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    You're welcome Lund

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    SAM -Can you add features in the future such as. 1 - Armed Robbery (Heist): A bunch of criminals rob a convenience store or a store in general and you have to chase them down (You arrive on scene as they are leaving) 2 - Bank Robbery: Like Armed Robbery except you have to take down suspects inside of a bank, and save hostages (Make sure no hostages are harmed) 3 - Police NPC stops, pull overs. - Ability for NPC officers such as state police, county and city PD to pull over NPC vehicles, arrest and write tickets. Adds immersion. 4 - Gang Related Violence: In Grove street and other locations have it to where a gang has formed wearing a certain color and caring weapons, you have to arrest or eradicate the gang. 5 - Homicide Investigation/Murder Mystery: Allow in the future the ability to analyze a crime scene and find out clues about what may have happened, sort of like L.A Noire. 6 - K9 Support Unit: Add the ability to have the LSPD Police Van to carry a K9 in it for drug searches and chasing down suspects. 7 - Drug Busts: Have the ability for stakeouts on suspects and buy-busts. 8 - Most Wanted: Much like GTA IV's Vanilla vigilante system offered, a police most wanted list of fugitives in Los Santos and San Andreas who can be hunted down, arrested or killed. 9 - Terrorist Threat/Attack: This is a far-shot but perhaps a modder or the LSPDFR team in the far feature could consider adding a terroristic threat or terrorist attack as a rare and very crucial callout, perhaps someone has planted sticky bombs all over vehicles and has exploded them or has hijacked a bus or plane. Stolen a Military Tank ect. 10 - Ability for arrested suspects (You arrest) to be able to have a backup officer or call in a pickup for the arrested. Like LCPDFR offered, when you arrest someone the ability to call a unit to pick them up or take them back to the station yourself. Does anyone like my ideas or are they in a way flat and bland? Please let me know if you also would like to see these features added. ~ SF
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    Yes, you need to download both and then run them through a Large Hadron Collider to fuse the downloads together into one before installing.... ... ... ... ... No but seriously, "both" ? What is "both"?
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    © Alex_Ashfold

