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    From the album W.I.P

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    We only allow members to upload content which they either created or if you are part of the team that worked in the modification, if not they are prohibited from being uploaded. We have to respect the wishes of the original author who decided to remove their modifications. If you want any more information on the Guidelines for files you can find them here:
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    Version 1.0


    Motorola PremierOne Sounds These sounds are commonly heard for officers using Motorola's PremierOne MDC software. I encourage plugin makers and the like to incorporate these common sounds into their information-retrieving plugins. For people who are sound nuts like me, it's eargasm central. I recommend y'all replace TargetPlate_x.wav files with the Update sound included, for those using Police Smart Radio. For use by anybody for any reason.
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    yes, download the file and click on the wavs. they don't replace anything by themselves.
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    Friday night out...

    From the album Long shift

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    Version 1.0.0


    Here are the plates that I use with all my NYC mods. There is a read me , Just drag & drop..... As always ...Enjoy...
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    From the album NeOn's Pics

    Coming soon!
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    There is a lot wrong with this truck that needs fixing. First.. -The seat organizer is inside of the seat, you need to move it back some and reposition it -Almost all of your lights are way too big -Lights in the windshield are scaled on the Y axis for whatever reason. Need to go back in and fix the scaling, as well as positioning -Console needs to be scaled down -Dashcam is inside the ceiling -Toolbox is floating -Laptop is inside of the stand, needs to be rotated some and moved up I would suggest actually downloading parts from gta-mod-center, and lcpdfr instead of using the big pack of parts on gta5mods. Half of them aren't textured properly, console has holes, dashcam has holes, etc Pretty much looks as if you rushed to be the first person on the silverado bandwagon thats coming up. Don't rush, take your time, and do things the right way. In general lack of effort is the main issue with this. Could have done much better :/
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    Version 1.0.0


    I was intending to upload this a couple of weeks ago, but then I got overly concerned over the sudden new additions to the 'create' tool. Regardless, here's some innovative vehicles for you to enjoy. This is Ekalb's Maibatsu Vincent (Non-ELS, the slicktop version, please), modified to give the appearance of a lore-friendly Thames Valley Police-based unmarked/PCSO car, a-la Road Wars. Using many reference images, I have made the texture as accurate as can be with the limitations GTA IV texturing has. There's a chance that the liveries may be slightly incorrect because of said limitations, and my skills, for example, the vehicles may not appear in the right colours - unmarked, black, PSCO, white so if any problems or inaccuracies show, tell me. The original model is located here (much credit goes to @Ekalb for...again, you should know by now) Please do not redistribute without my permission. This mod is exclusive to LCPDFR.com. Enjoy!
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    Something new

    From the album Thehurk's WIPS

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    You know. All of these new replacements for the classic rambulance. The rambulance has a special place in my heart. First model that I used as my ambulance back in the days that I barely knew how to install cars. Those non-els lights. The one traffic advisor and emergency light strip mounted to the back. The beautiful white and red side lighting. That beautiful rear bumper that you can clip though with the permanent logo on it. All of those moments that I had with the rambulance like crashing into cars, driving it off a cliff, watching it sit in Los Santos central medical center. Won't forget the classics. I can't go on. It's making me cry. Naaaa, on a more serious note, it just doesn't look like the classic rambulance with all of those els lights.
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    I am now in a position where I seriously need to work on addon vehicles because now I am struggling between Medic's Ram Ambulance and Candice's Ram Crew Cab Ambulance. Talked with Medic for a minute and he even hooked me up with a red/green Light setup for it. I talked with him about it and included them in this review for those that may be just a little weird like me.
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    From the album W.I.P

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    From the album jman5625's photos

    WIP by me. In NO WAY is this car supposed to be a 100% accuracte replica of the RCMP cars, I have just used a RCMP stlye skin.