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    Version 1.2.0


    Welcome to the Windy City This is my first model release, I hope everyone enjoys it! I have put together the most accurate vehicles to represent The Chicago Police Department Included in Pt. 1 of this pack are: 2010 Ford Crown Victoria 2013 Chevy Tahoe I want to extend a special thanks to a couple folks for helping me create these awesome cars J.J. Dawkins for some vehicle parts flwpheonix for help with some lighting issues Officer Flamez for test driving Still to come! 2010 Crown Victoria- Gang Unit 2010 Crown Victoria- K9 Unit 2013 Chevy Tahoe- Gang Unit 2013 Chevy Tahoe- K9 Unit 2013 FPIU- Gang Unit 2013 FPIU- Patrol 2013 FPIU- K9 Unit 2016 FPIU- Patrol 2016 FPIU- Gang Unit 2016 FPIU- K9 Unit Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.1


    PREVIEW(if you like, please like the video and subscribe on Youtube (: Pack Includes: 2009 CVPI(*realistic) 2014 TAHOE(*realistic) 2017 CHARGER(*freestyled) 2015-2017 TAHOE(skins may vary)(*realistic) 2017 FPIU(*freestyled) **** I've included in this one the siren and my vehicles.meta for those of you who had problems with the tint and handling lines**** Well here it is! My SECOND car pack for the county I promised! Here in Escambia County we use an all Tahoe based patrol fleet. We also have 6 Caprice & 6 Impalas that are part of our traffic units, but for the most part a Tahoe is what you'll see and get if you call the sheriff's office. I decided to freestyle a Charger and FPIU because didn't just want to release a CVPI & 2 Tahoes. Thank me later (; These skins are made by me & custom based off of my home county Escambia County Sheriff's Office. Feel free to follow me(or even just check me out) on Instagram @heroes_of_escambia where I post DAILY photos(such as the ones below) PICTURED BELOW ARE THE DEPARTMENT THE SKINS ARE BASED OFF OF Thanks for downloading (: #happymodding !
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    From the album W.I.P

    Spotlights will be fixed.This is going to be a single release
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    From the album Jed's Models

    It's coming up to the snowy season and I fancied a bit of red and blue action in the County. I based these vehicles of a multitude of different Canadian Police Dept.'s, including London (Ontario), Toronto and some other's I've forgotten. The light bar is a based of Toronto's LED/ Halogen combo and is DRO2 enabled (as always). The red and blue you see are standard on real vehicles, and have been replicated in game. They are replaced with red and blue emissives when the siren is turned on. I think I'm going to make a San Andrea's Transit Pack based of their full halogen light bars too, as a stand in for the SA State Police. (I'll be swapping the vanilla sheriff's out for Canadian cops at some point.)

    © Jedahdiah

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    From the album W.I.P

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    Version 1.2.0


    Hi there. So this is a mini pack of two 2014 FPIUs for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department of New York/Connecticut. They have jurisdiction over the entire state of New York, patrolling and protecting specifically the trains and subways and transit hubs of the state, as well as parts of Connecticut. Let me know if there are any bugs. Enjoy! DETAILS: Title: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Police FPIU Mini Pack Models: 2014 FPIUs Lightbar(s): Whelen Legacy, Whelen Dominator, Whelen IONs, Whelen Vertex, Whelen LIN3, Whelen Inner Edge XLP Version: V.1.0.0 10/29/2017 Released: 10/29/2017 INSTALLATION: Models: Mods - Update - x64 - DlcPacks - Patchday15/14(Most recent in your game) - dlc.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - vehicles.rpf (Replace/Drag and drop) VCFs: Grand Theft Auto V Directory - ELS - pack_default (Replace/Drag and drop) .Meta: Mods - Update - Update.rpf - Common - Data - Levels - Gta5 (Replace/Drag and drop) REQUIRED!!! CREDITS: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: Why r ur lights so shiny pls help :( A: I use RadianceV to make my lights bright, you will need something like this or another mod like it to make your lights as bright as mine. Q: Can you please make an ELS pack for my own personal town? A: Not even a little sorry bb Q: How do I install X? A: I tried including the most in depth installation instructions I could find, but I know when I was new to LSPDFR didnt know anything about installing stuff, so if you have any questions you are feel free to comment with it. There are also instructions though which again, I tried making as in depth as possible to help you out. Q: X isn't working why? A: You may be doing something wrong, or I may have fucked something up. If you do find a bug or have a question please comment with a screenshot or video to give me a better idea of what is wrong and I will get back to you. Q: My lightbar and windows are tinted :( A: So there is a way to remove the tint from automatically spawning on most vehicles, which ive done for almost every model but sometimes it doesnt work like for example in the pranger or FBI slots, so you will need to use the vehicles.meta to turn that off, it also includes better handling. Made by @Slendis Please do not redistribute this pack, or any part of it including the liveries, or models, or screenshots, or use them in clans or public/private servers. Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other site unless given explicit credit. Thanks for downloading ;) Please report the bugs in the comments before posting a review about them, it may be a misunderstanding or just an easy fix. Enjoy!
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    From the album My GTA V Fleet

