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    Not this bullshit again. Can people respond to files without getting retribution and shit from people and staff?
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    Well the Tahoe isn't a PPV. It still has all it's badges, door mold, and the fog lights. The Explorer looks like shit. It isn't a Police Interceptor because the the grill is supposed to be black, the door handles black, the mirrors are supposed to be black and not have an indicator on them, and the headlight, indicators, and taillights are wrong. The Explorer rims look like shit too. I would really work on the cars before you release and go off of real life pictures of the police versions of those vehicles.
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    Personally I hate laws like "You have the right to not be searched" Or "You do not have to show your ID". People that are all about laws piss cops off, I mean dont be that guy, and just show the cop your ID. Just my opinion though, Feedback? -Best Regards, iiKonrad
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    From the album My GTA IV

    Model by BxBugs123, available for download soon.
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    Not taking the time to open the model in OIV or use proper grammar.
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    From the album My GTA IV

    Model by BxBugs123, available for download soon. RELEASED ON ANOTHER SITE, LOOK AROUND!
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    NYPD 1426

    From the album VWking's Screenshots

    NYPD (1426) avoiding Manhattan rush hour traffic.
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    So the idea here is to take this 1986 Chevrolet Suburban made for San Andreas, properly convert it and turn it into a brilliant looking cop car or ambulance. Using an aerodynic would be fine I guess. Few more examples for those who think 1980's Suburbans were barely used (most are GMC but hell, it's the same). wow much big such metallic amaze very GM So if you are down for it, hit me a PM (yeah, I better take a seat...).
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    From the album Pengi's Models and Stuff

    Still have one more Ford to do, comment if you know, it should be easy! Pack Features: -2 Ford Taurus', 2 CVPI's, 2 [insert Ford here] -All models come with one steelrim, one hubcap option -Comes with white and black rambar option, default Steelies have black Hubbies have white but PNG's included will allow for personal adjustment -Templates and window templates -ELS V8 optimized -Rarely used lightbar -Code 3 PSE lighting products -Hubcaps with NO texture/poly morphing glitch More images: Full album for more in depth look at FTPI and more, will be updated aswell! http://imgur.com/a/TjiNc
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    has the humanitarian aid they were give already run out that they need to act up again?
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    From the album Murphy's WIP Gallery

    This is my second scratch-modeled project for GTA IV, my first being the 1986 Ford Taurus LX. I've been working on this for a long time, but I haven't made a lot of progress until more recently. Guesses, anyone?
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    I have had, in the past, an officer ask to look at my phone. I was nearby an ongoing incident in which the police were searching for a suspect of which they knew the name of. The officer asked, I had nothing to hide, so I gave him it. He showed me the screen while he was looking through it and only had a glance at the top message and the last couple of phone calls made. He then asked where I had come from and where I was going and then sent me on my way. I did not see a problem with this and I still do not.
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    I couldn't agree more with Pengi, while you might think that it's the developer's fault, it is your's. If you have access to the vehicles unlocked, you can do a lot to them to improve the quality of the vehicles themselves, before putting any lighting equipment on the vehicles themselves. I think you could have done a lot more to the cars to make them look nicer, and to even better yourself with the skills you could learn from doing so, but that is just my opinion.
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    Back in the day when the only warrant you needed was a badge, gun, and a foot to the door. Back when murders, rapists, molesters, ect. were looked aside from, so they could get a little one on one justice along with their life sentence to hell. Now you can't even tackle a suspect without getting sued for police brutality.
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    ...I feel sorry for them then, they've seen some shit that they can't unsee.
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    They don't need a warrant to search my phone ill let them. it isn't a big deal to me because im not hiding anything.
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    If you've got nothing illegal to hide, why does it matter if they search your phone? What privacy do you need if you've been obeying the law? I doubt an officer is going to care about you breaking up with that girl, and that guy buying two Chipotle burrito bowls.
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    And here I was thinking the extent of my powers was making peoples computers/games/etc crash due to my lovely wares.  But now I can bring death and destruction to an entire city?!  That's awesome.
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    Liberty City CVPI

    From the album BrokenArrow Design

    Skin designed and created by me
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    You know how this works, we probably don’t have enough CVPIs yet.
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    ---Should be released by Saturday-- Added 2 walkie sets (one on right AC vent and one inside the console) and a clipboard (on the dash) from GTA IV.
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    From the album Random pics

    LSPD/LSSD Themed CVPI by S_a_m_e_e_r Coming soon
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    From the album Random Testing

    Credits to BxBugs for the model Edit: Added to wrong album, sorry
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    because its I-L-L-E-G-A-L that's why....we like to keep our rights not have them stomped on by power tripping thugs they have no business in snooping/spying without a warrant I really don't understand people like you who just willingly give up your rights...maybe that's why we are slowly having them eroding...people like you
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    Well, I wouldn't either overrate or underrate North Korea. If they wanted to start a war they would problably cause a lot of damage to South Korea, considering that Seul is on their range. Obviously, they wouldn't be that stupid to do it for the sake of it as it would mean the end of the North Korean regime.
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    True Beauty.

