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    Congrats on the release! Very well thought out pack!
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    Pretty damn good cars for your first release. Glad to see you're finally releasing a few things. I look forward to seeing more from you.
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    I hate California and CHP is disgusting but this is really accurate and high quality.
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    Such an amazing back my b0y! Did one video with it and three streams with it man!! Can't wait to see future updates!! Definitely can't wait for a 2017 Charger! VIDEO #1 STREAM #1 STREAM #2
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    Very nice, would love to see an unmarked/slicktop FPIU with a similar light setup.
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    Downloading and installing immediately You sir, make beautiful models, and this is no exception. The work you put in is outstanding. Amazing features and clean, cut cars. Well done!
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    Glad you decided to release them. Love the way the looked in game. Hoping to see that Tahoe as well 😁
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    Whoa, Slendis, released, vehicles ? Good work man !
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    And like that, I hang up my modeling hat. Great job.
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    Great work, my only suggestion is adding dash lights
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    This is truly incredible. I cannot believe how amazing this pack is! I absolutely love the textures and the intricate designs on the model! Tremendous work Maurice! Please keep it up. If you guys enjoy the looks of this amazing pack and wanna see it in action take a look!
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    Wow an actual release! All joking aside, what a stunning pack. Nice work!
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    Hey that looks pretty trash eh? Nice copying my disclaimer smh fucking slendis the swede. Gn gotta go, please also leave boston and arizona and california and come back to new york they are the best all blues are trash etc. etc. 1/5 stars bye.
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    Really good and well done. I am not sure if its just me or if i screwed up somewhere but when activating the lights with a car with the ram-bar the rambar flashes as it would as if it were a light pattern. I noticed that was occurring on every car regardless if i had a ram-bar or not when selecting it. It was also happening to the glass separating the back from the front. If this was addressed somewhere, then disregard this setback. Video attached should describe it better. Capture.wmv
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    Stolen work. Seriously? Why is this even still up?
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    Just another person that steals peoples work and claims it as their own. Very ashamed. I thought we were better than this.
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    You just reuploaded Fabe's textures ,,This is my BCSO skin texture pack that took me awhile to do" I DONT THINK SO PAL
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    I really like this skin pack it looks really awesome Good Job as always
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    Not going to lie, for your first skin, it is not half bad. Nice badge, American flag on side, plates properly placed. Obviously, it could use some work in terms of the font and placement of text, and the plate says "State Police", but not half bad for your first skin release. 2 stars for design, 3 for effort.
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    Love it! You must have spent a lot of time on this! But please change the name of this to the zebra pack lol
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    Another amazing pack. YoNeilGaming keeps on releasing mad heat! keep it up brother!
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    Absolutely stunning!!! I'm in love with the IRSU CVPI!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort!
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    The most work I've ever seen be put into a pack tbh. Incredible work, can't get any more realistic than this.
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    White Plains wasn't the best stream I could've done, but I loved the FPIS a freak ton! Can't wait to see more NY, buddy!!
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    Utica was amazing, mostly loved the CVPI bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Good job brotha'
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    I love this theme, minus the red front lighting but still babe
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    Amazing work! I really love the alloy wheels and a rambar that isn't a wrap around. It makes for a nice simple and clean looking vehicle.
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    I just literally jizzed. Amazing truck keep up the awesome work
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    Having gotten the pleasure to test this pack, I'm in LOVE! The cars and the lights themselves are phenomenal, but the textures won me over immediately! I cannot get over how good they look. Hellllllooooooo new Sheriff fleet!
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    This is... really wow. Loving all these setups. Cars look so clean and crisp. Better than probably any other pack released on this site. Incredible job man.
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    This is definitely one of my favorite packs for sure. Love all the small details you put into the car like the notepad, switches. And most importantly all the setina push bars have the shiny logo like real life. The small details make this pack stand out above the rest. Very nice work, hope to see some more stuff just as good, or better in the future.
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    Wow love waking up and seeing a dank pack I wasn't expecting Good Job Slendis
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    defenetly good work Buddy, Keep it that way ;) Btw do you have any plans of bringing in an Ford Sedan, a Tahoe or a Carpice? <3 :)
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    Holy shit, this is beautiful. Maybe a lore friendly version will spice things up

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