    welcome to the twilight zone LSC Fire got a new purchase :)
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    still have alot more lights and equipment to model, hopefully will have the most necessary ones done in the next few days as thats whats holding me back from starting most of the other cars. after i have those setup, ill announce the pack.
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    Version 2.3.3


    LAW PACKS+ I will be creating law packs, for Computer+ and LSPDFR+ ---Installation--- 1) Choose the law pack that you would like 2) Click and Drag the contents of the "GTA5" Folder into your directory 3)Enjoy! YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO EDIT, TAKE PARTS AND DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION Compatibility: Canadian Law+ Computer+ Charges Computer+ Citations WIP LSPDFR+ Charges & Citations WIP General US+ Computer+ Charges Computer+ Citations LSPDFR+ Charges & Citations Personal Requests, Bug Reporting ETC... For any Personal Requests, Bug Reporting or to ask to have anything added or removed Please Comment, PM, Or Join this Discord to hang out with a bunch of other LSPDFR Fans like @Walters @OJdoesIt @Maurice97 @orley @Thero AND MANY MORE! LSPDFR Fans Discord Join our discord & connect with over 80 Developers, get advanced GTA support, get help installing mods, test new mods for developers, and hangout with over 350 people! Our discord offers -4 Specific Support channels With in depth support when needed. -9 Developer roles for ANY type of developer Script Developer | Scratch Modeler | Vehicle Developer | Vehicle Texture Developer | Weapon Developer | Audio Developer | Ped Developer | Misc Developer | FiveM Mod Developer -Special Developer access to developer specific channels and showcase rooms -Action channels to show off in game action, screenshots, video clips and any other style of showcasing -Costant Promotion opportunities to move up in staff ranks and to become a staff member -Friendly members JOIN US TODAY! Invite Link is Posted Below https://discord.gg/invite/BHFEyQG
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    Version 1.0.3


    Version 1.0.3 Update: Fixed the Vehicle so lights work with AI (Thank you to LSPDFR User @frienno for the how to) Fixed the vehicle so the doors now work properly (Thank you to LSPDFR user @Elope for the how to) Fixed the vehicle doors so they open properly without making the truck bounce. (As of this Version NO KNOWN issues). If you find any please leave them in the comments for me to investigate. Hello Everybody, So I started to notice with @Albo1125 new update to his Arrest Manager script that when I was towing vehicles away it was making more use of the Flatbed Tow Truck instead of the regular tow truck. So I decided to make a Ford Flatbed Tow Truck so I could have another custom truck to match with my other Tow Truck model. So I bring to you a 2008 Ford F-550 Flatbed Tow Truck with a 4k Livery for AAA Tow Trucks that is setup for ELS and makes use of the ELS Arrowboard Function. I've included TWO versions of the model. I've included an AI version that leaves the board in the standing position (As AI tow's don't flip up the board and utilize it with ELS) and Human Version which is the one you can see in the demo video below. *NOTE* If you find any other issues other than the known issues please leave them in the comments section below so I may address them. -What this file comes with- - AI Version (The board is already in the up position as AI don't utilize the Arrow Board Function of ELS) - AI Version without the Arrow Board (In case you don't like it). - Human Version (This one is in the demo video below. It is setup to utilize the Arrow Board Function but will not work unless you are driving the Truck) - My ELS File Setup for the vehicle so that the Arrow board Works properly. - A Template so YOU TO Can Create Your Own Liveries or To Add to this one - 4K Livery that is on the vehicle already assigned -Known Issues- -Doors do not open. You simply just pop out and back in when entering and exiting the truck. Fix is unknown at this point. If you know send me a PM and i'll address it. I don't know how much I'll pursue fixing it as I usually just call for a tow truck rather than operate it so the driver doesn't get out anyways to where it won't bother me. Demo Video of Light Setup.
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    From the album New York Modifications

