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    This is the second part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series. Not caught up yet? Check out the initial announcement here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/81745-lspdfr-04-announcement-first-preview With LSPDFR 0.3, we got the ball rolling with backup customization, letting players configure their own backup units, giving players the ability to have four separate agencies in their game, each able to cover a different part of the map. Now, back then, this was a pretty cool system - car mods weren't even a thing when we released LSPDFR 0.1, and even by 0.3, the modding scene was nowhere near as massive as it is now. Obviously, there's a whole lot more available to players in terms of content now, especially with popular mods like RDE and EUP which add multiple new ped models, vehicle models, and even entire police agencies. As such, we wanted to find a way to bring these in to LSPDFR. So, forget just rolling the ball. With 0.4, we're hoping to hit it clean out of the park... LSPDFR 0.4 gives you the ability to add your own custom law enforcement agencies, each with their own officers, outfits, inventories, vehicles, police stations and patrol areas. Custom Agencies One of the coolest new capabilities in 0.4 is our new approach to dealing with the various police agencies in the game. LSPDFR has always had a collection of pre-defined agencies, and you've been able to choose from them while going on-duty and you've seen them respond as backup units, but you've never really been able to properly configure them to your liking. Perhaps you've always wanted to set up Rockford Hills as an independent city with its own department, or maybe you've longed for the full, authentic Southern Californian experience of having way, way more cops than you could ever know what to do with? LSPDFR 0.4 now gives you complete control over every agency in the game that we've already added (so the defaults that you're familiar with since 0.1, like the LSPD), but it also lets you define entirely new ones too. The possibilities of this system are extensive: you can even have multiple agencies assigned to share one jurisdiction, and there's no pre-set limits for how many different agencies you can add. Patrol Areas Of course, what good are a bunch of custom agencies if you don't actually see them? 0.4 also expands on our existing backup customization capabilities, now letting you define your own patrol areas. With this system, you can assign any number of agencies to a particular zone in the game (like Strawberry or Del Perro), and you can combine these areas together into wider groups which can be used in-place of individual zones, making things much easier to manage. Likewise, in LSPDFR 0.3, it was called Backup Customization for a reason - the only time you'd really see any of your customizations was when calling for backup. Again, this has been revamped in 0.4, and similarly, we're calling them Patrol Areas for good reason too. You'll now see your agencies actually patrolling in their designated areas. Kiss goodbye to pesky data file edits - LSPDFR 0.4 actually puts cops on the beat. And not just any cops... your cops! Police Stations In light of the way in which we approach police agencies and backup areas, we've also taken the time to rework the various police stations in LSPDFR. Now, in 0.4, each police station is also configurable, and in similar fashion to Agencies and Patrol Areas, this system is also fully expandable, meaning you can define your own police stations too. Aside from the various options like choosing where vehicles will spawn, you can also choose which agency each station belongs to and LSPDFR will configure things accordingly so that you'll actually see vehicles and officers belonging to the specific agency situated around it. This system is pretty powerful in its own right as well, to the extent that even if you defined a police station at a random office building, you'd still see parked cars outside belonging to the agency. Plus, there's also extensive customization options for this too, meaning that you could choose a very specific vehicle model (like a special car with a recruitment livery) to be visible outside a specific police station, without it ever being used as part of the core backup system (i.e. you wouldn't have recruitment vehicles arriving at shots fired). The Davis Sheriff's Station, all grown up... It looks a lot better now with the right people outside! Outfits & Inventories For the first time, 0.4 also introduces full support for multiplayer freemode characters (like those that you'll be familiar with from EUP), meaning that not only can you now play as a custom character in LSPDFR (through our new Character systems, which we'll talk about later), but you can also make it so that all the cops around don't look like clones anymore too! If you add freemode characters to your Agency definitions, LSPDFR will automatically handle all of the nuances that they typically bring, generating everything from unique faces to head overlays and props. And, to top things off - we've included a comprehensive system for managing outfits for multiplayer characters, meaning that LSPDFR 0.4 is fully compatible with EUP, both for player characters and non-player characters. With this, adding all of your favorite custom outfits is a breeze and there's also support for templating - meaning that you can define one complete outfit as a template, which can then be used as a base for other similar outfits - like having the same uniform with both short sleeves and long sleeves. It doesn't stop there, either, because we've also included support for each Agency (and for each different type of officer within that agency) to have their own Inventories too - this handles everything relating