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    From the album GTA V Illusions

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    LVMPD Taurus

    From the album W.I.P Models (GTA V)

    Thought I would toss this together


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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my Lego Car "Blade Runner Spinner". It is only a Fun Car so that it have not all Functions or Parts from the Game. But to have Fun it is cool.
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    Code 3

    From the album BradM's Skins

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    From the album W.I.P Models (GTA V)


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    Wow amazing to see something so extraordinary & different.
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    From the album Getinmybelly's GTA V Screenshots

    © Getinmybelly

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    In our brand new monthly segment, we roundup the best releases and news stories revolving around the GTA Universe - From user modifications to site updates.
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    Version 1.0.0


    17 vehicles , 68 liveries ,The Biggest Skin Pack in GTA V Files Included Liveries Pictures Credits Credits Liveries by MrOxPlay. If you are feeling exceptionally generous, a small donation would be much appreciated Please do not upload these to any website without my consent.
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    LSPD Cruiser

    From the album GTA V Galleries

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    New Livery

    From the album Random Patrol Stuff

    At the moment a W.I.P but i like it :D.
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    I knew purchasing a new monitor would put me in the spotlight!
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    Version 1.0


    With More Lights Then What Any Real department Could Afford..... ITS A 2015 CHEVY CAPRICE WITH CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING THIS MODEL IS OVER 500 POLYS, JUST A HEADS UP :) -Thanks Requiem Red Blue and Blue Blue WITH A LIBERTY LIGHTBAR Thank You @First30First!
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    Version 1.0.0


    About this file: Hello and thank you for downloading this mod This mod is an audio overhaul of the air horn of the fire truck. BEST USED WITH: REQUIRED FILES: None INSTALLATION: Use OpenIV and navigate to (mods)\x64\Audio\SFX\Resident.rpf Right click on vehicles.awc the Export to openformats (oac) Select a folder where you want to extract audio files of vehicles.awc then click select this folder Go to the folder where you extracted vehicles.awc, you'll got two files related to this operation, vehicles.oac and vehicles folder. Drag and drop file located in Files folder in this mod to the vehicles folder generated by the extraction. Now on OpenIV again go back to (mods)\x64\Audio\SFX\Resident.rpf and drag the vehicles.oac in the archive resident.rpf OpenIV will now import your new sounds. PREVIEW:
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    Version 1.1


    I've converted this default GTA V car to a police vehicle. The model makes use of carcols edits, and provides amber emergency lights under the rear window and on both sides of the roof (check the pictures). Also included in the package is a variant with standard siren values and no amber lights. The car is optimized for Radiance V, but will work regardless. Features list: (Optional) Carcols lines and an optional replacement file for amber rear LEDs and side-facing strobes Carvariations and vehicles.meta lines, although the model could probably replace police2 Breakable glass and functioning dials Default dirt mapping is preserved Detailed UV-mapping of the vehicle and a template for custom liveries Eight high quality LSPD liveries with a .psd for an example The model is unlocked and community edits and improvements are encouraged. Use the template and make me proud.
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    F*** my LAPD charger this here is way better and more fun to patrol with! Great Job!
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    I'd still really really really really really love to see an NT Paddy Wagon, would pretty much just need the pod taken off Mac's paddy wagon, and replaced with a basic cage with blue tarp on the side. They look ghetto AF and absolutely perfect for Sandy Redfe...err.. Shores. Though the one thing I think the Aussie community is still sorely lacking in is unmarked vehicles. I think public-released we're still restricted to just the VE (not that there's anything wrong with the VE ofc), would be great to get an unmarked ford, I've also had a whole bunch of requests to do patrols in unmarked Landcruisers/Hiluxes/similar class vehicles.
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    would like to see some Queensland Cars in the furture, but im full nsw for now!!
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    i thought LAFD Uses Whelen Freedoms PimSLR not i guess you were completely wrong man i couldn't find a single video of LAFD Chief Using Whelen Freedoms For Lightbars
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    From the album xMoD's Album

