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    Honestly I've stayed quiet and bit my tongue on how you act. I won't say much but I will say this, from the looks of your gallery you do not make any vehicles yourself. Instead of complaining about "another whelen liberty rambar setup" learn zmodeler like Jed and me and many many others, to create what YOU want. He modeled this because he wanted to. He didn't have to release it, but out of the kindness of his heart he did. You complain alot about peoples work yet you don't know what we have to do to model. It's not THAT easy as some people may think.
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    Alright little monsters, that's enough. Lets remember that authors can make their mods however they please, that is the beauty of it. If you don't like something about someone's mod, you are welcome to go and use a different one.
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    I hope your cars look better in game then they do in the pictures.
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    This is great. Thank you for allowing us to use this. It's obvious that you put in a lot of hard work designing this PUC model. I do have a suggestion for the next update, and that is to add the mapping for the rear of the apparatus, and not just the sliding door, so some of us can map in the hi-vi chevron striping as seen below : It would also be a bonus if you can include the mapping for the front bumper as well, for a guy like me that likes to include hi-vi chevron bumper striping, For those who would like an ideal ELS settings, this is what I recommend :
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    YES! MY FAVORITE SIREN EVAR! Exept the wail doesn't role down low enough YELP IS SPOT ON!
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    6/10 out of those vehicles are based on a real life department that use the Liberty in real life, it's a little hard to make an accurate car if you are not using the correct lightbar. To me it would be a little strange to put a Valor on a Washington State Patrol car, but that might just be me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Thank you, oh I didn’t know. Removing immediately I’m a tad sick atm, so I’ll get on that as soon as I can control my mouse without shaking
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    Hi, That might be triggered by the calm driver effect, because this plugin is trying to suppress the panic behavior from the drivers. I might try to implement a feature that temporarily disable the driver calm effect when player vehicle sirens/lights is on. Stay tuned.
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    Any chance you could do a version with just the new houses and trees/street lights? It just lags like crazy around the two construction zones
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    i actually just fixed the screenshots im not sure why they messed up like that but its all fixed now
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    1. Pattern issue (you can fix it yourself in the VCF, I just used Nart's setup at the time) 2. Pattern issue read above, side lights are not red and blue, NYSP follows the NYS lighting regulations. 3. What is an FTPI? And what is wrong about the spotlights? LED spotlights on every vehicle except the Tahoes and CVPIs. 4. Well they look a hell of a lot like PiPS ALPRs, regardless I edited them to pictures I have, so they are still 100% accurate to the IRL models with the removal of the PiPS caging, and stands and a downscale there are no other differences so the only inaccuracy with that would be naming them PiPS instead of their real names. 5. They use battenburg reflective textures. It's just boxes, not much to be wrong about that. 6. W...what? Most newer vehicles use HEAVY window tint from what I've seen, and from pictures, all FPIUs, Tahoes, and SUVs in general I'll give you the sedans and older vehicles dont, I didnt tint the charger windows but on the vics and FPIS' I barely used heavy tint nothing that can be changed if it were a preference issue, unless you have a tint measurer in GTA and can match that to IRL then no points taken off :D 7. All units I made are based off of real units, which use the roof numbers, and none of my Tahoes do so wrong on both counts. 8. I can give you that I guess, however that is hardly reliable with the constant vehicle changes, updates, upgrades, and equipment changes ;) 9. Not an inaccuracy? Just a preference... 10. Read above. (Bobble hand head whatever was broken at the time of this pack even with the merge of the herse dummy bc of that weird ass update as addressed by oleg) I am a New Yorker too, so are all of the contributors minus the canuck, swede, and ox and we will nitpick it much more than you, I call bullshit on all of those... almost at this point you're just reaching for stuff to find inaccurate about them which I dont really appreciate.
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    Very nice addition for that extra detail. Great work! Thank you for sharing!
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    Hey, watch your manner buddy.. Why are you acting like a girl in PMS... I didn't mean to be a dick or put any insult in you. If you see the emoticon on my reply, you'll know what I mean. I don't have to be kind to you or anyone else to make them use my plugins. If you don't like my plugins, just delete it. Now I ask you to delete and don't use my plugins. does that sound good? If you're still using my plugins.. that'll mean you're a looser.. poor you!.. SMH!
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    Love seeing some Oregon cars (it's where I'm from!). If you're up for requests and care to do it then I'd love to see a Deschutes County, OR sheriff pack as well!
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    another great update! When asking for ID, is there a way to add a chance of a pistol permit also? I think LSPDFR has been missing this forever! Again, Awesome mod!
