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    Police Radio is like PoliceHelper, except that Police Radio actually works. FinKone brings us the best plugin available for LSPDFR, with an awesome, minimal interface to get things taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. Police Radio rarely ever crashes (milage may vary amongst other players), and when it does crash, it's super simple to get back up and running. This mod makes your game better, without causing horrifying performance issues. It's like a gift that just keeps on giving, it's awesome!
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    Really enjoyable. Nice detail. Love the audio.
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    Love it, nice new update I just had to drop a review.. Using the intimidation mode to approach a lewd conduct suspect:
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    Initially I was skeptical of all brown patrol cars, but these are absolutely perfect. Much better than the stock cars. Thank you!
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    Great skins. Love the fact that someone made a Border Patrol Skin. StrykerUSMC, you did a great job on this and I can't wait to see what you do next.
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    5/5. Nice touch with the audio! Adds allot of immersion to the game. I always accept these callouts. Great for RP. Brilliant work Stealth!
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    Doesnt work with the latest rage, cant downgrade. please fix soon. looks great on screenshots
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    This is a great addition to LSPDFR. Automatically adding the waypoint/navigation is a really nice touch. Most if not all of the callouts feature audio throughout the entire scenario as dispatch and other officers communicate with you thru the radio, and there are few callouts within the pack that essentially amount to "kill X target and move on." Everything from the audio, navigation, and character interaction during the callouts is great. This callout pack is the most realistic one yet in my opinion and a must have addition to LSPDFR.
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    Love this texture. Makes the car stand out and not be so dull.
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    I really like it, high res and gives the security car a nice neat skin
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    Great skins! Adds that "just makes sense" feeling to the atmosphere they're intended for. Thanks for these StrykerUSMC!
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    Seriously, who could rate any lower!? This is an amazing modification that brings the fun PoliceHelper extensions from GTA IV into GTA V... with one realistic GUI interface! All done here, now let's watch some FinKone on YouTube.
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    FinKone always tends to bring great mods to the table, this is no exception. he has put many days and nights into coding and testing this along-side a few other trusted people. it isn't often that a developer listens to your ideas and implements them in the best way possible, but he does. From time to time you will get those "must have" mods which you just can't live without.. this is one of them!
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    FinKone pours his heart and soul into a mod he creates, this is no exception. It is a great ALL IN ONE mod that brings realism to a whole new level! I use this mod in my videos and can't live without it.

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