    2014 Metropolitan Transportation Authority PD FPIU, and an unmarked version as well. Keep your eyes out :)

    © New York Modifications

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    List of all finished stuff at this moment : Added: City National Bank in West Hollywood US Bank Tower One California Plaza Two California Plaza Citigroup Center Westin Bonaventure Hotel Capitol Records Fixed: LASD Station in Compton - updated banner and improved lods.
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    From the album My GTA V Fleet

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    From the album Los Santos Views

    Bearcat by OfficerFive0! SWAT!
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    Just another Callout Plugin, which currently adds 5 new Callouts. + Stolen Vehicle + Shooting + Terrorist Attack on Train Station + Dangerous Animal + Home Invasion More will be comming soon. If you have any ideas just contact me. Youtube
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    And i was a test monkey for it yay since i live in Chicago :D
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    Ok. It appears that vehicles in the LSPD pack will be: Dodge Charger (2014), CVPI (2011), FPIU (2013), Chevy Tahoe (2015), FPI (2016), Dodge Ram 1500 (2014) with Whelen lighting. I'll wait till tomorrow. Then it will be official.
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    From the album Undead's Screenshots

    © UndeadxLegends

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    Version 1.00


    This was originally only a skin for Paleto Bay, based on my local EMS company. But after thinking a lot of people don't patrol in Paleto very often so I decided to make it for Sandy Shores and Los Santos as well. Special thanks to @lttrbmb for testing out the pack for me. This skin is made for the 2015 Ford F550, and Ford Rescue Medic from Downcoldkiller Use my skin in a video? Let me know! I'd like to check it out.
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    https://www.albo1125.com Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme! I hereby proudly present Thank you @55charlie for the awesome images! With Assorted Callouts, my aim is to provide a varying experience, adding a range of differently-styled callouts for you to experience. They all have one thing in common, though, and that is a fun and sufficiently realistic atmosphere! Current Callouts (full explanation in documentation): Petrol/Gas Theft Pacific Bank Heist Traffic Stop Backup Required Stolen Police Vehicle Person with a Knife Solicitation Organised Street Race Illegal Immigrants in Truck Store Robberies Store Shoplifting Prisoner Transport Required Hot Pursuit More to come! For suggestions and development updates, check this thread. To get early access to new versions, participate in the Loyalty Rewards Programme. Installation instructions are provided in the ReadMe. Lots of settings, such as keybindings, callout frequencies etc. can be modified through the INI file. Starting from Computer+, Assorted Callouts offers support for its callout display system. For a more realistic experience, I recommend downloading Computer+ here. Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems: Watch the installation video for my modifications here. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/ Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work. Suggestions can be made here. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible. Redistribution prohibited https://www.albo1125.com Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme! .
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    EUP Menu



