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    From the album Chippy's WIPs

    Warn bumper and North Star utility box made by me.
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    Before making false accusations, why don't you double check? The normal installation gets "detected" as OpenCandy, which we don't try to hide.   The alternative version gets detected for another reason, namely being "confused". This is because we obfuscate our code to prevent it from being decompiled. How is this supposed to be malware? It's common knowledge that AV software treats packers/obfuscaters as risky sometimes, because it could be used to hide stuff.   Please, next time before you accuse of something like this, check the details. You're spooking people only because you have no idea of IT and/or didn't check the details.
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    From the album Requiems unimpressive screenshots

    Him1250's BCSO 2014 FPIU, part of his BCSO pack.
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    You honestly believe that LCPDFR would have over 580,000 downloads and yet it is infected with malware? Get real. It is indeed a false positive, but if you don't believe me, just delete it! Since you won't be playing LCPDFR, you won't need to stick around so you can bugger off and take your shitty attitude with you. You do realise you're speaking to the lead developer there, don't you? The amount of effort involved with this mod should prove that they have no reason to implement malware. They wouldn't bother spending this much time working on the project to just fuck people off.
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    The Longest Silence

    From the album LCPD Action Shots

    Amsterdam Lane lays silent after the shooting of a shotgun wielding man who attempted to shoot open ATMs outside the local bank branch.
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    If you don't want to use the mod, don't use it. Spewing bullshit all over this thread won't get you anywhere. Have a great day. Nothing to see here! This topic has been closed by LCPDFR.com staff. If you feel that this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    Custom swat officer

    From the album Highway Patrol

    Special thanks to Shekure and OfficerLund for making this moddel possible. They helped my with adding the head moddel :)
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    false Calls

    From the album ON PATROL

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      Yes, I did check the links as I take it seriously. But it looks to me you did not. Read the second one again:   "Riskware.Confuser!", "TR/Confuser", "MSIL.Bladabindi", "Confuser.dmcsmu".   The third one is the best one really. We are obfuscating the MSIL code to prevent it from being decompiled. We don't obfuscate OpenCandy, but LCPDFR! Hence MSIL! That's all. There is no OpenCandy included in the alternative install nor anything you could possibly call "malware". I highly doubt you know anything about it. If you did, you would have made your own analysis instead of running it through an online service.   At the end of the day: If you are in doubt, you don't have to use it. But I can assure you there is nothing wrong with it. Go fire IDA on it and see for yourself if you wish.
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    First ingame test, crashed the first tries, but I found the problem and here we go:
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    Lovely weather

    From the album Highway Patrol

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    Will anyone lock this topic? The OP is obviously a troll and doesn't know what he's talking about, I think it's best for everyone if it's sent into the depths of hell.
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    It's a false positive. There is no need to worry. Sometimes the makers of software obfuscate the code so that it can't be stolen or used without permission. This is also done by some viruses to avoid detection and this is why it is believed by some anti virus software to be malicious. It happens some times, nothing to worry about. I can personally say that I have inspected the code myself (sorry LMS :P) and there's nothing to hide.
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    Once again, thank you guys for making this moddel possible! :D
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    Unfortunately I didn't really find any detail shots of it, but I have to say it looks good imo... And thanks for all your input and comments, makes the work easier. I haven't worked on it since I've added those mudguards, but maybe (no promise) the non-ELS and unlocked model will be up tomorrow.
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    From the album On Duty

