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    Version 0.2.2


    Bank Callouts is a pack of bank robbery related callouts. So far it adds 3 new callouts inspired by GTA Online heists. These callouts are rare, so don't expect to see them very often. New Callouts: Fleeca Bank RobberyPacific Standard Bank RobberyBlaine County Savings Bank Robbery Planned Callouts/Features: Union DepositoryBlaine County Savings Bank [ADDED]Even more banks if i find anyAbility to take money back to the bank [ADDED]Add more randomizationRequirements: LSPDFR 0.2bRageHook 0.20Known Issues: Sometimes robbers have issues getting into the escape carHave fun!
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    Did you get permission to re-upload the models? If so, where are the credits or proof that you did? Maybe some screenshots of the models with your skins would be nice.
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    I don't get what the big deal is to be honest. The police department had probable cause, he was searched, put in a car and brought downtown. The don't do that just because they're trying to make a bust. The police in Sweden is not like the American one with arrest quotas to fill. The mainstream media would have you believe that the police just harrassed him, because of course they take his side when he makes a PR stunt about it. He's just a guy who was brought downtown. It's not a big deal.
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    As opposed to "Department of Coroner", maybe it could say "Medical Examiner" or "LS County Coroner" on the side of it. Other than that, great job!
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    No. I'm not sure what you mean "set up exactly like lcpdfr.com", but we are far from the only site that uses IPS4 as our forum software.
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    Hey everyone - I just been VERY VERY busy lately. I will be attempting to fix and or update sometime this week. I haven't had any free time to code - which, is how Police Radio is made... in my free time. :) Thanks for sitting tight.
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    Version 0.5.3


    Requires RAGEPluginHook 0.39 or higher, LSPDFR 0.3 and RAGENativeUI 1.4.1 Current Callouts Possible illegal hunting Rocks blocking the road Aircraft crash Wanted felon in vehicle Suicide attempt Animal attack Missing person Public disturbance Hostage situation Arson Officer needs transport Attacked police station Demonstration Extra Features Air ambulance Vet Binoculars Hunting and fishing license check Helicopter camera Ambient Events Someone hunting Public intoxication Post To see development progress, suggest ideas or report bugs go to this post: Videos
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    Version 1.0.0


    Replaces the Sheriff Department's male officers with these state troopers. Based on the State troopers of Alaska and Delaware. Made for my San Andreas State Troopers (vehicle) pack, which can be downloaded here:
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    Version 0.35 [hotfix]