    From the album 3D Renders

    Federal Signal DXT5 Video Camera 1000 polys
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    I'm not sure many would want to look through my phone, and if they do, they wouldn't return the same person they once were.   Seriously though, if there is probable cause I see no issue.  
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    To be brutally honest; it's a laptop shoved into a slim tower with an Alienware badge on the front. You overpaid and the PC isn't up-gradable. It will probably handle GTA IV okay, games coming out in the next couple of years, including GTA V are questionable when it comes to detail levels. GTA IV is a terrible PC port, I'm not betting on GTA V being handled any better when it comes to hardware optimization. That's my honest assessment based on my many years of PC hardware and software experience. In any case, congratulations on the new PC, and I wish you luck.
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    Well... That was quite harsh, BUT it's actually true, soo.......
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    I think you're blowing it way out of proportion. I think the reason why modders never considered it was because it didn't seem like much of a problem to them. Like EVI said, it's pretty easy to go into OpenIV to see the model. Also, I don't think you're in the place to call the modders 'lazy'. If you're complaining, creating a whole topic and asking them to fix a little inconvenience, you're the only one that's lazy. I'm only bringing this up because of that accusation, it's perfectly fine to ask, but to insult them while you're asking isn't the right way to do it. Anyways, I didn't even consider this as an issue to the downloaders. In my mods, I include the pictures, only because they're gorgeous (Thanks Carrythxd and Crossfire). I had no idea I would be considered lazy if I hadn't. Of course, I'm only a texture artist. What I would do is add the picture from the download page to the file. If not, I could always take it into OpenIV and take a look at it. But I too wouldn't mind if screenshots were added, but I sure wouldn't complain if they weren't.
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    There's no need to be so harsh. Just because he has high specs doesn't mean he's trying to brag, he may just want advice. Please try to keep this a friendly and welcoming environment.
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    But I care. Question, CriminalKillaz: Would you walk up to a stranger on the subway and tell them all your deepest secrets? The details of your relationships? I can guarantee you they won't care, so will that make it OK for you to do it? No? Why should someone know just because they have a badge and gun? Why does the state get to decide whether I have anything to hide? Why is wanting something to stay private somehow only something that takes place if it's illegal? You've said you're fine telling random strangers everything about yourself that doesn't implicate you in crimes; care to share some of that with us?
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    It isn't nearly a big enough deal as people will make it out to be. If someone is arrested their phone can be seized for the time being. That gives us plenty of time to get a search warrant, or in most cases, you just talk to their parole/probation officer. (If they have one). Cell phones are small computers, the difference between them is their portable. If they are on the person when they are arrested, the item can be seized by jail staff and given the circumstances you can apply for one later. Same would go for someone carrying a labtop around. The only thing this prevents is police looking through it right away, but in the end if we have reason to believe thetr is evidence on there, we will get in. Whether it's by a court ordered warrant, or the person's parole/probation officer. On a side note, you realize cops episodes are extremely outdated. Often times by years. The article you posted also said police require a warrant to take blood from an individual if they refuse a breathalyzer. THat's completely false in my state. If you refuse blood in my state you'll get charged with refusal (charged in the same manner as DUI). So it will vary from state to state. I would know, I've had people not give me blood and they got two charges instead of one.
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    I do it mainly for file size. I try and keep my rars as low in size as possible and adding pics can bring it up quite a bit. It isn't too hard to name a file something specific to jog your memory.
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    From the album gta iv

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    From the album McAwesome Pics!

    Foward's Updated Vic, Sporting A Very Sexxxy LFA Skin, Made By BErad1502. Great Job By Both Of Them! Both The Skin, And Model Are In The DL Section.
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    I fixed it by replacing the ScriptHook and Advanced Hook.dll files from the 1.0c installer
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    Well im not that type of guy who is going be uncooperative 24/7 like you. the the other thing is i dont care what they know about me. If they find out that im moving to a new house or something who cares.I like the police so im going to be cooperative with them and not be a pain in the butt
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    Well, if someone has no problems with showing cops their cell... Just show it them! Do not force other people do the same. I generally like police, so I would help them in any way, including showing my phone and answering their questions, but that's my decision, not a legal requirement. An officer must have either a probable cause (and a real one) or a court issued warrant to forcefully invade other people privacy. If an officers knows the guy is on the line with his dealer right now, he definitely can take a look at the number. If an officer is in a bad mood, he sees a guy and says 'Gimme your ID and ur cell, I wanna check if you've been calling Usama', I don't appreciate that. In other case, like Strike said, why would we need search warrants at all?
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    rundll32.exe is a process registered as a backdoor vulnerability which may be installed for malicious purposes by an attacker allowing access to your computer from remote locations.. So that's why your AV tripped..
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    If you are not hiding anything why would you care so what if they see that you bought a new TV or something

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