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    Version 0.3.1


    Just downloading LSPDFR? Note that you may also need to download the latest version of the RAGE Plugin Hook: http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx The third public release of LSPDFR contains a number of ground breaking new features for everyone to enjoy. Letting you play as a police officer in GTA V, LSPDFR 0.3 introduces brilliant new mechanics for arresting people, an immersive police station interior and so much more! See the enclosed LSPDFR User Documentation for full details.
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    Police Beats - Everyday Policework very work in progress Little bit of a change in direction after learning the basics of making these plugins and such and so we are now 'Police Beats - Everyday Policework' and will focus on handcrafting callouts for the districts of Los Santos, starting with Vespucci. I've spent a few days doing the rounds and getting spawn points around Vespucci, Rockford Hills, Morningwood and all the suburbs in between. So far, I have the front door of almost every business or commercial property and their respective car parks or dining areas mapped out so that callouts will be quite specific - it could be a dispute about food quality at a restaurant or cafe that's gotten a bit out of hand, a hold up alarm, a car parking issue that's become violent or perhaps not even violent - someone could just be pissed off that someone else parked across two disabled bays and you've been called to give the dropkick a ticket. It could be anything! Some areas such as the pier and the beach have a whole lot more and more specific callouts - lifeguards and security have apprehended someone and need you to come and lay down the law or perhaps one of the street vendors have been mugged, or had some items stolen. Every one of those little street vendor stalls now has a spawn point mapped to it and you could get called there - of course, when you do, there'll actually be a vendor there to speak to and there's probably a guy running away or hiding out nearby that stole something or punched him or took a leak on his cart. Back in the districts, almost every house is going to have a spawn point mapped for a house alarm, domestic, fight, burglary, noise complaint - whatever you can think of, I'll manage to squeeze it in there. The motels scattered throughout Vespucci all have locations mapped there for issues in the car park or perhaps unauthorised people using the pool - the owner might want them all charged with trespassing or maybe just moved on - those everyday calls are all gonna be there. As you roll through the streets and see the bus stops and the train stations, think that they're also potential hotspots - public transport isn't necessarily the safest mode of transport and with all those hubs having spawn points, you could find yourself at any of them dealing with a fight on a bus or someone trying to ride the train for free. Vespucci isn't your thing? Give it time, eventually I'll roll this model out over the entire city and county. Calls will include:. Welfare Check - 911 call was disconnected early or hung up immediately and the dispatcher can't get back on the line to the caller. These could be at an exact location such as a house or business or could be from a mobile phone and give you an area to check out. You could find anything there - medical issues, fights, fires or absolutely nothing. Traffic Complaint - This could be ongoing or historic. Maybe the complainant witnessed someone that lives in the street do a burnout so you just need to attend and speak to the complainant then head on down to get the other guys version of events to decide whether you'll cite him, warn him or leave it at that. Perhaps the complainant is following a vehicle doing something stupid... better catch up before the complainant loses sight. Routine Assistance - Another agency needs help with something. It could be a bus driver with someone refusing to pay a fare or get off the bus or a security guard with trespassers in custody... maybe Ambulance officers need help with a cranky pateint. The dispatcher will tell you what it is and how urgently you're needed. Stealing/Mugging - Someone has been mugged or had something stolen from them. Depending on circumstances, you or you and another car may be dispatched. If you arrive first, speak to the victim/complainant and get a description out to the other car or take the victim back to the station for a statement. If you're a bit slow no doubt the other unit will give you a description and direction of travel for the offender so you can go have a look for him. Hold Up Alarm/Robbery - Much the same as the above, two or more cars will be dispatched. Arrive first and you'll be getting the details from the victim/complainant. Arrive after and you'll be looking for the bad guys. Off course, if it's just an alarm it could be a false alarm or maybe the clerk panicked she a customer got angry and hit it. Noise Complaint - The name speaks for itself. Attend and ask for the noise to be lowered or if you're particulary narks, issue a citation or take the offender in. Be mindful that every action has a reaction and if it's a party, there may well be more of them than you...Loitering/Trespassing - One or more people are hanging around somewhere and staff or residents aren't willing to move them on or haven't been successful - attend and move them on. Alarm - Maybe a house a alarm or a car alarm - attend and check the area. May be something happening or someone suspiciously hanging around. Check bona fides and move them on.Suspicious Person - Maybe they were seen looking into cars or houses or they're just being a bit weird... attend and scope it out. Disturbance/Domestic - Violent or verbal only. Attend, speak with all parties and move them on, arrest them, cite them - deal with the incident as you see fit.Indecent Act/Indecent Exposure - Someone's showing a bit too much skin off and may need a bit of a hand finding their pants - or perhaps they've found someone else's pants and that other person didn't really appreciate it... guess you'll find out when the call comes in!That's both a conservative and an ambitious list of calls that I'm hoping to get into the mod at some point and it's going to take a lot of time and work to get to a polished and compete state but I do intend to release the works in progress as there's something to release... for now though, I'm working with a tutor, learning to write scripts and working towards having at least one call to show off in the near future!
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    Could you give a bit more detail? Does this add jails at random places? Or at every place you can go on duty? Thanks
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    Not bad for a start. I rather like letting the AI arrest them, though.
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    It's totally fine to do it like this. I was more talking about sleeping (also longer than 0 ms which is what Yield does) in the callout's Process function. What you do in a separate game fiber is completely okay and even necessary here. Keep it up!
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    It also said to please try again later :)
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    Please dont remove Engine.Scripting.Functions!!! Those are really useful!!
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    These Volvo's are getting ready for a release... :D

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    LOL I'm such a noob sometimes. I searched through the forums and even checked the download page of 0.2a, yet I completely forgot to check the LSPDFR section at the top of this page *facepalm* Thanks!
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    There are no words :) Are you happy?
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    Honestly, don't bother with Script Hook V. If you want to do anything LSPDFR or police related, stick to Rage Plugin Hook. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, things get easier. As FtDLulz said, download Visual Studio Community 2013. Its free, and it is "straight from the horse's mouth", so to speak. Its a Microsoft tool, and Microsoft makes the .NET Framework, which is what all these plugins are developed on. The Community edition does not have all the tools that the professionals use in the Premium and Ultimate versions, but honestly, it doesn't matter. Community has more than enough built into it...take it from someone who is a .NET Developer for a living. I make money and pay my bills doing this stuff, and I use Visual Studio Premium at work. I find that Community is more than enough for stuff I want to do with LSPDFR scripts. Now, all that said...DON'T LOOK AT ANY RAGE/LSPDFR CODE YET!! Don't do it! I know you're looking at LukeD's Example API project in the other thread...its tempting, isn't it? Well, don't download it! I'm watching you... Okay, seriously...I would strongly suggest looking up some tutorials online on how to code in C#. Learn about the basic concepts...learn what a function is, what a variable is, what a loop is, etc. Start by making a program in C# that opens a Command Prompt (DOS) window and writes "Hello World!". You can do that one in about 5 minutes...literally. Hint: Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");Once you're done that, and you're comfortable using Visual Studio, then follow the Rage Plugin Hook Getting Started guide in the Rage Documentation. And you'll be off and running! At that point, download LukeD's example API project from this subforum. If you take even just one or two days to learn some basic C# concepts, then you'll be far better off, and you'll be able to read and actually understand the example code that Luke has written. (Keep in mind that Luke's example is for developing an LSPDFR callout plugin...the guide in the Rage Documentation is for developing a script mod for GTA V...two different things!) Feel free to post in this forum if you need help. Good luck!
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    Version 2.0


