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    From the album TaylorSwift's WIP

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    CG Blaze

    Behind Bars...

    From the album Blaze Plays V

    "Was taking a walk around southeast LS today, when something caught my eye in the police impound lot. I decided to deviate from my normal route to get a better look... And there she was: an old '98 Vic, still with it's old rotator lightbar intact. She was quite a looker, and I bet if cars could talk she'd have some interesting stories to tell. But gone were her glory days of chasing perps and basking in the smell of fresh donuts in the morning. No, no... This old gal had been sentenced to run out the rest of her life behind a chain link fence, watching as the city grows and as time moves on without her. Sure, the Vic has seen its time, and I'm sure our local officers are enjoying the creature comforts and fuel efficiency the old Fords simply never had. But to me, there's just somethin' about the old Vic's that the new Chargers and Tahoes the city bought just don't have: character." -u_m_y_militarybum
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    Sexy Sheriff Stanier

    From the album John's Workshop

    Vapid Stanier - Blaine County Sheriff's Department With a Edge style default lightbar
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    From the album Problematic's photo depository

    Wip by @Thehurk, not 100% right now. Needs finishing touches and bug fixes. This beast is part of his upcoming Soundoff mega-pack .
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    "Move along please"

    From the album Jed's Models

    Dealing with a group of homeless males outside Tequi-La-La in Vinewood. You can see a LSPD Supervisor checking the health of a male on the floor. Security is also attempting to keep *undesirables* out of the club... The other two vehicles for the LSPD: the Bravado Buffalo and the Declasse Merit. The Merit comes with both auxiliary skins (as shown here) and standard LSPD skins. The Vapid Stainer also features both types of skins.

    © Jedahdiah

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    Heli edition [WIP]

    From the album WIP

    Should i paint a heli in another color ,and @thegreathah can you make this tahoe multi livery compatible
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    Country afternoons

    From the album SA police

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    New default style pushbar

    From the album John's Workshop

    Only parts from default cars were used to make this. It's part of a little project I'm working on to bring more variety to the (sadly rather small) lore friendly police modding scene with more parts to use, we need more variety so people can be more creative with their cars, without having to resort to using non lore friendly 3d model assets for/from real life models, or the same old default lightbars and other default equipment parts.
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    I have been thinking about adding something like this, I have noticed there is a lot of down time in situations like that if you use the menu. I might add it for shots fired, both vehicle/foot pursuit, and the crash as you've said. Thank you for the feedback! UPDATE Added/fixed: Location included when on traffic stop/shots fired, eg: "Dispatch show me on a traffic stop on Bay City Ave, vehicle occupied once." Moved the option to say you are transporting suspect under the "Suspect is..." tab for consistency Fixed bug where if you use radio while entering a vehicle you would immediately exit. Plan to add: Keyboard shortcuts for priorities, probably numpad buttons Translating most of the updates to their corresponding 10-* codes, eg "On Scene" would become "10-23" After this last little update I believe I will be ready for my first release! Scorponok is working on the video for the most recent version as we speak. I would expect the first release in the next week.
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    From the album California Pics

    Most realistic CHP pack out for GTA V and if you think otherwise that's you opinion go make you own So go download it if you already haven't
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    Away Stay Unit K-9