to weapons, including attachments, and also supports the MK 2 weapons added in recent GTA Online updates, like pistols with hollow-point ammunition. Putting it all together We've really gone the extra mile in making sure that all of these systems join together, forming what we think is one amazingly powerful platform which will give everyone the freedom to play LSPDFR exactly as they like, with as much or as little additional content as they desire. To give just one example, there's been a lot of thought into the structure behind this, and we've devised a system similar to that of the 'mods' folder in OpenIV, meaning that in most cases all of your customizations will be seamlessly merged together, eliminating the burden that comes with maintaining huge XML files that contain everything and drastically simplifying the process of installing customizations made by others. There's a lot of great mods out there already like Custom Backup by @PNWParksFan, Emergency Uniforms Pack by @Alex_Ashfold, and Realism Dispatch Enhanced by @dilapidated that have done a fantastic job in demonstrating the potential that GTA V has for adding new content and giving players much greater control of their games, and we're really excited to be taking things to a whole new level in 0.4. Finally, I'd like to say a special thanks to @SuperStumpje from the RDE team for his efforts behind the scenes in helping to refine many of the features shown above. We hope that you're all as excited about LSPDFR 0.4 as we are, and we're looking forward to sharing more about 0.4 soon! Customizations to LSPDFR are still made using simple XML files, and can also be split-up and neatly arranged on a per-agency basis. No smart captions here - we just thought this looked cool ;] Note that many of the pictures shown in this post contain a number of vehicle and character modifications (mainly EUP), simply to demonstrate their compatibility with 0.4.
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    Psssst.. Don't tell anyone, but I think we fixed that. Don't tell anyone though!
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    Been a while, huh? You know, when we first started making LSPDFR, the whole process was pretty much one big roller-coaster that didn't have any brakes: there were the obvious highs when we'd finally add in something cool, but the low points were pretty hard as well - the amount of work that went into simply researching how things worked really took its toll as well. And, of course, while this was all going on there just simply wasn't any stopping, we were a couple of (somewhat) real people who essentially lived in Los Santos for just about all of 2015, spending month after month pushing forward and trying to come up with things that everyone here would like to see. So, of course, the grind and the pace of everything simply just wasn't sustainable and after 0.3, it's no secret that while the numbers and everything for our site are still on the up, month after month, things did slow down quite substantially for the actual mod itself. But, we can tell you, this wasn't all bad news - it's afforded us the opportunity to take a step back and really look at the mod and figure out where we want to go next with it. While our approach before was all about cramming as much new stuff as we could into a couple of months of development, we've now been able to look back at many of the original ideas and concepts that we had for LSPDFR and build on them. Of course, with that being said, there's still a lot of new stuff crammed into 0.4! With 0.4, we've taken the time to fix a couple of those "how the hell didn't they add this yet" moments :) Aside from the cool little additions like this, though, the major theme of 0.4 is Character. Ever since seeing the character system for GTA Online, it was always our goal to implement something similar in LSPDFR. There's just something that much more personal and immersive about playing a game with your own character, and the possibilities that it offers are staggering too. And yes, while mods like EUP are fantastic (and awesomely compatible with 0.4!), they still feel somewhat separate or distant. With 0.4, this separation is gone. No, these shots aren't taken from GTA Online. This is our own, fully-featured, LSPDFR Character Creator. Of course, we'll talk more about the new Character features in LSPDFR 0.4 later. The Character Creator menu shown above is obviously only one part of what's new in this regard, although hopefully it emphasizes the effort that we've gone to. Thanks to some of the new additions like this, much of 0.4 actually looks and feels like an entirely new mod altogether. Officer Ronson and his clones obviously couldn't make it to the flashlight party. Stay tuned! We'll be sharing more about 0.4 soon.
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    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! United patrolling without the need for extra mods? I can now have Los Santos County Sheriff and LSPD? and both patrolling at the same time? Character customization, including a custom character, without Skin Control and EUP? SOMEONE PINCH ME!
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    I hope you'll be reaching out to developers before the public release so we can give feedback/requests on the API and update our mods to be compatible. With the level of complexity of some LSPDFR plugins, and the amount of changes here, it could take a lot of work to update some mods. For 0.3 we never got consulted on the API, and as such many mods are chock-full of fragile workarounds that often cause performance issues and delay plugin development. A more robust API and the chance for us to weigh in on it before release would be a very nice gesture to the development community which has kept LSPDFR alive during its long silence.
