forced to use these sounds despite the fact that they are boring and unrealistic. NO MORE! WANNA SEE? HERES A VIDEO OF IT IN ACTION! IN MY PACK - REALISM IS THE TOP PRIORITY All guns sounds are taken from audio of REAL guns including; Glock 17 Desert Eagle .50AE Remington 870 Beretta A400 MAC 10 Semi-Automatic Heckler and Koch MP5 AK-47 M4 Carbine M40A1 PSO-1 LIKE IT? MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A REVIEW OR COMMENT! :) So, if you're tired of lacklustre and unrealistic gun sounds, download CadmiumRed's Real Gun Sounds Mod! Hey, there, content creators! If you use my mod in a video, that's awesome! Make sure you send me a link so I can feature it on this page!

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