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    So we've been quite noticeably silent over the past couple of months - there is reason behind the emptiness however, and much of it relates to how I and most others on the team have been increasingly busy with things in the real world and so on.  That doesn't mean that we're not still working away on LCPDFR, however, and it gets better than that as well because not only are we still pushing ahead with development on another update in the 1.0 series, but we've been focusing attention elsewhere as well - especially as it concerns both this community and the fast approaching GTA V which is seemingly just around the corner now.  Regardless, I thought that given the lack of news for a little while I'd take this opportunity to bring everyone back up to date with what we're doing and where we're going next.   IPS 4   On the immediate horizon for us is IPS 4, which is the major overhaul of our community software that powers LCPDFR.com.  IPS 4 has been in development for quite some time now and we've had a pre-release version of it hosted on a testing website for just over a month now, too.  For more information about IPS 4 and to take a look at it in action, I'd recommend you visit the pre-release demo set up by IPS at http://zend.ipsdevserver.com/ips4/  In short though, IPS 4 brings a much more modern and streamlined framework for building a community driven website.  Admittedly, LCPDFR has rocked the same design for just under 3 years now, and I do feel like it is again time for a change.  With IPS 4, we will be rolling out an entirely new theme, loosely based on this dark blue which we first introduced in late 2011. We are hoping that this is something that will be completed by the end of the year, although with this one. the ball isn't really in our court - we're just waiting for the software to be properly released.     LCPDFR 1.0   Back in the closing days of last year we released LCPDFR 1.0 - it was certainly a moment we'll never forget when our servers collapsed with all the downloads.  Throughout this year we've been updating LCPDFR 1.0 by bringing three patches, the last of which being 1.0c in summer of this year.  Work on the fourth patch, 1.0d, has, at a slow pace, been ongoing for a couple of months now and we'll be finishing it off by the end of this month if all goes to plan.  To give you an idea of some of the things that we've come up with for 1.0d, I've included an image I took a little while ago below:       GTA V   Of course, ever present in the minds of everyone now I would assume is the impending release of GTA V on PC.  Certainly we're all hotly anticipating it as well and are of course fantasizing over the possibilities that it could bring in terms of modding.  I'm cautious to raise high hopes considering the direction that GTA V has taken in terms of multiplayer integration and the tight restrictions that Rockstar and Sony/Microsoft have imposed on the current-gen release, although this hasn't deterred anyone from investigating what it might take to get the ball rolling with GTA V.  Our own LMS has been hard at work, with some others, studying Max Payne 3, the latest title which Rockstar released for PC, and has reported varying degrees of success in terms of modding.  It still seems to be a subject of ambiguity, but let there be no doubt about it, we'd absolutely love, more than anything, to be able to launch an 'LSPDFR' for GTA V.     Other notes   Despite GTA IV being nearly 6 years old, and LCPDFR being more than 5 years old, it is remarkable to see the level of interest that still surrounds us here on LCPDFR.com.  We recently just passed the 145,000 member mark and we're well on our way to reaching the big 150k.  I said last year (or at least I think I did) that it was an exciting time to be in the community with the release of LCPDFR 1.0 only weeks away.  Indeed, with just over two months until GTA V is released for PC, and a major website plus smaller LCPDFR update on the cards, I'd say that once again, it is definitely an exciting time to be here.   Sam. 
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    Aren't people usually more creative when they're stoned?
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    LOL. This topic is just going to turn into a "My country is better then yours because..." flame war. What do you even hope to accomplish here? This is an opinionated subject and we don't need to crush the international-friendly environment of LCPDFR's forum. I've been on forums where people absolutly hate each other simply because of their country. We don't need that here.
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    From the album Olanov's Pics

    Squad of LCPD officers about to make entry.
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    From the album Olanov's Pics

    Group of LCPD officers holding for the coast guard units.
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    From the album Olanov's Pics

    What's good?
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    Not to get even more off topic.. But that is exactly how i feel. I Understand they put some effort into making the parts but.. Really? Its all turning the modding community into a big pack of gossip and betrayal.... Parts should just be shared.. Whats the point of keeping them all private.. -_- I will never know. Either way, I Think the only way would be the transparent texture.
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    this ''ripped car'' thing is really not legit if you look at it. most models are ripped from other games. That's somehow alright and great works 'n stuff. but when one guy want to edit it abit its a crime? Somthing is wrong here. modders should not have more power or be above someone else here. In the end. we are ALL rippers.
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    No country is the greatest country ever, every country has issues and no country will never not have issues Except Sweden, Sweden is awesome. <3 INI
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    Goddamn dealer still kept dealing drugs after arrest.
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    Smith & Wesson Model 20

    From the album Olanov's Pics

    C&C please.
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    From the album Olanov's Pics

    Sergeant placing a runner under arrest.
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    And I'd recommend you sir to learn about politeness and how to make constructive criticism instead of bashing people for absolutely no reason.
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    Ah yes, that Charger with my personalized skin on it, heh.
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    From the album JokerMods' Pictures

    2008 RCMP CVPI with random spawning rambar. Based off of North Cowichan RCMP Devision. This livery is NOT the original North Cowichan livery!! Liveries by Lonestranger. This model was made by JokerMods. Feedback is much appreciated!
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    Ford Crown Victoria - LCPD

    From the album Cj24's pics

    More pictures and information can be found here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/topic/1398-cj24s-modifications/page-22#entry286969
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    From the album Work In Progress IV

    The second car that I want to upload in an "Old School" Sheriff pack. Any suggestions for a third one? - Rambar spawns randomly - Skin made by Reibu
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    From the album Action Shots!

