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    They'll buy large mansions, expensive cars, and live their wildest dreams. ...And use some of it for server costs.
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    From the album Gerhart67's custom textures

    Due to recent increase in graffiti the local law enforcement has formed it's own GDF ( Graffiti Discouragement Force ). Now able to blend into the back alleys with their new cars they hope to be able to catch these fiendish perps.
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    He'd use the money to continually buy new ones, refusing to accept that the problem is Apple itself.
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    Again with the negative topics, regarding "Loss of hope for humanity" etc.
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    Stupid people breed more. And over here in the UK, we give them benefits and free houses. Of course the average IQ is going to go down when you are funding stupidity.
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    Like they say on Facebook, we live in a world where phones are getting smarter and slimmer, while users are becoming exact opposite.
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    Car Shopping

    From the album Liberty City

    Shopping for a used car in Liberty City is no easy feat, especially with all of those sleazy wholesalers out there!
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    Then that's probably around $14,999,910 more than we normally get a year.
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    It took you 10 hours, to only edit, the patch & 4 letters on a skin I made ? wow ... next time you could at least ask for permission to release something you didn't make from scratch but just edited ...
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    Default IV Flatbed

    From the album Baby Steps!

    My attempt to adding equipment to a default IV model Credits: BxBugz123 for the Whelen Edge 9000. Hilth0 for the Whelen TIR3's. Rockstar for the truck.
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    They'd run off with the money and disappear off the face of earth.
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    But don't you know that no man can spend or invest that much money logically? ...That is why all funds should be redirected to a certain cyborg, who cannot possibly be corrupted...
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    From the album McAwesome Pics!

    I am very new at photo-editing, but decided to share my attempt. Model is by xxijumpxxx, and is unreleased. Awesome skin is released! Feedback Welcome! Original screenshot, w/ no editing - Spoiler
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    Hey all, I'm no modder, so If anyone wants to attempt something like this as a script, go ahead. I was wondering- IV has a prison on the map that isn't used at all, so here's my thought- why not include this as an addon script to PDFR? Here's my ideas that could be included; Once PDFR has been started, there could be a corona outside the prison that teleports you inside and starts the script's callouts. Callout ideas: Prisoner inspection - a line of 6-7 new inmates could spawn outside the prison main building. Each one needs to be frisked and ID'd. Prisoner transfer - A new inmate needs to be escorted to the prison from a variation of locations - The airport, a police station, docks etc. If used in EFLC, the prison bus could be used for this. Yard fight- two inmates brawling in the yard. break up the fight and escort offenders to solitary (the inaccessible fenced-in yard in the prison) Prison riot - this could be 8 or 9 inmates throwing molotovs and brawling in the prison (in rare cases guns can be used). break up the riot. Escape callout - an inmate has jumped the fence and is escaping (variations- either on foot or in a stolen car) Hostage situation- an inmate is holding a guard hostage demanding an escape car. either talk the inmate down (there could be a Y/N talk process, or a progress bar etc.) or snipe him before he snaps. Mass escape - 8 or 9 inmates are running free in lower Alderney. recapture them. So what do you think- can an idea like this be scripted to work with 1.0? it would definitely add more life to patrols in Alderney.
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    From the album ON PATROL

    just really like this pic
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    Use extra_10, extra_10 randomly spawns in-game but cannot be controlled.
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    I think i'll just sit here, and see where this goes.
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    Sexy Caprice

    From the album Dusk's Pic

    Made by Jump
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    Howdy Guys. Since there are a lot of Classic Car lovers including myself i decided to set up a little list to make it easy to find classic cars. Here is how it goes. The List is splitt in POLICE, FIRE/EMS, OTHER PUBLIC SERVICE VEHICLES, CIVILIAN and 1900-1959, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999 Just click on the spoiler taggs to open a list of your choice! If you have a Car thats not on the List simply post it and i will add it. CAR PACKS: http://gtaforums.com/topic/653662-possible-project-gta-iv-new-york-1988-car-pack/ http://gta.com.ua/file_gta4_details.phtml?id=6450 Latest Update: January.23.2015 POLICE VEHICLES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMBULANCE/FIRE TRUCKS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMERCIAL/OTHER PUBLIC SERVICES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CIVILIAN
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    You should always make sure that your software is up to date.
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    Nope. Your updating will not effect the games or any data, they are just updates to your video drivers.
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    Hmm, what's that sound? Oh, it's NicolaiB crying out a cry of joy. 
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    Blinded by the Light

    From the album LCPDFR Escapades

    Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night!
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    From the album LCPDFR Escapades

    You can't have a classic American automobile without copious amounts of body roll!
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    He isn't being a pessimist, he is just paraphrasing an article and being neutral. It is good that he is reading as many articles as he can, that is how you learn stuff.
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    Great texture! Just wish Caine's impala utilized the rota feature :/ Nonetheless, great texture man 5/5 !
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    It actually does work with ELS v8 its just G is to turn on the lights and J is to turn on the sirens
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    I just laughed my ass off , also I've never heard of people having this problem.
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    I feel the same, my partner doesn't arrest people, he kills them.. I was on a callout about homeless people. When I'm talking to the homeless people and asking them to leave, my partner pulls out a gun and kills the poor guy.. WHY!? He did this another time too, but this time he killed himself. So we were done arresting a suspect, and on our way to the car when my partner suddenly pulls out a rocket launcher and blows himself up. I didn't quite understand what happened... So for my own safety I have started to do most of my patrols alone.
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    Because Windows is the epitome of quality, reliability & design(!)
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    Super Troopers, Hot Fuzz, 22 Jump Street. Oh and, Lets be cops, I watched that last night and it was pretty funny.
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    From the album LCPDFR Escapades

    Item number one in FCV96's eternal quest to getting an image featured. xD
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    You mean this one? http://gtapolicemods.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=2142 This features a working steering wheel, but I never tried it. Also a video
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    Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End.
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    After reading several of your posts. Mainly due to officer shooting and realizing your ignorance on them, I have to say.... You may be one of the most ignorant people I've seen. Yes, blame America because of racism. It's totally one country's fault that racism exists. Go to college, get educated, form a rational reasonable opinion backed with facts, then come back and form rational arguements. America is totally the reason racism exists in this world. Just go.
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    Serving A Warrant

    From the album Action Shots!

    Deputies serve a warrant on a house. *Charger is a WIP by Voodoo*
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    Technology nowadays is designed so that you can do more, faster with less effort, cars & phones seem to be the biggest things, some aspects todays generation is not dumb, just plain stupid and/ or uneducated about real world things, people go over board with absolutely everything today, I read a post on Facebook that some lady had complained people had their dogs out on a hot day walking at a Police musical ride in downtown Dartmouth, NS, she was outraged because she felt their "safety" was at risk because it was a hot day, all I could do was shake my head because if there is a safety precaution people WILL try & up it & take it 1 step higher, but try telling these people they are wrong & that they should chill out.. They have all of this new technology out now that you have to make almost no effort to make a call, 3 year olds know how to use a $500 IPhone but don't even know how to read, schools are becoming dictatorships on how you can raise your children, undisciplined children turn into complete demons when they get older, it's just a spiral effect, there is no hope for todays generation & it will only get worse.
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    Did you watch with your volume turned up so that you could hear it? If you did, then you should have heard a moving tribute to policemen by Paul Harvey. If you did hear the tribute, and you still are not sure what you watched then, I don't think I can help you.
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