    EUP Menu is a carefully-built menu for the popular Emergency Uniforms Pack modification. EUP Menu allows you to easily apply EUP clothing to your MP peds. It also includes a character creator exactly like GTA Online's character creation system. You can edit, save and even share your favourite characters. Making your own awesome police officer has never been easier. Don't like the predefined clothing options? The wardrobe feature has got your back. You can create and save your own outfits with ease. What's that? You don't want to make a new outfit just to change glasses? The accessories menu is perfect for you. Sunny day? Why not put on some shades. Hate your face? A mask solves everything. Sarge not giving you that promotion? Screw the system - promote yourself. Want to relive Die Hard? Throw on a vest and a helmet. It's time to kill some terrorists. The accessories menu allows you to do all that with just a few clicks. It also has some nifty camera action. I mean who doesn't like cameras, right? Requirements: 1) RAGE Plugin Hook 0.51+ 2) RAGENativeUI 1.6+ 3) EUP Law & Order 7.5 4) (Optional but highly recommended) EUP Serve & Rescue 1.0 Installation: 1) Place RAGENativeUI.dll into your root GTAV folder (if you don't already have it). 2) Extract the contents of Plugins in the archive into your GTAV Plugins folder. 3) Open the RPH console in-game (default F4) and type "LoadPlugin EUPMenu.dll" (without quotations). Known bugs: - None. Credits: - @AlexBraun for the EUP character creation system - @alexguirre for RAGENativeUI and contributing code related to fetching all loaded RPF archives Want to see the full FAQ? Have a question? Need help? Menu not working?
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    Los Santos Police Highway Patrol Dodge Charger Here is my latest model its a 2016 dodge charger i made for my game it has three highway patrol liverys made by me the model is available with either steelies or the dodge rims i added both because i know some people like them . The model features are below Model features Working takedowns Steady Burns Traffic advisory lights Go rhino Pushbar Video By @Iggy Fresh Also if you enjoy my models be sure to leave me a review Please install all the files correctly before you leave a review Readme is in the download folder DO NOT COPY/RIP OR UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGED TO YOUR GAME Thanks Credits • Vehicle livery/textures by POLICESCO • Lights Edits/Setup by POLICESCO • Generic lights by Bueno • M/A-Com Radio by OfficerUnderwood •Whelen Cencom Sapphire scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 •Toughbook 19 with stand made & converted by Caleb3019 Textures By Caleb3019 •Lojack antennas scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 •LL273 SERIES Led scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0 •Dodge Alloy Wheel modeled by RSocialClubTV1 (Released on 2008 Dodge Caravan SXT), Modified into Charger Alloy by VooDoo/NickieB, Textures by VooDoo 012-15 Dodge Steelie wheel modeled by GerryStudio, Textures by VooDoo •Fedsig AS124 made by thehurk •Spolights from Lundy1999 unlocked cvpi •Credits to Soundoff Signal for their design Soundoff Signal N-Force Surface Mount LED Modeled by VooDoo, Textured by VooDoo. Textures by VooDoo. Converted to V by VooDoo •GoRhino 2015 Charger Wraparound by Carper, Textures by Carper •Whelen Dominator Series modeled and textured by tomcat8492 •Stalker DUAL made & converted by Caleb3019 •Federal Signal Valor Federal Signal Valor Modeled and textured by RoegonTV. Mounts modeled by RoegonTV. If i missed a credit tell me i will fix it Model Credits -Base model extracted by DMN from Forza Horizon 2 Converted and textures by Thehurk Converted to PPV By Thehurk AWD Rims scratch modeled and converted By RoegonTV -AWD Logo by IronicRainbow
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    Version 1.0.0


    ** THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL LIGHTING PATTERN OR SETUP THAT FLORIDA HIGHWAY PATROL USES, I WANTED TO MAKE IT A CHRISTMAS TREE ** Hello I hope you download and enjoy this beautiful vehicle Issues And Bugs: Windows are unbreakable When car explodes it duplicates ^^^ All will be fixed in the next update :) ** YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ADD A NEW SKIN AND CLAIM ITS YOUR CAR! ** ** YOU DO HAVE PERMISSION TO CHANGE THE SKIN OF THE CAR ** Credits: Screenshots Taken By: @Mr.JonnhyCZG Charger Model Credits - Base model extracted by DMN from Forza Horizon 2 - Converted and textures by @Thehurk - Converted to PPV By @Thehurk - AWD Rims scratch modeled and converted By @RoegonTV - AWD Logo by @IronicRainbow Lights/Interior Credits Skin Made By: @Officer Wade Lightbar Provided To Me By: @0sc4r Generic LED Light Pack: @Bueno Sentina/Mopar Charger Pushbar -Created, textured, rendered and converted by BFRS-EMT Converted to GTA 5 by Thero Pro-Gard Partition Pack -Created, textured, rendered and converted by BFRS-EMT Converted to GTA 5 by Thero Center Console: Provided To Me By: @sheriffvandyke Laptop: Unknown (Please MSG Me If Its You) Traffic Advisor: Code3wingman by Lccop Converted to GTA 5 by Thero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UdQJB9OyDc
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    Version 0.1