    Yard's new SAHP Pack. Can be found here. https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/6567-sahp-pack-els/
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    From the album Textures! WIP/REL

    Been working on curved lines. Took inspiration from BErads Indian Shores pack.
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    New DROT lightbars

    From the album W.I.P's And Patrol's

    I'm working on two new DROT lighbars, the Federal Signal Vista and the Federal Signal Vision. These are work in progress! The beams in the Vision are not done and the drot on the Vista is not done. A video of both is coming soon. Here is the Vision:
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    Creative! I like to see people using my stuff, thanks!
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    Wow. I Have never seen anything more ... Like... Simply good. You have produced something that lightens the mood of the community. Good F***ing job m8
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    CHP Cruiser

    From the album Work In Progress IV

    WIP Should be finished by the end of this month!!!
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    From the album Lightbars

    Only got a couple of the lights mapped. The rest I can finish tonight or tomorrow. I will also mod the other lightbars as well (vector and fire truck lights).
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    From the album Cj24's pics

    More pictures and information: https://www.lcpdfr.com/topic/1398-cj24s-modifications/page-22#entry286969
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    Agreed, parts (and vehicles) should be shared. Anyway, I'm happy that making that plate transparent helps hide it. Cheers.
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    From the album Scrimps Mods

    2014 FPIU based off San Diego PD - Current skin is a placeholder!
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    News, Updates and Information: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> If some of you haven't seen the above link posted recently go and check it out. As it states, the development team have been working on a new patch for LCPDFR titled 1.0d. You may also recall me saying multiple times that a new update for Callouts+ is in the works, several times I've mentioned a bug that is "fixed in the next update" but never given a release date. Well now it's time for me to let you know what is going on... Why has it taken so long to release a patch? Well in truth I began my second year at university in October. I monumentally screwed up in my earlier years at college and don't really want to repeat that and subsequently limit my future. So I've obviously taken priority to making sure all of my efforts go to my degree and not this plugin. The plugin is in a stable state if I recall correctly. Honestly I haven't looked at the code or tested it for a month or 2 now but will obviously run a huge amount of tests as soon as 1.0d is out. I understand, so what can we expect, when will it be done? (etc) When 1.0d is out and appears to be stable enough, I'll convert Callouts+ 0.6 to the 1.0d patch, run tests and push it to the kind people who help me test it. It will come with all of the bugfixes I've previously mentioned, as well as some new features I've worked on, there are no spoilers as to what is being added, partly because I've forgotten and partly because surprise is more fun. It's not a massive release. Going from 0.5 to 0.6 is merely some updates, some fixes and a couple of small additions. And of course the merging with the latest LCPDFR release. Will this plugin die? It's been over 30 days since a post... Eventually, yes. With the GTA V PC hype train approaching it's destination this plugin will soon (hopefully) become a discontinued project. Why hopefully? Well because if all goes well GTA V will be moddable, we'll have an equivalent LCPDFR mod for GTA V and I'll be making plugins again....hopefully. I've been busy with university and other things which is why I put the plugin on hold so to speak. People don't reply if I say I've fixed bugs but not given any release. people stop asking for ideas if it isn't still the top thread in the mods section and slowly people give up. But for now, all is well. Sorry for the lack of updates and information, hope this answers any questions.
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    Just tested it, it works absolutely fine: As visible in the picture as well, any of the front LEDs of the Liberty can be turned into a steady burn activating together with the secondaries, though this requires a left/right alternating pattern for the amber secondaries. I'll also include ELS configs for different colors and for working steady burns. Update: I added the dashlight and to show there're many different setups possible, I created a NY style setup with red/white in front and red/blue in back.
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    I'm currently working on a new version of my old LCPD pack ('?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>), using new equipment and a new livery. The CVPI is in progress right now: More pictures of the car can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/duh7z The setup is including more interior equipment like a console as well as a few more lights. It is very customizable, decklights, grilllights, mirrorlights and a dashlight can all be removed seperatly by simply replacing a texture. Textures for all blue, all red and red/blue lights are included. An alternative .wft file without rambar will be included as well. The models itself are also more accurate, KevinDV's Liberty and TIR4 grill lights for example are way more detailed than the models used in the old pack. Most of the car models have been updated and improved in the meantime as well. Yet, I don't know exactly what cars I'm going to include, the current plan is to release the CVPI together with one other car and later update the pack to add more. It depends on the interest, but if it's as popular as the old one, I'll try to create as many cars as possible.
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    Guys were forgetting the BIG picture, now that the have truck with working trailers we can have some of these badboys
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    i was expecting this to be an Olanov post lol
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    Why are people arguing this? I don't understand at all. It's completely subjective. I think chocolate ice cream is the greatest, but somebody will disagree. If nobody has seen what this topic was created for, than I've lost faith in human reasoning.
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    I will thank my Grandfather who became an Army Medic, 1 year just after WWII ended, had he had been born just one year earlier, he would have been deployed. Thank You to all Military Men for keeping our country safe, Thanks, TMG Tribute: ( I would write the navy seal ballad but it is quite inappropriate)
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    From the album GTA IV

    Added a Carrier AC unit to the top, more realism. (made by IronicRainbow, thanks man) have to finish up the L1's then off to testers, if all goes well should be released in a few days!! Let me know what you think! Im very proud of how it turned out! Stinkace2
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    From the album Allaboutk9's Photos

    Reno Police Brand new Police Design on there new ford explorers Real one: http://goo.gl/cXXkfs
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    ok seriously, compeast, this is not the place for your discussion. make a thread for it or pm someone, this thread is now redundant. Thank you, Rag
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    J T

    alderney state troopers

    From the album lcpdfr

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