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    For those that don't know of "The Purge," it's a movie series based on the concept where crime is legal for a 12 hour period. Some people have taken it literally, with advertisements showing up for the last week showcasing a Purge event in Louisville tonight, not legally of course. http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2014/08/15/amid-louisville-purge-rumors-police-ask-people-report-suspicious-activity-via/14114953/ Scanner Link, large amounts of activity and talk of people committing crimes saying it's part of the Purge: http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/13853/web There is talk of another event like this happening on August 31 in Jacksonville, Florida: http://www.news4jax.com/news/sheriff-rutherford-responds-to-purge-rumors/27465902
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    From the album Corleone's album

    Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin WIP. United States Coast Guard.
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    From the album GTA IV

    Added a Carrier AC unit to the top, more realism. (made by IronicRainbow, thanks man) have to finish up the L1's then off to testers, if all goes well should be released in a few days!! Let me know what you think! Im very proud of how it turned out! Stinkace2
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    Call Recieved - 20:43 Call Dispatched - 20:44 Unit on Scene - 20:44 Skills.
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    From the album IronicRainbow's Pictures

    I edited Ringo's picture with some motion blur. I have received permission from Ringo to re-upload this.
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    Quick preview, of what i've been working on, today: i'm trying to make the fire related calls more realistic ! Also: I improved the game stability, and made some last minute overall improvement / fix, etc. The user manual (27 pages) is also finished. Expect a release very soon.
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    If you were a cop you would also know the policies and procedures for this situations. One night I responded to a single vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. We were one of the first units on scene and the guy that was on the bike was clearly deceased however law enforcement is technically not qualified to declare someone dead so we could not pronounce him dead and we had to wait for fire rescue to show up before they could call it. Of course the dude was literally folded in half so they didn't need to take vital signs or anything they just threw the blanket over him. Also even if we wanted to cover the body we didn't have blankets in our cars, what would we have used? You might think a lot of the stuff you see police using is issued to them and that the department hands that stuff out to their officers like candy but that is far from the truth. Even the stuff that is standard issue is in short supply, stuff like notepads and pens are hard to come by in my sheriff's office. You need more business cards? Well you are going to be waiting awhile. Oh you took the radar/laser course, well sorry we don't have anymore radar guns to issue so either you are going to have to wait or buy your own. It was only until about 2010 when my sheriff's office started issuing assault rifles to patrol deputies. If you were a patrol deputy qualified with an assault rifle you had to go out and buy your own. And I'm not talking about some little sheriff's office out in the middle of no where with 10 sworn deputies; my sheriff's office is in a county that is in a major metropolitan area with over 400 personnel so this is a medium sized agency.
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    So I was scrolling the #LouisvillePurge hashtag in twitter and I ran across this....
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    From the album iiKonrad WIP/REL

    Already converted, good job guys at Emergex. As far as I know we wont be releasing it.
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    Sooooo Edgey!

    From the album NB's WIP mods

    Various exterior equipment added, ANPR version might possibly happen.
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    My favorite was the woman who was in the shower, thought she heard gun shots and decided that they killed him for no reason solely because of that.
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    From the album flwpheonix

    Preview of HCFR pumper
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    From the album sixium's WIP

    Two CVPI units of the LCPA. Fictional Liberty City Port Authority skin based on the real-life Delaware River Port Authority Police of New Jersey/Pennsylvania.
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    "Criminal Mischief, complainant states he passed through an intersection and a Dildo hit his windshield *Pause, can hear dispatchers in the background laughing*, R.P does not want contact" Oh man my sides are hurting... This all seems like it's just turning into a mischief night (Much like the night before Halloween )rather than a all out crime spree that many people were anticipating/thinking. Sure there's a ton of bad calls going on, but I'm going to safely assume that's regular criminals taking advantage of how busy the police are right now.
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    I'm curious to hear your definition of "prank 911 call". I'm not sure it has anything to do with the actual meaning of the term.
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    Not to sound racist or anything, but it was black unarmed teenager shot by a white cop, in a black neighborhood. The media is eating this up. If you watch news Interviews, they ask a black resident what she thought. She stated something along the lines of it being disgusting and wrong what the police did. They ask if she saw it and she said no. Basically everyone in that neighborhood is going to side with the deceased. The media is spinning it into a hate crime. Again, I'm not trying to sound racist or make a racist post. If I find the video of the interview I'll post it.
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    Burn down your neighborhood. That will prove your point.
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    Hey You might know it, or not, but I've been working on a Firefighter mod for the last 2 months. The mod is almost done, although there is no release date at this time. There are currently, 5 different type of callouts: Medical run: This callout actually have 4 different "sub" callouts (taking place at different type of places); M.V.A Vehicle Fire; Automatic Fire Alarm; a super secret callout never made for GTA; Another super secret callout also never made for GTA. EDIT: MOD IS NOW AVAILABLE: Here are a few videos I made to present some of the features introduced with the Firefighter mod: Stretcher control: and one of the most exclusive feature never made for GTA: The ladder control feature: A realistic Dispatch system: Firefighting equipments: More pictures here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/gallery/member/2101-gangrenn/ More features / things have already been done, but I prefer not to give all the details now, and let you find out some of the untold features the day of the release.
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    Instead of creating a new topic every time I make something, I figured I should just make a single thread for my videos and update it once I upload something new. Until I got something new, enjoy these few old videos of mine!
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    From the album Illusions

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    Traffic Enforcement

    From the album Action Shots!