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    Yes, this is possible in 0.4 - added cars are fully supported. They're managed by LSPDFR, so they will have the ability to arrest - we'll have more to say about police AI sort of stuff soon. This is a good point about setting the response time. It's not something that is currently possible, but we'll definitely look into it. One of the cool things about 0.4 though is that as you call more units, they do arrive from further and further away. This can be quite interesting if you're close to the border with another agency's areas, as eventually the other agency will start to respond too which makes for some nice looking scenes especially in Davis if you have it set up to be patrolled by the sheriffs.
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    From LCPDFR, back in the GTA4 days, we stopped providing any timelines or ETAs on our work. The reason being is we missed one of the deadlines and the backlash from the community was insane -- this was really disheartening to the team. So while I can understand people being inpatient, we don't particularly want to give ETAs and such, so yes, 'soon' may have to suffice.
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    I have no idea how long it might take LSPDFR 0.4 to be released. If it happens to be released before Coastal Callouts, then I'll have to postpone my release to update it. But I think that's very unlikely given the slow pace of LSPDFR development, and I'm not going to sit around waiting for no reason. I've kept you all hanging long enough! As Lewis mentioned, the Super Puma has been integrated to the Coastal Callouts DLC, although it will also be released publicly by Skyline as a separate download sometime soon. I am working on some mountain rescue callouts as we speak! There are already a few callouts that aren't only coast guard related, and I have a few others like that planned. It'll be "Mostly Coastal But Also Other Stuff I Thought Was Fun Callouts".
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    Project: Port Authority Police Department Current Vehicles: Hi there so I am reviving my PAPD pack, it is just vics for now and me and Robert need to redo the emissives for the highrisers but these are the vehicles so far. I will be releasing the non-highriser version tomorrow with the highrisers version, and some other models from the PAPD released at a later time. Planned Vehicles: Not sure what other vehicles I am going to make because the Double SLR thing is not that plausible so we will see. I've updated both bases since this picture, the inspection stickers, and interiors. Thanks to @RobertTM for the beautiful Highrisers. Project: New York City Police Department Current Vehicles: So we all saw this day coming. t0y is making NYPD. This is my city, so I will make them as accurate as possible and do as many vehicles as possible, I have some very good sources, pictures, and videos so this will be pretty accurate. I have the unmarked HWY vic, and this HWY vic as a WIP but this is no where near done still need to to the interior, and some other things to the exterior. Planned Vehicles: Everything. Including Ballistic Panels and Bulletproof Windows which have been added to every FPIU in the city, the panels on almost every vehicle in the city, and the windows to every FPIU, and most fusions so far. Again, thanks to Robert for the highrisers, and all of these cars have been updated since I took the pics or are a WIP!
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    So, the K-9 Unit is completely done. Which means that my CHP project is coming to an end. Oh, and I've changed the "K-9 UNIT" font. It looks exactly like the real one now.
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    We aren't owed anything. We never paid for LSPDFR. Don't you think the developers of LSPDFR deserve our respect and patience for them working in the free time their IRL jobs allow?
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    Yes, that's exactly what we designed this for. I know that @LMS has been looking into a couple of things related to this (although not ELS). I think it's probably been said a million times before, but the simple answer is no. Sorry - there's various reasons and with a bit of searching you can find them!
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    Police stations? Well, I know one really cool "station" that could use some love. Of course, I mean the FIB building in Pillbox Hill. It would be really cool if LCPDFR 0.4 will have it's outer/inner doors unlocked... Add some FIB agents inside, reactivate the elevator, place 'Go on duty' and 'Garage menu' triggers for people who love to play as feds.
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    This. is. incredible. I can't wait for this!!
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    Theyr'e probably busy trying to figure out how to monetize Red Dead Redemption 2 Online for the next five years.
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    The is my little WIP atm. Still quite a bit to do but the base has come a very long way. A lot of people have been wanting Sonatas lately and the models people had been using weren't the highest quality so I decided to start my own little project. If it gets to a high enough quality I'll release it but this is what I have for now.
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    Does this mean I can finally see CHP/SAHP motor units patrolling the freeways?! Excellent!