    Model 2015 Unmarked Police Tahoe This is the same model as my los santos police tahoe but i decided to make it into an unmarked version for you guys the vehicle is the same apart from i edited the rear TA removed the lightbar and edited the els.xml file so be sure to add that when installing. Here is the link to my Los Santos Police Tahoe if you want to install that also Please install all the files correctly before you leave a review Readme is in the download folder DO NOT COPY/RIP OR UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGED TO YOUR GAME Thanks POLICESCO Credits • Vehicle textures by POLICESCO • Lights Edits/Setup by POLICESCO •Computer Ripped From Unconverted DSF Crown Victoria By Ubisoft Reflections By KillerFirstHand - Converted And Modified To A Motorola Mobile Workstation By KillerFirstHand - Textures By KillerFirstHand • M/A-Com Radio by OfficerUnderwood •Whelen Cencom Sapphire scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0 •Model & els lights scratch made and uv mapped by halopcdraco •Soundoff Fascia by SgtGoetz •Dash and Rear TA Lights by Bueno •Spotlight Model from Dodge Charger provided by Cynax Converted and edited by Black Jesus •Setina PB450 by Vertex3D •Whelen Vertex scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0 •Stalker DUAL made & converted by Caleb3019 •Ion Mount Modeled in 3ds Max by Coopercm -Converted and mapped by Coopercm Model Credits •Orignal suburban Scratch modeled by Shadydk311 Converted and edited to V by BritishGamer88 Converted to Tahoe by Thehurk & Allaboutk9 MAJOR edits by Thehurk Convert to PPV By Thehurk Rims purchased by Him1250 Normals and wireframe fixed by Thehurk Textured by Thehurk
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    Version 0.2


    IF YOU GET AN ERROR WHEN EXTRACTING THE FILE ITS LCPDFR WEBISTE CAUSING THIS ISSUE VIDEO PREVIEW BY @mroxplay Model Los Santos Police CVPI Finally after a lot of requests here my Los santos police cvpi to go with the rest of my cars also has a similar setup as my others working takedowns in the lightbar the pushbar is fixed but the raparound is set to exta 12 along with the siren speakers its comes with all the same skins as my other models blaine county sheriff los santos police sandy shores police and paleto bay sheriff hope you all enjoy and be sure to leave me a review if you like my models links are below for the matching models Please install all the files correctly before you leave a review Readme is in the download folder DO NOT COPY/RIP OR UPLOAD ANYWHERE ELSE I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGED TO YOUR GAME Thanks Credits • Vehicle textures by POLICESCO • Lights Edits/Setup by POLICESCO • M/A-Com Radio by OfficerUnderwood •Whelen Cencom Sapphire scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0 •Computer Ripped From Unconverted DSF Crown Victoria By Ubisoft Reflections By KillerFirstHand - Converted And Modified To A Motorola Mobile Workstation By KillerFirstHand - Textures By KillerFirstHand •Rear TA Plus generic lights by Bueno •Spotlight Model from Dodge Charger provided by Cynax Converted and edited by Black Jesus •Explorer Pushbar by Vertex3D •Whelen Liberty II by DannyBoy1909, converted to IV by IronicRainbow. Minor edits by IronicRainbow •GoRhino CVPI Wraparound by Carper, Textures by Carper •Speaker; Scratch made by DannyBoy1909. Speaker Textures; by Vertex3D & DannyBoy1909 •Lojack antennas scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0 Model Credits •Model Steinberg4145- assembled 2006 version Murphy -developed 2011 , part modifications, custom modeled components, testing, UV mapping, features & fixes Original Light - CVPI expertise, modeling contributions Lundy - Door handles, CVPI expertise, CVPI parts from his models, mod tester Yard1 - modding techniques Netman Cj24 - Publisher of the original model for IV & template, including headlight modifications & misc changes from F5544's release KevinDV - Work on the original model & grille Ubisoft - Driver: San Francisco Ford Crown Victoria parts, including base model & first person interior BxBugs123 - Headlight textures & expertise OfficerUnderwood - CVPI parts from his DEV resource F5544 - Initial GTA IV conversion Schaefft - Some interior components and initial seat model Rekram- Vehicle edits and bug fixes
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    Version 1.0.0


    Simple little pack I've been using as of late, thought I could share with you. Based on a small department from somewhere in Illinois.
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    I'm glad to see you posting skins again!
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    Sure they do. Look for ‘bradm sahp pack” or something. I installed it yesterday and it looks sweet.
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    Nice they look good as shown in a video I made for you to showcase them. Thanks
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    Thanks for making this! I'm very glad someone did!! Love it! Keep it up man!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Files Included Livery Vehicle list Pictures Credits Credits Liveries by MrOxPlay. If you are feeling exceptionally generous, a small donation would be much appreciated Please do not upload these to any website without my consent.
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    LOVE IT!! It's nice to have different kinds of mods like this one. Great job bro!
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    Good idea! Let's also shut down their underground computer geek hacking website as well! #hashtag
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    Awesome car 5/5.. All the following issues/bugs/problems are noticed on the slicktop: - Take downs light up behind the car instead of infront of it - Reverse light does not work Good job, keep it up, hopefully problems above get fixed soon :)
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    It's quite sad that these underground geek hackers continue to illegally modify these black market games... I nod my head in shame /s
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    Grand Theft Auto SA? What year is this? The funny thing about our world is that we blame everything else but the actual problem, our parenting. I've played video games my entire life. Hell I remember being a young kid and playing Goldeneye 007 online with others. Did I go out and start trying to shoot people in real life? Did I go out and try to throw things from the car Mario Kart style? Pathetic excuses of parents can blame video games all day long, but what it ultimately comes down to is the parents themselves. Video games will only have influence on those whose thinking capability is already compromised.
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    Version 1.0.1