    A Sheriff's Deputy stops a Oracle for speeding in the evening.
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    From the album possible new ideas

    Textures based on Columbia County Wisconsin
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    I Don't think they went into the academy to lose weight.. i think they went into the academy to be a cop like everyone else who went into it. Also I Don't think the overweight ratio is 8 to 10, but then again i DID see this.. http://puu.sh/aUuIi/07848597dd.jpg Honestly i think these are loaded statistics.. being overweight does not necessarily mean your fat you could be swole as fuck and still be classified overweight according to the BMI calculator that a lot of people use
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    The only way to stop a protest once it turns violent is overwhelming force. That's something that has happened throughout history, and there has been no end to violent protests outside of force. Before anything is said, that's not to say that all protests turn violent and should be crushed with force. When the Rodney King riots went unchecked, 53 people died, over 2000 were injured and over $1 billion in property damage was caused. For the most part, the police sat back and did nothing at the beginning, letting it quickly spark into something that required 13,000 military personnel to stop. And it isn't a police state. A police state would have the media censoring these events and anyone speaking out against them getting shot or disappearing. It's been the exact opposite. This has nothing to do with Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman. The police responded to growing demonstrations that resulted in the Quik Trip being looted and burned down. Next, the Quik Trip didn't magically catch fire. Protesters set it on fire. The car wash didn't magically catch on fire Wednesday night. Protestors threw molotov cocktails on it. Some looters were armed with firearms. And you make it sound more dramatic than it was. Police warned people for over an hour to leave the street, which they were in, because it's against the law to obstruct traffic. No civilians were shot with any sort of lethal round, which you seem to be implying. Controlling a riot isn't against international law by the way. Or maybe, with an age of mass communication, things like this become reported more, more people rush to judgement before letting facts or an investigation get in their way, and more people get committed to a cause. This would mean that more large scale events requiring an escalated police force would happen, resulting in more false accusations of a police state. This has nothing to do with the NDAA. So what if they look like military personnel? Airsofters look that way too. That doesn't make police military any more than airsofters. Every single item the police have that is described as militarization, short of flashbangs, tear gas, full auto weapons made past 1986, high intensity lasers and Lenco Bearcats/MRAPs are available to civilians. Of course police will occupy an area. That tends to happen after repeated nights of looting. "GI Joe" isn't going to show up for one person. In case you haven't seen any footage yet, there are hundreds of people looting. One person isn't going to stop that. And these aren't necessarily protests. Protests are organized. Protests have a leader. Protests don't result in violence. Protests especially don't result in local businesses being looted and burned down. So what should happen when people start looting? Should the police do what the Missouri Highway Patrol tried last night, holding hands and singing Kumbaya? I'll give you a hint how it turned out. While the St. Louis County Police was ordered to have its 200 riot officers stand down by the Highway Patrol that had taken charge, the Highway Patrol calmly drove by the looters, not doing anything. In that time period, 5 businesses were looted, 1 person was shot and store owners had to show up with their own guns to chase off the CRIMINALS on their property. So how long should looters go unpunished? How long should they get free reign to destroy peoples' livelihoods? Your hypothetical scenario is not related to the discussion at hand, but I'll entertain it. If people in my neighborhood started burning down businesses and looting stores, then there would be a police response. I'm capable of understanding that actions have consequences. This is not about gun control. Again, using camo and equipment mostly available to civilians isn't a military force. How exactly does attempting to control people before they burn down businesses using less-lethal means equate to China or Russia? Those countries would probably shoot the looters.
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    You have to have permission from the chief for volunteer firefighters, even then you're only supposed to have a single light. Nobody follows that, but that's what the law says. For amber lights, they are only allowed on "hazard vehicles" when they are "engaged in a hazardous operation," or for a neighborhood watch type thing for cities with over 1 million residents and with permission from the commissioner of police. I don't think these laws are really enforced as long as you are not trying to impersonate a police officer. Source
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    Actually, that's a normal night in Louisville.
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    The problem with ranks is that for it to be realistic, it would not be action packed. Supervisors/Sergeants/Lieutenants/Police Chiefs don't handle calls in larger departments, they direct what goes on.
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    From the album SHERIFF/EMS/FIRE Gallery

    LCSO texture pack can be downloaded here https://www.lcpdfr.c...e-texture-pack/
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    A 16 year old student created the prank that got blown out of proportion.
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    Threats to a pizza place?!?!!?!?!?!? Really people?
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    -Snip- Un-related image removed. Things are getting pretty crazy.
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    I wouldn't call it "martial law" just to police taking back their city....stopping the crime before things get to bad.
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    Someone walking with no shirt, no pants... yep these are teenagers
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    Police already there. Fastest response time ever
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    Its different for every agency but basically its when units from other departments, towns, and cities need to be called in. For example during the tragic Connecticut school shooting my local department in Massachusetts was called in. A code 2000 or Foxtrot Red, whatever you wanna call it is usually put into play during a large event like riots, spree shootings, etc.
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    Post something that's actually worth discussing, or go away, this crap happens everyday.
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    Infowars. Totally a reliable and unbiased source.
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    New video, whoo! 69th pct detectives respond to a job but it goes sour. Music used: Hell Bent by Deakin Scott.
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    I'd rather wait and hear what the investigation results will say BEFORE assuming this is a case of police brutality.
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    Just some way to get rid of these horrid liveries and replace them with the one the VSPI has...   Would look so much better:   
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    This 1978 Olds 442 brochure has drawn my attention. The fact that it features a police Delta 88 in an official brochure when Oldsmobile had ceased to manufacture police packages years ago is at least curious. Were they perhaps trying to give the 442 an outlaw image using a picture-made cop car?
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    Earlier a bunch of kids assaulted the ice cream man. One does not simply punch the ice cream man.
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    As i said... if they can't handle it.. HERE COMES THE NATIONAL GUARD!!
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    Wow this is messed up, A footpursuit assaults this is bad, maybe this is why we militarize are police for stupid people like this
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