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    Sadly, due to the definition of "school shooting", this will be included as a school shooting(when any firearm is discharged on school grounds (Pre-K, K-12, College)).
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    Not a "rampage", it was a shooting, that happened to take place in the dorms, related to a domestic. and the victims weren't students. Only reason this became news is since it took place in a "school".
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    Hey y'all. Here's something random I found while looking for something else; And a bonus one;
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    So i dont know how many people are here and read this but im not active cause my game is right now broken.I have to reinstall it and yeah as some of you know that will take a while.But yeah just wanted to clear that out incase some of you are wondering.
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    Please remember that all these mods are provided for free, and are by volunteers. No one is getting paid for making LSPDFR, Rage, etc. We really don't owe anything to anyone, to be honest. As much as it sucks to wait, would you rather 0.4 be released now with bugs, and possibly unfinished features, or wait the extra minute and have all the features working and the huge bugs taken care of?
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    So what you're saying is... EUP uniformed custom cops on the beat, only requiring LSPDFR and EUP? If so, even more HYPE than there was already!
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    Hey guys, I wanted to share my current project with you guys in the hopes of getting some help on conversions to GTA V. I was told I cant keep them in a photo gallery as they are not in-game pictures so Im posting this here. Im a scratch modeler with years of experience. I usually tend towork with Unreal Engine and Unity assets, but I love the GTA V modding scene. I actually started in the GTA: SA modding days back in 2007. I hope to open this topic and present pictures/video media of the trucks in hopes of getting assistance from the community throughout the development process to successfully get these trucks in-game and playable. I will begin with the modeling phase and then move onto discussing the models with you all and the conversion process. Thank you all for your time and attention. Pack Project Plan: Kenworth Off-Road Spec Engine Kenworth Off-Road Spec Tanker Kenworth Off-Road Spec Hazmat Kenworth Off-Road Spec Decon Unit Kenworth Off-Road Spec Mobile Command Kenworth Off-Road Spec Type 3 Engine Kenworth Off-Road Spec Heavy Rescue Body Kenworth Off-Road Spec Crew Transport (Smoke Jumpers) Kenworth Off-Road Spec Ambulance Kenworth Off-Road Spec Search and Rescue Rick CURRENT CREDITS Cab : Forza Kenworth Cab (Heavy modified to 4 door) Cab Accessory Parts: Scratch Modeled Lightbar: Split Vision SLR (Truck Version) Scratch Modeled (WIP) Wheels: Heavy modified "Guardian" Off-Road wheels from GTA V / Rockstar Rear Engine Chasis: Mixture of Scratch modeling and Humster3D (WIP) Question: Will the cage be mandatory? Answer: No, The grill brush guard will be permanent, however, the full cab brush cage system will be an "extra".
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    Yay, more CHP lightbar experiments! Dodge Monaco: (you can see it on the right too) That lightbar was first tested in the early 70s on the Polara, pic was most likely posted in here already
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    Just a heads up. I'm American, and a libertarian (mostly) . So this gonna be a heavy read lol They're "hiding" behind a 200 year old book, because it's literally the only thing that's stopping the government from taking away their guns. It is "government over reach". The 2nd amendment is part of the bill rights. Those 10 amendments, in theory, are not supposed to be touched. I think the two different society bandwagon is a valid point. I just think it's used poorly in arguments, which is why you probably have that apathy(I think that's the right word) towards it. Unlike Australia, firearms are a big part of our culture. One can surmise that your mandatory buybacks and laws only happened not because you guys listen to voices of reason, but because guns aren't a large part of your culture. At the time of your ban, 16% of your households had firearms, and it was trending down beforehand. And it continued to go down years after the ban. US is currently at about 25%, our all time low. And you guys don't have a bill of rights like us. Even though our firearm ownership is at an all time low, a quarter of the population still owns guns. Banning guns/ or restricting the hell out of them is kinda taking a hot piss on the 80 million or so people who aren't doing much wrong, yet are having a civil liberty taken away from them, because of small and loud minority. In my opinion, banning guns is putting a band-aid on the root causes. Which are much larger and complex issues. Mental health and crime. The 2 largest contributors to the US's gun problem. 60% of our gun violence deaths are simply suicides, and the events sparking all this gun debate are done by crazy people. A large portion of the remainder is simply criminals shooting each other. Many of these criminals get the guns illegally. Ban guns? Cool. Still millions of stolen guns on the streets in the hands of criminals, due to the black market pipeline down south (and irresponsible gun owners who don't lock their shit). We can't rely on the police in most places, because they're understaffed, and people want cops to have more training. Those two issues can't be addressed without money, which people don't want to pay. And there's still the people out there who want to cause mass amounts of damage to other human beings. Those people will simply get the gun illegally, or they'll read a book and learn how to make bombs. The sheer number of gun owners is reason enough to dismiss a complete ban, or heavy restrictions that will ban most guns. It's a shitty world. Shouldn't take away a right because of the crazies. Crazy people spout awful garbage all the time in public, doesn't mean you should take away one's right to free speech (within reason of course lol). We shouldn't throw away the 4th amendment and let police storm into people's houses any time they want because someone is shady. It may turn out they're a serial killer chopping bodies in their basement, but that shouldn't mean we should disregard a civil right. These are obviously extreme examples, but you get my point. I feel the true gun nuts, the ones that want NO gun control at all are the problem. They're clouding the debate. The other side of the spectrum is also clouding the debate. But general guns owners support reasonable laws like the ones that were being discussed in our congress. But too many gun rights (stuff that wouldn't increase violence at all) were being proposed so the bill took a backseat.