    CORONER CRASHING? Go into the PoliceRadio.ini file ... You'll see... http://puu.sh/jwEAE/51e399818f.png Change that to... http://puu.sh/jwEGd/398f4a8e52.png Or just download the hotfix. This msg will be removed in a day or so. Introduction Police Radio is a modification that enhances gameplay as a Police Officer in LSPDFR. It allows you to check license plates, tow vehicles, call coroner services, request backup for traffic stops, request K9 drug dogs to scan the car, have observations of the vehicle, question the driver of a vehicle in a traffic stop, and request pits on suspects. Each aspect of the modification will be explained further within the description. Like what I do and want to show support!? Visit the YouTube channel! Install / Uninstall / Update / Important INI Video CLICK HERE Requirements LSPDFR 0.2bUSE THE CORRECT RAGEHOOK WITH THE CORRECT VERSION - THEY ARE LABELED. 0.35 on RageHook 20 is UNTESTED, let me know the results.GTA V 393 - 393.4A LEGALLY COPY OF GTA V... Take your pirate request supports else where - stop wasting legit time!Police Radio FEATURES Plate CheckerTies into LSPDFR to return correct names that go with the vehicle.Still need to add some improves in regards to a Stolen Vehicle being driven by the owner... :XPIT RequestPit Request allows you to perform a pit on a vehicle thats fleeing. Holding the vehicle in a stationary position for a small amount of time often makes the occupants run on foot.Barriers (only one type current, sorry NorthernAlex! One day...)Place barriers to make traffic yield or go around.TackleIf traveling at a decent speed, when behind a person you will be able to tackle them (E on keyboard, or A on controller)Tow TruckRemoves vehicles from the scene.CoronerRemoves the dead from the scene. Request Additional Unit for Traffic StopYou can request to dispatch to send you a additional unit if you need the upper hand At this first release, it is very basic, and can be some what dangerous at this stage. Use at your own risk.Request K9 Unit for Air SniffYou can request to dispatch to send a K9 unit that will air sniff around the car and attempt to find drugs if the user dones't consent to a search of the vehicle.Very basic first release, will improve over time.Observations WindowYou'll observe things as you approach the vehicle, and this can impact the over all traffic stop experience.Question Driver WindowBased on your observations, you might want to consider asking the person a few questions, to include consent for search. Gives more point to using the K9 as a last resort.Whats NOT in this version? CPR
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is my first ever release in a (hopefully long) chain of Belgian Police vehicles. This download only contains the Road Police (WPR) Volvo XC70, since that one was finished and ready to go. The file includes: * WPR – Road Policing [noose.wft & noose.wtd] * Templates * Readme * ELS 8.5 settings Known issues: - Something’s up with the dirt mapping causing the vehicle to go fully grey. I’m looking into that. - There is no handling line included, because I did not manage to make one. Any bugs you come across can be reported in the comments.
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    We should really get a team of people together to drive around and collect locations for us developers. It would give us all a repository of locations to work from. Maybe not everyone in the community, but a group of well-known members who are willing to do this. I personally know of one person who volunteered to drive around to collect locations for me.
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    Good start for a callouts pack. By the way, it's written Harassment not Harasment :)
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    RP is all in your head most of the time, that's how I do it. LSPDFR provides the basic tools, the rest is up to you!
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    Next thing we know someone will go and make this... 1899 goes about 18mph on level ground 30 miles on a charge
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    Okay, If you are only using Rage and lspdfr. and you need additional weapons and health. This is what you do. Press F4 Health : Type in Heal Repair your vehicle : Type repair Weapons : type in giveweapon (this will give you a list of all weapons in gta v. Type in the code it gives you. Vehicles : type in spawn. This will also give you a list of all vehicles. just type in the vehicle you want. If you want to spawn in the vehicle type : Spawnandwarp. This helps if you don't want to get smashed and stuck in the vehicle lol. Just thought I'd pass this along!! :)
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    I FINALLY PLAYED! That solution works! Thank you SO MUCH!
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    Obviously it is something that will be making a return. Just, we have to make our own AI for it so they actually can save people.
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    Police Radio is like PoliceHelper, except that Police Radio actually works. FinKone brings us the best plugin available for LSPDFR, with an awesome, minimal interface to get things taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. Police Radio rarely ever crashes (milage may vary amongst other players), and when it does crash, it's super simple to get back up and running. This mod makes your game better, without causing horrifying performance issues. It's like a gift that just keeps on giving, it's awesome!
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    Version 0.4


    NiceCallouts is my attempt at a basic callout plugin. I am officially canceling the development of this plugin. Their are so many other great authors who I do not want to impose on by offering an alternative. I also do not have the time. However, check out my other files! Features (NS = Not Started, WIP = Work in Progress, F = Finished): -Harasment (Arrest the suspect, shown as a red blip, and hit the end key. This is a temporary fix) (F) -Kidnapping (Vehicle Pursuit) (F) -Armed Robbery (Gas stations and convenience stores) (WIP) -Trespassing (People tresspassing on random properties that you will have to remove) (NS) -Domestic Disturbance (Two people fighting) (NS) -Noise Complaint (people having a party) (NS) -Vandalism (NS) -Drug Trafficking (Vehicle Pursuit) (NS) -Small drug deal (Small person to person drug deals) (NS) -Large drug deal (Large gang to gang drug deals) (NS) -Armed Suspects (Not a vehicle pursuit) (NS) -Public intoxication (NS) -Gang violence (NS) Suggestions are welcome! I can't give any release dates, but I hope to have the armed robbery out soon. Known Bugs: -People always spawn in the middle of the street. This will hopefully be fixed as soon as the API or Rage allows it. To Install simply drag the NiceCallouts.dll into Main GTAV Folder/Plugins/LSPDFR If an error occurs and it crashes your game, or simply does not work, comment (not review) below and attach your Rage Hook log file. Note: As of now, this plugin should work with all callout plugins except for CalloutsV. Hopefully CalloutsV will be fixed in the next release! It's a great plugin!
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    Version 1.5 FINAL