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    Version 1.0.1


    Once again, MASSIVE thank you to OfficerAMR for making this vehicle multi-livery enabled! If you've downloaded the vehicle already, please go and re-download it!! MODEL OVERVIEW ================================= - NAME: 2013 Ford F350 SSV - VERSION: V1.0 - EXTRA PARTS: Lots - OPTIMIZED FOR: ANY (Handling acts like sadler/gresley) I am accepting donations! They are in no way shape or form required, but they are always GREATLY appreciated! Any amount is welcome A Little personal note! I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, every single person who comments, views, downloads or gives me feedback on my models. This community is one of the best I've been in with the way you guys give feedback, and not everyone is just hey, can you release this unlocked or are you going to do this model. You guys motivate me to do better, convert more cars, make even more unique models, and try and provide you all with the highest quality models possible. I read every single comment, good and bad, every review, and every single message you guys send me. I take all the advice you guys give, all of the criticism and all of the help you guys give me and try and improve my models to the best of my abilities. After i release my CHP megapack and i find some more time, ill be working on a special project that everyone will love! Once again, thank you to every single one of you, and if you didn't read this, well you should. Now enough of my blabbering, to the model itself. INSTILLATION ================================= To install the vehicle, navigate to the latest patch day you have in your Mods folder, for me its patchday9 and drag whatever files you want in. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday9ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\ To install the vehicles meta file, navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5 And drag it in there. To install the carvar.txt, nagvigate to your desired location, mine is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpvalentines2\dlc.rpf\common\data And copy what is in carvar.txt into your carvariations. MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO SPACES. TO INSTALL THE EXTRA SKINS: Take a skin of your choice, and either take it and replace the F350_sign_1 OR take the skin and rename it to F350_sign_# (replace # with whatever number you need) COMMON QUESTIONS ================================= Q: Why aren't my lights bright? A: You do not have light-enhancing mods installed. Download RadianceV and/or other mods that increase emergency lighting brightness. Q: Will you please help me ins-- A: Did you read the readme? No? Sorry, can't help you. Yes? Then ask here. Q: Will you make it an addon? A: No I will not as I do not use add-on cars. Q: Can I put a new skin on this vehicle? A: Be my guest, hell even go edit my skins as you please, but give proper credits! Q: I don't have Patchday9? A: Then put the car in your latest patch day, or copy patchday9 over. Q: Why does my game crash after I install the meta? A: I don't know, it works in my game. Q: Why is the truck flipping when I turn? A: There is a vehicles meta for a reason. Q: Why doesn't the lights look good from a distance/Why doesn't it have environmental lighting? A: Because of the way I made the lighting setup, it was not possible to make either of these happen. Q: When is your CHP megapack coming out? A: Maybe next week as I start a new job a day after this truck is released, that comes before modding for free. MODEL NOTES ================================= - This car features about 11 Extras, all sirens being used and Two different setups for rims. - Extra list: Extra 1 - Rambar Extra 2 - Rambar Lights (Soundoff Ultralite, Whelen Ion Duo) Extra 3 - Whelen Liberty II Extra 4 - Interior lighting (Whelen Inner edge, Whelen Talon) Extra 5 - Toolbox with Whelen Ions Extra 7 - Bed Cap Extra 8 - Whelen M4s Extra 11 - ALPRS Extra 12 - Step Boards - There are Two versions of this truck, one with Rockstar Xds, one with the original SSV rims - As the extra list implies, there is A LOT of stuff on this truck. Going with this, the file size suffers quite a bit as it is around 7.3 mb for the _hi and 7 for the rest of the LODS. If you cant use this truck, I apologize. - I did go all out with this truck, it originally started out as just a slicktop with a bedcap but I decided to go all out. - This truck is very much a multi-purpose truck. As so I've included multiple skins, SRU, CVE, Supervisor, Stealth, Unmarked and basic patrol skins. - There are a few issues with the skins, but I don't much care about them as most of the time, people replace the skins on my vehicles. - You can have a very very varying setup on this truck, from being stealthy, to being completely balls to the wall. - This was a very very fun project to make, and I'm grateful for everyone helped out. - As with all my models, if you find any bugs with it, please let me know! Disclaimer ================================= -You are not to attempt to modify or rip this model in any way shape or form. -I (Thehurk) am not responsible for any damages done to your game. Please make a backup of any edited files! -Do not attempt to make a profit off this model in any way shape or form. -Do not re-upload this vehicle, please make a link -Do not upload this file to any other site, claiming it as your own. -If you want to use this file in a clan, PLEASE ask me before doing so
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    Braveheart's Policing Script V The return of my (infamous?) policing script, reinvigorated for V. As with IV, I aim to provide additional functions which I consider basic and or necessary for the purposes of policing realistically. To my mind, dealing with every incident as if it's a life or death situation is not indicative of a typical police officer's day-to-day role. I realise the limited options available sometimes leaves no-choice but to dispose of an incident in a somewhat unrealistic manner. My intention with this script is to open up more possibilities and choices for the player to utilise. Granted, some of the features listed below are already present in LSPD:FR and some of its fantastic plugins and I don't want to step on anyone's toes however, each feature is implemented in my own way to my own taste. Some of you might be wondering about the hands up/resist arrest features, I add these to enable peds to react in different ways to your attempt at restraining them keeping the interaction a bit more dynamic. I don't quite like LSPD:FR's linear and predictable everyone-surrenders-first-time approach. (Although having said that, I did once experience a ped "resisting" whilst preforming an LSPD:FR arrest, I'm not sure if it was a bug or an intentional feature. If it's the latter, I like it.) V scripting is somewhat different to IV; some useful functions are missing and some things don't work as they did in IV. It took me some time to adjust to the differences and what have you. The Discord chat has been been an invaluable resource for quick answers to problems that arose and my thanks go out to all those who have lent me a hand thus far. Features Police barrier control (no matter where the barriers spawned from you will be able to pickup, move and place them even if any script(s) crashed and you've reloaded) Vehicles will stop and queue behind barriers (I may include an option to delete queuing vehicles; I experimented with having vehicles turn around and drive-off but it came with a lot of issues) Prevention of melee scuffles (fist fights and baton use) from resulting in death Stop, interact and converse with peds Require a handcuffed person's name and date of birth Stop and direct traffic Road-side impairment / field sobriety test with multiple outcomes Order a person to drop their weapon Order a person to raise their hands Acquire standard police equipment loadout from police vehicles Call a vehicle's registered keeper and request they attend and collect their vehicle Ambient events Everyone's favourite: resist arrest I have coded most of the features listed and at this point they just need expanding to add variety and polishing. I was going to add an MDC layer to this script, connected to a communal website with the ability to create crime reports, accident reports and follow-up of cases however, I was informed that the LCPDFR Computer+ project already has this in-hand. I was also going to add a report person/issue ticket option and have a follow-up on the outcome of the case/ticket (much like Albo's court system) however, I think Albo plans to expand his court system to include more than traffic offences. As I said, it is fantastic that there are already a large number of other plugins by some very talented individuals which cover a lot of the features I would like to see. Should any one have suggestions for features they'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment. I plan to create a realistic and immersive calls plugin once this project is out of the way. Brave
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    Profeet ENB