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    This wasn't a school shooting or a rampage, though. As was already pointed out to you, it had nothing to do with the school.
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    Project: New York State Park Police Department Current Vehicles: Hey girls, so here is my most recent, and last project for a while. The New York State Park Police Department patrols the state's parks, and is a state based equivalent of the USFS so it's basically a law enforcement park ranger hybrid. They use a few vehicles, most commonly the 2013 generation Tahoe which I have made, and a FPIS' and Impalas. The reason I made this specific model was mostly to test out dirtmapping on the windows and the body of the vehicle, inspired, and helped a lot by Ranger Rick so huge thanks to him. This will be a standalone vehicle, and I edited the SSV rims, and included the real lighting setup NYSPP uses except with added Avengers so these aren't my most accurate vehicles. There is the dirtmapping, which will spread from the body to the window and has its 4 stages of course, only when the vehicle is dirty can you see it so it isn't like that all the time. The vehicle without dirt. (Fixed the hood text, moved it back so it isn't all stretched like that, forgot to update the texture in ZM) Summary: New York State Police: 19 vehicles from various troops, Finished White Plains Police Department: 5 vehicles from various precincts, Finished Utica Police Department: 3 vehicles from their main division, Finished New York State Park Police A Chevy Tahoe as a test vehicle w/ dirtmapping, etc. may become a full 3 car pack Finished Westchester County Police Department: Large pack, comparable to NYSP Possible future pack Big thanks to Ranger Rick, Cj, Lundy, and Matt for helping me with the dirtmapping, and with the truck in general even though it isn't the most unique car i've made.
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    Hello guys! I figured out there's a huge gap between the LAPD 1970s and 1990s cars, we go straight from the 1978 Plymouth Fury to the 1995 Chevrolet Caprice, so I had an idea to make something additional to the LAPD vehicle fleet timeline: a 1980s LAPD Pack. I guess some of you already figured out something like that, due to a couple cars I released: 85 Impala and 90 Caprice. I just finished a 88 Caprice, thanks to the help of my buddy 11john11. Now I'm about to rework on the old, only remaining 87 LTD CV DEV model (not officially releases btw) and perhaps add a Dodge Diplomat. For the last one, I'm not even sure, because I knew LAPD used them for a couple of years (1980-1981), then they picked Ford and GM products because they didn't like their performance. So I don't know if it's worth to include the Diplomat as well. In simple terms, the current situation of this pack is this: Uncertain To be done Work in progess Released Vehicles: 1980 Diplomat [CANCELLED] 1985 Impala 1987 LTD Crown Victoria 1988 Caprice 1990 Caprice [CANCELLED] The ones released have been uploaded individually, but there's a chance that all the cars will be merged to one pack. If you have any suggestions, feel free to get in here. UPDATE: Since this pack is close to release, there have been some changes: The 1980 Diplomat will not be featured in this pack, for these two reason: we have no DEV model available for police package; LAPD used this car just for a couple of years (1980-1981), then they switched to Ford and GM products because the performance of the Diplomat didn't fit their standards. So, if it will came out one day, it will be eventually released as individual. The 1990 Caprice has been excluded from the 1980s LAPD Pack, because of course the year is 1990, and it’s the following decade, and also it has different equipment and layout, compared to its sibling, the 1988 Caprice. So, as for the Diplomat (when it’ll came out), it will be kept as individual release, and it’s equipment (such as lightbar and other things) will be eventually updated in these following days. I hope you can enjoy this pack anyway, once will be out. And maybe we’ll made up other stuff along with this in the future.