    From the album GTA V Images WIP

    Text is low quailty...
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    All units we have a retarded person on lspdfr.com send backup
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    With: @t0y @NY Delta @FRGamer @Slendis @Turtle. @acepilot2k7 What is New York Designs? So a few days ago, I was walking down the street near 23rd and madison, when several FDNY trucks and NYPD cars came racing down the street, rumblers blaring, all lit up, and I thought to myself, why don't I make these cute ass cars in GTA? (Yes, I know what you are thinking BECAUSE LOS SANTOS DOESN'T LOOK LIKE NEW YORK yeah well TOO BAD!) Anyway, since me and a lot of my friends are from New York I decided to make a little group to make New York cars. We are planning on making a few different departments right now and will branch out to fire, ems, municipal, and maybe even maps ;) I think it is about time NY gets some representation. All of these cars will not be lore friendly, and will be as accurate as possible. Models will be released one by one and not in packs, as most departments are split between 3-4 people making separate vehicles, not a full collaboration. Can I join? Do I have to be a New Yorker? We are accepting modders to join! You can create liveries, or models, or even badges just send me a PM and we can have a talk. No, you do not have to be a New Yorker to join the design team Only 4 of us are so far, and @Slendis isn't even from this country (disgusting.) We also hope to maybe add some character designers/modelers to our team that can help us make some NYPD/NY peds. The team: t0y - Modeler, Livery Designer NY Delta - Modeler FRGamer - Modeler Slendis - Modeler, Livery Designer, Badge Designer Turtle - Modeler, Scratch Modeler JamesR - Modeler, Scratch Modeler RobertTM - Modeler, Scratch Modeler Jedahdiah -Modeler Acepilot2k7 - Youtuber The plan: We plan do a majority of departments both in the city, and upstate. Currently we are working on: New York Police Department - NY Delta (2007-2016 Impalas) FRGamer (2016/17 FPIUs) t0y (2006 HWY/Patrol CVPIs) Port Authority Police Department - t0y (2006 CVPIs, 2013 FPIUs, 2013 Tahoes) NY Delta (2007+ Impalas) New York State Police Department - t0y (2016 FPIU) FRGamer (TBD) Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Department - Slendis (2006-2011 CVPIs) t0y (2013+ FPIUs)) How can you contribute? We would love to have help with this massive project. If you want to help but dont know anything about modeling or texture designing feel free to comment below and give us your opinions, and suggestions about what we should add or remove or edit! If you do have experience in modeling and livery designing you can PM us or come on our discord to talk about joining and helping out with this. Also if you live in New York, any interior or exterior pictures are welcome! Some of us do live in the city, but we dont see these cars every day, especially the non-NYPD departments so any pictures would be great! Updates: We will try to update this thread once a week or two, but the models will take a while and it could be less than that. We will also make a gallery album, either I will make one with all of our vehicles, or each of us will have our own that is to be determined. Contact us: For now our discord is private, but if you would like to contact us feel free to contact any of us on LSPDFR, by shooting us a PM with any questions or if you would like to join.
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    Watched just a bit too much Brooklyn Nine-Nine and decided to make a New York City Police Department EUP Uniforms Pack Featuring coppers from the lowly Patrolman Deetmore to the mighty Captain Holt, this pack is a must have for you NYPD fanatics. The pack is still very WIP, only short+long sleeve patrolmen and Captain's uniforms are finished. The final version will have more ranks, including Sergeant Jeffords and Detectives Santiago, Boyle, Peralta, Diaz and - who could forget - Scully and Hitchcock. Maybe even a little retro action, we'll see... Nine-Nine!
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    Hello, I'm starting to work with Audacity to edit the vanilla lspdfr dispatcher's voice to make it sound more like a radio comm, not as clean as in the vanilla version. Examples attached. What do you think? I'm gonna continue to work when I have time, problem is I need to adjust volume and it's difficult to understand the perfect spot. I use stereo, not earplugs so it might be too loud for the latter but idk. Examples attached, LOWER YOUR VOLUME BEFORE LISTENING TO AVOID DAMAGING YOUR EAR! (if you use earplugs) AREA_DEL_PERRO_01.wav AREA_DEL_PERRO_02.wav AREA_DEL_PERRO_BEACH_01.wav AREA_DOWNTOWN_01.wav AREA_DOWNTOWN_02.wav AREA_DOWNTOWN_VINEWOOD_01.wav
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    The model won't prevail anytime soon. There's too much drama behind that crap. I have a model for a 2000 that I gave to theHurk for converting, no idea when he'll get to that if he will.
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    This definitely tickles my pickle. Will be adding these soon!
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    It's such a nice little program which you can use to get EVEN more realism into the game. But what i miss would be a field for the location the Callout/Event/Alarm took place..... and you spelled Details wrong in the reports tab. But its still a nice little thing Thanks for your work on that tool =)
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    By now I have just given up and yes but not really you see I was bored then I started working on this and I stopped being bored then I decided ok this is good enough so I published it and now I am bored again, what will be net?
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    Glad to see some new faces on the team and also get to know who they are. Great idea, hope this becomes a thing.
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    main patrol fleet

    From the album BCSO pack - WIP


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    All these plebs using modern siren packs pfff...I only use real sirens
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    Updates on City National Bank in West HollywoodThanks to BKDeath2012 for donation and helpAlso, here's some screens BKDeath2012 took: The buidling is done and will be included in update.
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    new impala door buttons and switches ppv spec and 2013 spec 3d Modeling by @Turtle. Help from Matt
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    Two units

    From the album Jed's Models

    An FPIU '16 and a Charger '14 added to the LSPD fleet. Liveries are based off of Halifax Regional Police.
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    From the album Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    Update: 10/9/2017 2006 CVPI Port Authority Police Department by t0y Model by @t0y Base by @OfficerUnderwood Badge by @Slendis Livery by @t0y Rims, Hubcaps by @Fartknockr Spotlight by @NY Delta ezpass by @Scar SL by @Walters
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    Glad you are interested! I have just finished implementing the update location as it was much easier than I thought it would be
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    Version 1.0.0


    Includes four versions of the TIR3 Dominator series by Whelen. The 6 head and 8 head light bars include a traffic adviser. I had previously made a LINZ version long ago but always wanted a TIR3 version and I didn't screw up on the glass this time. Feel free to convert to GTA V BUT DO NOT RE-UPLOAD TO ANY SITES.
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    Great job, too good to play with the mercenaries. ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆  │▒│ /▒/  │▒│/▒/  │▒ /▒/─┬─┐  │▒│▒|▒│▒│ ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ │▒┌──┘▒▒▒│ └┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘  └┐▒▒▒▒┌
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    Speedo Ambulance

    From the album John's Workshop

    collaboration by Me, Fenton and Break again
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    I've just updated all your scripts Albo and I still can't run them. There is something wrong with the albo1125.common dependency check when I force duty via the console according to my RPH log Any ideas? I've installed it all correctly as normal, I have restarted the game and still no luck.
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    Fantastic pack i would have given 5 stars HOWEVER and it's not a major letdown or anything but i would like unmarked cars to actually be unmarked cars. If not then at least some sort of hint as to how to install other mods to overwrite your unmarked cars should we want unmarked cars. otherwise keep it up, good work!!