    The Rumbler siren for GTA 5!!! Some people find these tones annoying, but I love them, so here the are!. Perfect quality and loop. Sound volume perfect! Diffrent versions, one is only for the FBI unmarked vehicels, (Vapid, SUV) YOU AKSED I'VE LISTENED, NOW WITH THE OFFICAL NYPD HORN! CREDITS: - SS200 Rumbler by PimDSLR 27-7-2015 - Federal Signal Corporations Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ0pQ-0ArMoPS: Sorry for the video quality. Someting is messing with my video and audio. Sirens are 100% smooth. YouTube: Pim DSLR Productions OpenIV: http://openiv.com/
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod adds a female SAHP officer to GTA V. ///READ THIS\\\ In order to spawn as the female SAHP officer, you need to open Simple Native Trainer and spawn model name, "S_F_Y_HWAYCOP_01" (Without the quotes) Video of the mod in use. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL7-YJQAohw
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    Should be pushing a update shortly. Guess I can't make callouts... ;( I've only looked at a few thousand animations...
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    The AI already perform PIT maneuvers: https://youtu.be/GmSzvM3VvL4?t=15m11s
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    This. Otherwise people are going to suspect... Things...
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    I agree, I was just thinking and about to ask the same.
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    Looks great! I really like the text and the hood is awesome! too bad you stole my idea though, i was first get out of my swamp! just kidding
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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but this mod makes handling more realistic. http://www.moddb.com/mods/realistic-driving-v/downloads/realistic-driving-v-version-09
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    It's just nitpicking at the moment from you, it's not game-breaking. And you are playing LSPDFR, playing as the LSPD - One of the most violent police forces in the world. It's not surprising they throw insults left and right. At the moment, we are focused on fixing the core stuff, and then add more features.
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    I have uninstalled WildernessCallout and have been playing the game for over an hour now without it crashing. Don't know if it was just luck...
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    You need to put your changes in a mod folder with openIV Or it will keep trying to fix your files every time you launch. Check out the OpenIV website for instructions.
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    Hey Guys! I was watching Double Doppler, and I noticed the cars he was using had a different sound, like a european car, where can I find the sounds?
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    We all have that problem, waiting for the update, nothing to you.
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    Ooh don't mind. I've just added their names in the credits. To be sure. ;) Yeah I love the Rumbler but the weren't available for Gta 5 so I made them. Enjoy!
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    I was only confirming lspdfr was crashing the game so the op knowes it's unlikely his installation of lspdfr is corrupt if multiple people are having the same issues, i wasn't posting because i expect anyone to sort it out, hell i could probably start it back up and it may well work flawless if not i'm sure i can re-install or wait for the next patch.
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    Great skins. Love the fact that someone made a Border Patrol Skin. StrykerUSMC, you did a great job on this and I can't wait to see what you do next.
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    5/5. Nice touch with the audio! Adds allot of immersion to the game. I always accept these callouts. Great for RP. Brilliant work Stealth!
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    first off the model themselves are great, but for someone that seemed so interested to make a accurate model i thought i would point out the inaccuracies so it could be improved if he wanted to. im not meaing to nitpick i figured id point out everything for him it didnt make sense to me to just pm it as i feel this info should be available to all. A lot of things no one would really know i just happened to take some interior shots and know their setup. i only release some of my models most of which are old and ive learned much more since. and second off, i AM making my own version of the slicktop and will soon be visiting my local pct to get more accurate info on it.
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    Sorry about your bad day at work D: But you could try my updated version of the mod... it doesn't change much but it does split the 2 Ped and Car Traffic... if you don't want too, its fine :D the mod isn't for everyone Have a nice night! -TLTTC
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    Nice find! The belt options are under the hair component ID. Not that that is a problem, just found that to be a little odd. I'll include it in the next update. Thanks! Also, yes, nothing changes if a cop is wearing a stab vest.
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    Great skins! Adds that "just makes sense" feeling to the atmosphere they're intended for. Thanks for these StrykerUSMC!
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    FinKone always tends to bring great mods to the table, this is no exception. he has put many days and nights into coding and testing this along-side a few other trusted people. it isn't often that a developer listens to your ideas and implements them in the best way possible, but he does. From time to time you will get those "must have" mods which you just can't live without.. this is one of them!
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    FinKone pours his heart and soul into a mod he creates, this is no exception. It is a great ALL IN ONE mod that brings realism to a whole new level! I use this mod in my videos and can't live without it.
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    10/10 I love it. I can use it for multiple uses. THANK YOU :)
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    Version 0.3.1


    Just downloading LSPDFR? Note that you may also need to download the latest version of the RAGE Plugin Hook: http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx The third public release of LSPDFR contains a number of ground breaking new features for everyone to enjoy. Letting you play as a police officer in GTA V, LSPDFR 0.3 introduces brilliant new mechanics for arresting people, an immersive police station interior and so much more! See the enclosed LSPDFR User Documentation for full details.
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    Version 1.0


    Kirkland Police has a stealth unit which is a 2012 Dodge Charger so i though it would be cool to make this skin, as you see below that is what it looks like and then compare it with the screenshots of the charger skin that I made: So i thought that Cj24s 2012 Charger would be perfect for it. Hope you enjoy the skin :)
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