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    YES! Thank you so much! Hawthorne is by far my favorite agency in CA. I really hope you make more vehicles if not a pack. Also, Knight, I believe they use the SmartSiren
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    No problem man ahaha, good old friend of mine "Dhanuka8000" and I still know you :D Can't wait for more!
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    Hey buddy!! It has been quite a while! I'm making a full comeback! Youtube @BoscoLSPDFR. Thanks, man. Good to be back!
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    I think that he stated he was planning on making them as accuratte to IRL counterparts as posible, so i dont think he is going to make them lore friendly, but he can always surprise us who knows.
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    il rpertt u 2 fivers m Honestly, I would've liked to do that but I have no idea how to, and I am bad enough at the regular metas so I dont think I would do it right. Thanks :) And no, sorry besides the fact all the lighting is 100% accurate, meaning forward reds so it wouldn't fit lore anyway, I also dont want to redo 19 different liveries, sorry.
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    Tip, you don't need to suicide or restart the game to unfreeze you character ....set a waypoint just near where you are and teleport there using simple trainer or the rage console. You'll only have a bit of running to get back to your perp. To add more realism if you want to open the door to talk to him (roleplay)...use the opposite door. I don't know what causes that, I'm just thinking a lot of key conflict...with the E key press multiple times.
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    Thanks for all your responses, I think I figured it out. Although I did change traffic policer ini like I said before, I still had to change generalcoinfig.ini in the police smart radio folder.
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    Coastal Callouts, it is not released yet however you can donate to PNWParksFan so you get early access to it. Looks like a particle effect, maybe with a trainer
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    Thx ! But as I said, for the moment I take a break in modding, I still have a few mods to upload at a WIP state, because I want the community to have fun with them, instead of keeping them in my computer ;)
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    Oh, you're back again. Let's run through the usual: Thumbnail is misleading. Textures aren't great - see review. The videos are completely unnecessary. The CVPI isn't coming back. Just...accept it now.
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    You can't release cars that don't belong to you without the makers permission it appears to me that this is just a skin pack
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    Always looking for suggestions glad you like the pack its my first one so if you would like please leave a review, I'll look into those countys.
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    Hi guys.. thanks for your bug reports. Those bugs have been fixed in the latest build which will be released soon. Hi, are you talking about "Traffic Stop Backup" plugin? That would be cool if the buddy does that. I think it is possible to do. I'll be considering it. Great suggestion btw.
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    did you guys update your "gameconfig.xml" file? as the author said that gta-v has limited memory allocated for mods, which makes it to crash when it is exceeded, we need to update gameconfig.xml to increase that limit. my recommended gameconfig.xml is this one (designed for LSPDFR & RDE): https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gameconfig-xml-dilapidated i have been using it and the crashes that previously happened is gone.
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    Can we please post these logs inside a spoiler? Not everybody wants to scroll through your logs. You can do this by highlighting the log and clicking the eye button in the toolbar. Also, is anyone else having issues with the breathalyzer? I can't get it to work at all even though everything else in the mod works fine.
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    Maybe if you looked at what jed has made he has released packs using lightbars that have never been touched before. Jed, amazing job like always man. You never let us down.
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    Everyone.....meet Albo's cousin Bejoljo...... Bejoljo meet everyone else
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    As this was the dramahound of much time with us, releasing this and knowing that this is THE best Ford Police Interceptor Utility for V is officially released and not ripped by some users for the public. Enjoy it, love it, cherish like we have. Without Hurk, this wouldn't have been in game. Without me and FR, Who knows if this would have ever be in game. Great work Hurk, thanks for all you have done. It's nice to have such an amazing model representing us with our names attached to it. Enjoy all and Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year !
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    Non pushbar version still has the same problem, at least for me anyways.
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    That's fine. I just can't wait for your next spam release. :)
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    I'd advise also making the screens in the day instead of at night, cuz I can't see shit frankly
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    Thanks! I added plates after I took the screenshots. When I add more vehicles I'll update the screenshots too.
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    I don't get all the "do this, do that" comments, it's really outrageous as no one is forcing anyone to use this car. I personally love it and it has become my Gang Unit in Los Santos! The lights are amazing, party up front and business in the back! yes there was, police2.xml was the vcf file
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    Incorrect... His file is usable as long as you know your options. Mainly usable to those who would like to change out the emissive texture piece. Just cut and paste the light texture onto the existing light texture. Therefore making it usable and applyable if you have basic paint knowledge.

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