    Hey guys, this is my own impression of the Sandy Shores sheriff uniform. I thought this one would be perfect for the desert patrol. Hope you like it. Please leave a Feedback ;)
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    Police Callouts Mugging Drug Deal Officer has gone Rogue need backup. Possible Law Enforcement Imposter. Public Nudity Assault Sexual Assault Grand Theft Auto Assault on a Officer Homeless People Causing Trouble Suspect Fleeing From Officers Bank Robbery Possible Bank Robbery Possible Robbery Bank Alarm Triggered Officer Requesting Pull Over backup Wanted Suspect Traced Gang Members Shooting Officer Down Shots Fired Possible Drunk Driver Medical Callouts Person not responding. Shot person.Officer requesting Ambulance. Injured Person. Fire Callouts Burning Building. Possible Fire. Person trapped in burning building. Person drowning. NOOSE Callouts Multiple Suspects.Shots Fired. Bank Robbery.Shot's Fired Search Warrant. Escort. Shots fired. Officers Requesting Immediate Assistance. Officer Taken Hostage. Multiple Hostages Taken. IAA and FIB Callouts Threat to national security found. Possible Bombing. All police callouts,noose. Bombing Suspect traced. Murder Suspect found. Agent Requesting Assistance. Suspects robbing federal property. Technology Stolen. Possible Hacker found. Hacker Traced. States Warrant Suspect found. Witness Protection Program Witness in trouble. Escort Witness. DOA Callouts Drug Dealer Traced. Possible Meth Lab. Meth lab found. Officer found illegal drugs in car. Possible Drug Deal. Drug Deal. Undercover Agent found dealer. Undercover agent requesting assistance. Possible Drug user traced question and find dealer. Tail Drug Dealer to meet. Tail Deal User to meet. Some of these have been made And I think these would be awesome.
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    Version 1.0


    Awesome Purple Charger Nogales Police - V1 Created By Mister Brooks (AitGamers) ------------------------------------------------ Installation : Drag and Drop police2.yft police2.ytd into Vehicles.rpf using Open IV Located at Path "update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc/x64/levels/gta5/Vehicles.rpf" If using "Mods" Folder Open IV : Drag and Drop into "mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc/x64/levels/gta5/Vehicles.rpf" ------------------------------------------------ Please Leave comment or Review Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.1


    Park Ranger Enhancement is a modification that retextures the Park Ranger peds and Park Ranger Granger to resemble San Andreas State Parks Rangers (based on California State Park Rangers), with new, high quality, lore-friendly patches and badges. -------------------------------------- Installation: IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. MAKE BACKUPS! Install with OpenIV: Files from "Vehicles" folder to update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday4ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf Files from "Peds" folder: - from "componentpeds_s_m_y" to \x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_s_m_y.rpf - from "componentpeds_s_f_y" to \x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_s_f_y.rpf - from "pedprops" to \x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\pedprops.rpf -------------------------------------- This download is exclusive to LCPDFR.com and GTA5-mods. Feel free to edit the file, just make sure to credit me. However, don't re-upload if you have not changed anything. Made by Rockstar Games, edited by Yard1
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    Version v5.0 FINAL