    Version 3.3A


    Initial Release: Hope you all enjoy! Don't forget to rate; any feedback and support issues should be left below in the comment section. Version 3.0 Release! ENB IN ACTION!
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    From the album Emergency Uniforms Pack WIPs

    © EUP Team

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    From the album Future Releases

    This vehicle is a W.I.P. This vehicle does feature DROT like ELS back in Grand Theft Auto IV. I am still working out a few permissions and bugs, hoping for it to be out this month!
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    Built for Speed

    From the album 'Merica

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    These look amazing once again, 5/5! Great job Brad.
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    For a first mod, an SFX mod is really good. You've got skill. Keep going!
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    From the album Lozano's Workshop

    Coming soon
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    These are awesome man! Looking forward to more cars being added!
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    Thank you :) I will be releasing an update in the coming days addressing these issues, I have also noticed it can get a 'tad' overwhelming.
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    From the album Lozano's Workshop

    Coming soon
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    Your player model is probably not the default cop or sheriff model? Its somekind of GTA V problem (they are probably meant to leave the car if the driver is not a cop model (eg. if Trevor enters/steals police car with officers inside in normal game))
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    YES!!! You guys are awesome! That's what I needed to do. Thank you so much! Seems like a great game so far, but the lag is killing me. That's my next problem to solve! Thanks again!
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    You dont have to be an absolute prick about it. if were going to go about criticizing mods, why did you put a 12 head lighthead stick in the back of your durango that you released? Why did you oversize the code 3 commandstick to be the entire size of the rear of the vehicle, when in reality it is the size of the dominator. You literally use the exact same lighting set up on all your vehicles, the commandstick and the... 12 head whatever it is? You are the kind of person that stopps people from ever modding again. This guy tried to do something, make a start in modding and even just attempt something new. Who are you to shoot him down for his attempt at something like this? Yeah no shit he doesn't know what hes doing, its his first model. So before you go and rip someone appart for making a new model, and trying to get feedback on their first vehicle they ever created. Don't go around and say your model was 100% better. Who are you? The messiah of modding?
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    J T

    stranded driver

    From the album sahp

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    Enough CHP?

    From the album Thehurk's WIPS

    Its close!