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    But...it doesn't. Not in America. So, women have no freedom according to Islam. This is America - you are free to not practice that religion if you disagree with it. They choose to continuing practicing it. It already is illegal to kill or legally punish someone for breaking the "Islamic rules" here. If you have an issue with the religion, then fine, it is your right to have that opinion, but it is also their right to practice it. You can state as many facts about the Middle East as you want, but none of that applies to America. Whatever violence the Quran commands is already illegal here. It makes literally zero sense for you to want to abolish Islam in America.
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    I don't see how "Islamic" countries matter in this argument. The countries are not run by the religion, they are run by leaders who interpret the religion in a certain way, and decide to run the country that way. Is it right? No. Is it the religion's fault? Maybe. But I fail to see any relevance to Muslims practicing their religion in America, or other countries with basic freedoms. That's the same as saying the internment camps where we sent the Japanese in WWII were perfectly okay, because Japan was the enemy, therefore all Japanese people were the enemy. I have also never, not once in my life, saw a Muslim who was not an extremist trying to force their religion on anyone. I have, however, experienced Christians (and its denominations) trying to force Christianity on me. Granted, it wasn't by force, but if it was then they would be extremists just like Muslim terrorists. I can turn this right around and say you are free to be Christian, but don't share your bible with me, and don't talk about God. But, "In God we trust" is on our currency, "One nation under God" is in our Pledge, we swear to tell the truth on a Bible, etc.
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    "pipelines" You did that on purpose, didn't you.
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    Actually, you definitely can speed up this kind of thing in a perfectly safe way. The key is to do as much work as possible before putting the bridge over the road -- in this case, the span was apparently fabricated alongside the road before being lifted. There's nothing less safe about that, and I think it's unlikely that this will turn out to be related to the collapse (it's more likely that the failure is a result of a problem with the engineering of the span itself). As for stress tests, it would be very unusual to run those with the street open (especially because it can be closed at night for tests). I'd wait before taking early reports as gospel; it's quite possible that "we did stress tests this morning" (meaning 2 AM) or "we were doing stress tests" (meaning "the project is in the stress test phase") turned into "they were doing stress tests that day" turned into "they were actively doing stress tests when the collapse happened."
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    you do realize moose is probably watching like lmao cbf
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    Right, but EUP isn't strictly required for anything in 0.4 - it's more of an optional thing (although one that we'd highly recommend). In it's default state, LSPDFR 0.4 will support the default LSPD uniforms for the multiplayer characters. Of course, normal peds are still supported too, and EUP only makes sense if you want to use the multiplayer characters for other agencies than just the LSPD. Having said that, we'll probably release 0.4 with an optional pre-built configuration pack which works with EUP "out of the box", so you won't have to spend time adding all of the outfits into our system. We take great care to make sure that LSPDFR performs nicely, and our own @LMS is quite the master at getting under the hood and profiling all of that stuff. If you can add cars and peds to your game already without any issues, then you shouldn't have any problems with using those added assets in 0.4. When we get around to dealing with the API, it's definitely something that we can do. Regardless, anyone is always free to reach out to us before then, though. There's nothing stopping you, or any other developers from getting involved in the conversation about 0.4, just like loads of people have been doing in these topics.
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    I'm in Western Australia and just downloaded LCPDFR now to test, took 20 seconds on the NBN. Seems to be more on your end I'm afraid.
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    Speaking of driving issues, suspect fleeing AI could use a lot of improvement in two ways: slowing them down when they get far enough away from the player since they don't have to deal with avoiding traffic like they would at close range and like the player does, and otherwise making them more able to overtake other vehicles instead of getting stuck behind or besides them.
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    Decided to take a break from modelling for the better part of the last 6 months. However I'm back with a refreshed outlook on V and am ready to make cars again. I never got around to finishing 2.0 of the LSPD pack so I figure I may as well finish that before starting anything else. Check out the screenies below!!

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