    Sorry for my English. I am not an Englishman This is the best texture that is at the moment. In principle, there is no point to do their higher resolution. List of cars + California plates: fbi ---> Dodge Charger fbi2 ---> Chevrolet Suburban Z71 police (+ NEW Lights) ---> Ford Crown Victoria police2 ---> Dodge Charger police3 ---> Ford Taurus 2013 police4 (+ NEW Lights) ---> Ford Crown Victoria policeb (+ NEW Lights) ---> Harley-Davidson Road King policet ---> Chevrolet Van 1996 sheriff (+ NEW Lights) ---> Ford Crown Victoria sheriff2 ---> Chevrolet Suburban firetruk ---> KME Predator lguard ---> Chevrolet Suburban seashark2 ---> Lifeguard LA blazer2 (+NEW Medbox) ---> Suzuki LT230 Lifeguard LA (+medbox) pbus ---> LAPD pranger ---> Chevrolet Suburban polmav ---> LAPD, LAFD Ambulance riot ---> LAPD predator ---> Port Police ambulance ---> GMS Turbo Diesel (AMR, LAFD, CARE) Army Bonus: crusader ---> US Army Camo Texture and New Roof barracks ---> US Army Camo Texture barracks2 ---> US Army Camo Texture barracks3 ---> US Army Camo Texture rhino ---> Desert Camo Texture annihilator ---> US Presidential Helicopter savage ---> US Army Camo Texture cargobob ---> Camo Texture Install information in ReadMe. Backup included Thank you for downloading and enjoy. I hope you like it) P.S my other works https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/KimEurope
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    It's not a bug - It's a feature.
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    A: 4096 B: 8192 X: 16384 Y: 32768 DPad Down: 2 DPad Left: 4 DPad Right: 8 DPad Up: 1 Left Shoulder: 256 Right Shoulder: 512 Left Thumb: 64 Right Thumb: 128 Start: 16 Back: 32
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    Wow, just wow. The intimidation feature is fucking amazing, good job, like really.
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    Amazing re texture of the uniform. In my opinion looks a lot nicer and really increases the overall immersion of the game. Great job, thank you!
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    Ist im prinzip ganz simpel. Sagen wir mal du hast einen mod der jester2.ytd in update/x64/dlcpacks/patch3ng/dlc.rpf ersetzt. (location is jetzt nur ein beispiel) Dann würdest du statt es direkt zu installieren, dein GTA verzeichnis öffnen. Dort den ordner "mods" öffnen, oder erstellen wenn du ihn noch nicht hast. Dort erstellst du dann ein verzeichnis "update" in dem du "x64" erstellst, indem du wiederrum "dlcpacks" und dort drin "patch3ng" erstellst. Du bildest sozusagen die original Ordnerstruktur nach. Dann sollte das verzeichnis folgendermaßen aussehen: /mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patch3ng/ Dann gehst du zurück zu update/x64/dlcpacks/patch3ng/ kopierst von dort die dlc.rpf in das Verzeichnis dass du eben erstellt hast. Dann gehst du in OpenIV, installierst unter Tools im ASI Manager beide Plugins. Dann navigierst du mit OpenIV die Datei an, die du eben kopierst hast. In dem Fall also /mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patch3ng/dlc.rpf. Dort kannst du dann wie gewohnt und nach Anleitung den mod installieren :) Ich hoffe ich hab das mehr oder weniger verständlich erklärt.
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    Ok a new version to Strays Callouts were released yesterday so you should update it. Once it's downloaded, remove CalloutsV, install Strays Callouts and test it out and see if it crashes. Then take out Strays Callouts and add CalloutsV and then test (essentially trying them seperate) if no crashing occurs try them together and see if it works. Also what version of CalloutsV are you using?
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    Since it's a shortcut it's not needed. delete it. (after doing that, try the game. that could be the problem). Also the callouts/plugins you have, are they the up to date versions?
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    Red stripe added and only one patch now too!
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    Really nice. I saw those bumper stickers and thought they were red and blue lights lol. Although that would be frickin awesome idea!! Thanks a lot for making this for us
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    Quick question... I don't know how coding this all works so correct me if this cannot be done but... For us controller users, is it possible to have the spotlight be a weapon from the vehicle? For example : Pull up to scene, hit X (on controller) to cycle vehicle weapons until the spotlight is selected. Hold LB to aim, hit RB to turn it on/off, and while holding LB aim until satisfied. It would work much like firing a pistol from the vehicle. Is this possible?
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    Where do you see that Proist? O.o I can't find that anywhere...