    If updating to v1.0.1, you should replace your .ini with a fresh one from the download. Many important default settings were changed. Caution: This plugin is EXPERIMENTAL. This may cause a performance hit on your game, depending how you adjust the settings in the included .ini file. The default settings should provide functionality without impacting performance aside from possible drops of 2-3 frames and more at times. If you get less performance than this, please PM me. You may want to back up your save file. Note that this does not have a chance of messing up your save file unless you save over it in-game. I'm not sure if this actually can mess up your save, but if you want to be on the safe side, go to "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\<some number>" and back up the files with SGTA in their name. Information Annoyed when you get out of your stolen car and walk a few feet away, only to turn around and find it gone? Or maybe you just stopped a criminal's car, and he ran a few blocks before you caught up. Maybe when you got back to the suspect's vehicle, you find that it's mysteriously gone, along with his friend's corpse, who was more violent and paid the price. Now, you don't have to worry about these random disappearances. Once you've loaded this plugin, it will automatically add anything within a radius you set to a list. Anything in the list will be kept persistent and won't disappear until you get far enough away. Once you do, it will be removed from the list and therefore, it will no longer be persistent. No longer do you have to worry about crime scenes looking like nothing ever happened. Persistence - the continued or prolonged existence of something. Installation and Usage You need the Rage Plugin Hook for this to work. This has been tested with version 0.42.969.8470 , but it should work with newer versions. If it does not, send me a message so I can fix it. Again, I'd like you to keep in mind that this is experimental. The game wasn't meant to have this many entities all persistent at once. Use at your own discretion. When you have that installed, drop both the .dll and the .ini into your Plugins folder. Once you're in-game, press F4 to bring up the Rage Hook console, and type 'LoadPlugin EntityPersistence.dll' (without the apostrophes). It will probably say something about the plugin not being verified. Just hit the up arrow, and then enter again. It should load correctly. Everything after that is taken care of by the plugin itself. This does include a console command to unload the plugin gracefully. By that, I mean it removes persistence from all entities that were made persistent before unloading. I recommend using this before unloading all plugins or exiting the game. Configuration In the included .ini file, you can edit multiple things. The default settings seem to work fine with the lowest performance drop, but if you find you want to change something, be sure to read the comment associated with it carefully to know what impact it might have. The comments show the default setting and what it was tested at. The default radius values are pretty large already, so if you encounter any performance problems, you can tone those down by increments of 32 (personal preference, you can change them by whatever you like). The options are explained in the .ini but I'll put the non-advanced ones down here anyway. VehiclePersistence - Determines if vehicles will be added to the persistence list. VehiclesUnoccupiedOnly - Only add vehicles if they're unoccupied. PedPersistence - Determines if pedestrians will be added to the persistence list. PedsDeadOnly - Only add peds if they're dead. PersistenceRemoveRadius - The distance from the player at which to remove persistence from entities. PersistenceAddRadius - The distance from the player at which to add persistence to entities. OnlyOnFoot - Whether entities are made persistent at any time, or just when the player isn't in a vehicle. RemoveOnPersistenceRemove - Determines if entities will get removed when their persistence gets removed. More of a fail-safe than anything. Planned Features Performance improvements More performance improvements Even more performance improvements Miscellaneous Please, give me any bug or crash reports. I'll try my best to fix them. If you have a great idea of something that would work well with the system already in place, then go ahead and tell me; if I think it would fit well, then I'll do my best to add it.
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    That's weird... Anyway, I have uploaded one of those in the gallerys here: Gonna upload the others directly here:
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    I think it was 'Wanna know why so many people fall down the stairs in my precinct'
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    From the album teasers

    I was bored and I could draw because my tablet was malfunction, so I went and converted a MX700 into the GTA V halogen Light bar. If people want it, I'll finish and release
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