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    More accurate summary: The student government's legislative council passed a resolution to remove all flags from the common lobby of the student government offices. This has zero input from the actual school administration; furthermore, it has to be approved by the student government executive council, which it's looking like it probably won't be. The bill applies to every flag of every country. In the entire bill, two lines even mention the American flag, and merely use it as an example of how all flags represent nationalism. Now, you can dispute that flags have a strong association with nationalism, or dispute that that's a bad thing, but if you read this bill and say "How DARE they be traitors and remove the American flag!", that's exactly the kind of thing they're talking about. In other news, apparently "rightwingnews.com" is pretty terrible at summarizing things in a remotely objective way, and distorts reports even worse than the rest of the media in support of ideological aims. Who'd have guessed, with a great name like that?
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    Okay, so I have noticed the lack of the Altima for quite some time and given it was one of the most frquent vehicles back when I have been there last year I thought why not? Plus, there is a NYPD version of it, so that's a reason more for me. The exterior is already completed, an engine has been added and only a detailed interior along with doorsills is missing. Everything else is pretty much done. All lights working, LOD models present, all parts dirt mapped... I have decided to wait with a thread because I didn't know whether I would actually complete it, but in the current stages I think it's safe to say that it comes along very well. I'm currently focusing on finishing the civillian version and then build the other version out of that one or release an unlocked model for others to play with. We'll see. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template and NYPD sample texture: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bk1cnuk5vd5tf1f/Altima_Template.RAR Update March 19th: NYPD version (unlocked) [Non-ELS] released Credits: Turn 10 Slightly Mad Studios Convert/Edit/scratch parts: SkylineGTRFreak Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 modeled and converted by Ridgerunner Designs Lightbar: This Federal Signal Vector was created from scratch by F5544, Textures are made by Lt.Caine. Converted to ELS v8 by Kinksta100, The Lightbar has been edited by Kinksta100. ie Rota's, Secondary lightbar. Reconverted to non-ELS by SkylineGTRFreak I'm releasing it as is, even though I would have liked to work a little more on this, I just can't do it at the moment. Note: You may edit and re-publish this mod as long as you keep the original credits. If you release it anywhere outside of LCPD:FR, make sure it is locked. I have put some serious time into this and don't want some wannabe to mess with this. http://www.mediafire.com/download/lz8yewhpqzcd67e/Altima_Hybrid_ML.RAR Template can be found above. Update March 5th: Civilian version released: http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/nissan-altima-35se-f31728 (locked for now) Features: Complete exterior, interior, engine, trunk and doorsills All LOD levels present (L1 and L2 models) Custom COL model(s) Hands on steering wheel Buttons and gauges illuminated at night No broken tire bug Wheels are colorable (channel 2) Spoiler (with brakelight) as extra L0, L1, L2 models completely dirt mapped Maybe I'll also up a template later, so some of you folks can already try to make some skins if you desire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, enjoy some pictures:
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    Extra Caution

    From the album LCPD Action Shots

    Police manage to find two suspects in a housing estate car park believed to be involved in an earlier shooting. As a result, the officers take extra caution.
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    Cover me!

    From the album Highway Patrol

    My custom SWAT officer skin.
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    Quote from ODMP: "Officer Wilson went into the store to conduct the security check and to buy a video game for one of his sons. While he was inside two brothers entered the store and announced a robbery, not noticing Officer Wilson inside or the patrol car parked out front."
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    I like them! But I don't like the tattoo though.
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    I will try! :) Should I do multiple images? so you can choose which one you like best?
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    Oh god, this is a hard one. I can't narrow it down to one, but i can give my top 3. Federal Signal PA-15A Federal Signal PA-20A Federal Signal Unitrol 480K
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    Those over done tactical peds look like they're going to explode with gear.
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    This thread is far too heated, with personal attacks left and right. I'm closing it for now; it may be reopened later, but right now things just need to cool off.
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    And after you do, you can spend a year or so in one of America's FREE of charge, correctional facilities.
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    That's a bit funny to read considering the US are the second most polluting country in the whole world, just behind China (and were the first most polluting country prior 2007). If you want to respect your flag that much, respect also your country and its nature. Just wanted to throw that here. On topic, everyone is free to be as patriotic as they want, but as it has been said, shoving it into other people's throats, rubbing it over others' faces or simply bragging about it just to make it so you look like the best (even though you obviously aren't) is wrong. Besides, the comment about the flag being a piece of cloth is true. Seriously, it's an object, if you tie your ENTIRE respect for your country to the flag, you're a bit silly. I mean, I can have respect for my country and not give two sh*ts about the flag, it's just a symbole amongst many, many others.
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    Why do so many people get so worked up over a piece of material with some pretty colours and shapes on it? It all seems rather pointless to me.
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    FOR PEOPLE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM: The issue is occuring because of the Callouts+ plugin. For some reason it messes up with Advancedhook. Removing the plugin from the LCPDFR plugin folder will resolve the issue. Thanks me for finding it by myself.
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    The classic red spotlight is one of the most minimalistic and yet badass lighting choices out there.
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    From the album GTA IV screenshots

    Short pursuit involving only 2 units ends with a standoff in an alley enb by Bone 1.0 enbeffect XC3 ENB v2.0 FX

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