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    All of these are great ideas. I would Add these to your wish list. *Serve a felony Search Warrant *Parole check on a parole *Probation check *Officer needs help 11-99 call- *Unknown Disturbance call-out turns into an ambush scenario *Noise Complaint *Breakup a brawl inside of a bar *Hot Prowl- Neighbor has called in a burglary in progress. *Robbery in progress at a gas station, convenience store, or armored vehicle. *Police Station under attack- A gang has led an assault on a police station in an attempt to breakout their leader. *Motorcade mode- FIB, LCPD Officers, Sheriff Deputies, and Highway Patrol Motors work together when a dignitary lands at the airport and needs to be transported to his / her hotel. It could go off without a hitch, or the officers might have to put down an assassination attempt. *Gang Mode- You work with 10 other officers - In uniform and driving slick top vehicles, and you respond to gang callouts and enforce gang injunctions.
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    Some points I would really appreciate in future version (if they are not mentioned yet): Improved backup units: Very often I call for backup units and they just walk around and do nothing (except for pursuits). Especially when I have callouts like "Gang related violence" this is very annoying. Also it would be nice if you could call for backup before you reach the crime scene. Or maybe the API developers can do anything that multiple units except me will automatically respond. But when I call for backup in such callouts they should just act like bodyguards.The player should be able to do first aid before EMS arrivesEMS and Firefighters in the backup menu.During a traffic stop you should be able to select lower and higher citations (e.g. 10$, 20$, 50$, 100$, 200$, 300$)I don't know if this is possible, but it would be great if you can put on a warning vest when you need it, e.g. when walking on highways.Spawn Barriers, Cones and FlaresCreate checkpoints like in LCPDFRYou need to collect evidence in some callouts. It would be also nice if you need to secure the crime scene and then call the FBI to investigate and you keep away the civilians and search for witnessesI don't know if that is possible, but there are many areas on the map where it's difficult for an ambulance to come there. So maybe somebody can create a skin for a rescue helicopter which can be dispatched to the sceneWorld Events: I think this is the most important point because focusing on traffic while patrolling gets a bit boring with the time. There are some GTA V related "world events", but I would like to see more different events. Just some examples: drunkard, burglar, fight, sexual abuse, insult, suspect putting a fire, unconscious person, tourist asking for a special location or for a picture etc.Some points might be more interesting for API developers and I hope they will read that to. And as always: Thanks for your great work!
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    Great pack and good installation instructions! Used the Buffalo in my latest Highway Patrol video, and loved it! Great job, looking forward to more from you in the future.
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    Because why not? Snow mods Exiled is making some cars once he gets his repairs finished aswell as North yankton in canada, so why not??
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    Yes, it's obviously a huge conspiracy and moderators and management alike are evil sinister people locking threads on items we have no control over :P I'll maintain it's an issue with your browser or ISP BUT please keep in mind that we're often under DDOS attacks which may impair service. On another note, it's a very popular site, sometimes there is a peak of users where some might experience issues because of the load. If it doesn't work one day, try the next day. If you haven't been able to download files for weeks on end, then it might be a good idea to create a topic.
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    The NPC take too much damage in this newest version of LSPDFR (headshots). No one should be able to get up after being shot in the head 3 times in a row.
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    make sure if you have any OpenIV edits that they are on current updated files. I had a crash that i eventually tracked down to a siren replacement mod being installed to an outdated .oac file.
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    I'm back with some more variety of items to add to your games. Simply open the PedSearch.ini and look for the line starting with 'Items=~r~a handgun' and just replace it with the items below. Great mod for anyone looking to do a little bit of extra RP or another reason to arrest someone ;) Items=~r~a handgun, ~r~wire cutters, ~r~a forged ID card, ~r~shaved keys, ~r~a bag of meth, ~r~several packaged drugs, ~r~used needles, ~r~unprescribed pills, ~y~burnt spoon, ~r~Stolen jewelry, ~y~multiple phones, ~r~stashed drugs, ~r~a spoon and heroin, ~r~a bloodied knife, ~y~a switchblade, ~r~a butterfly knife, ~r~an 8 ball of coke, ~r~blood-soaked rag, ~r~unregistered handgun, ~r~Stolen Credit cards, ~r~Stolen Wallet, ~y~Unused Needle, ~r~a meth pipe, ~y~bag of marijuana, ~y~bag of blue pills (Will edit or add as I have time or ideas)
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    An Unlocked Valor? I think I love you.

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