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    What do you prefer? Boxers or Briefs? Im more of a boxer man myself!
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    What is your favorite flavor of pringles? Mine is Pizza flavored!
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    my fucks are too expensive to give out!
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    We all started from somewhere. We didn't have any help, we had to find our way ourselves. I'm level 32, I still have some things to learn, so it could also help mid range players. Why not help the newer members of GTA:Online? What are some advice you would give to newer members? DO NOT buy Eclipse Tower no matter how much money you have. I made this mistake. When the $500,000 was given, I thought I should update my lifestyle - new house, new cars, new guns - but I soon found out, the second I moved into Eclipse Tower, I was constantly being shot down by snipers outside the lobby. It makes sense, since that would be the first place people would go with their extra cash. I actually wanted it for the planning room as someone said you would need later. Good alternatives would be Del Pierro Heights, Alta St., etc. Read more here. Buy as little properties as possible. One thing I have noticed is the return is never as large as how much you payed for the property. I don't know if the property value goes up, the longer you have it, but for now, I noticed no point in moving from house to house. I would save up for a higher tier apartment, link above. This will save you the most money. Sticky Bombs are really useful. I love sticky bombs so much. They are perfect for catching moving bounties, or just setting a trap for people you hate. As soon as they are unlocked, get a lot, because you will be using them. Just watch out for others' personal vehicles. If you blow them up, you will be charged and possibly turn into a 'Bad Sport' with a dunce cap on. If there is a bounty on you, get a helicopter and fly. Seems pretty straight forward, right? But there's an extra step. Keep gaining altitude until you can't get any higher. Stay in one place, and laugh at the people below trying to get you. They'll think you are hacking, but it is completely legit. After a few minutes, the bounty money is yours! It will take a while to get down, so I would just parachute it down. Always drive in an insured vehicle. Like I said earlier, in the 'Sticky Bombs are really useful' paragraph, you get warned if you hit a personal vehicle. If someone wants to be a jackass, and blows you up, have the last laugh by having them pay for your insurance. I once realized how important it was, when someone blew up my vehicle that wasn't insured, and I rage quitted. I was so angry. Selling Cars. 1. 2. http://www.oxm.co.uk/64258/gta-onlines-most-valuable-cars-complete-list-of-vehicle-prices-in-gta-5-multiplayer/ 3. Get the cars Simeon wants. The Fathom Fx2 pops up literally everywhere. If that is on Simeon's list, that's easy money. Places to get extraordinary vehicles. 1. Head to Sandy Shores Airfield, for a cool helicopter. I saw a Cargobob, Buzzard and a Frogger on three different occasions. It's fantastic. 2. Go to the construction site on the far right of the map, near Paleto Bay. The large swirly area. They have dumptrucks. It's awesome going into the city in them. The only thing is people get jealous and blow them up. 3. Subscribe to this channel (not affiliated with) http://www.youtube.com/user/MrBossFTW?feature=g-high-crv He has these videos on where to find special vehicles. Fix your car at your garage, not at LS Customs. You have to pay to fix it at LS Customs, but if you go to your garage, it will automatically fix itself upon entry. This is all I can think of at the moment. I will update it when I think of some more. What are some of your advice for other players?
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    I like some cookies. Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, basically anything sweet. To those assholes to make oatmeal raisin look like chocolate chip, you're going to hell, I swear.
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    I'm sure you weren't trying to point to the giant clan ad in your signature, because c13 specifically said "no clan ads". I'm sure the three-pronged thing was just a typo on your part, and not an arrow pointing to the oversized text. I'm sure you'll remove it now that I've alerted you to the typo, so that others don't think you're pointing out your own clan. Because if you decided to try to use stupid tricks to shoehorn a clan ad into this thread, then I'd have to take action. Do I make myself clear?
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    I have to go with HOME MADE BURGERS
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    Both :p Whatever is clean or hasn't been turned inside out yet ;)
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    I love 'em.  <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script> function getCookie(c_name) { var c_value = document.cookie; var c_start = c_value.indexOf(" " + c_name + "="); if (c_start == -1) { c_start = c_value.indexOf(c_name + "="); } if (c_start == -1) { c_value = null; } else { c_start = c_value.indexOf("=", c_start) + 1; var c_end = c_value.indexOf(";", c_start); if (c_end == -1) { c_end = c_value.length; } c_value = unescape(c_value.substring(c_start,c_end)); } return c_value; } function setCookie(c_name,value,exdays) { var exdate=new Date(); exdate.setDate(exdate.getDate() + exdays); var c_value=escape(value) + ((exdays==null) ? "" : "; expires="+exdate.toUTCString()); document.cookie=c_name + "=" + c_value; } function checkCookie() { var username=getCookie("username"); if (username!=null && username!="") { alert("Welcome again " + username); } else { username=prompt("Please enter your name:",""); if (username!=null && username!="") { setCookie("username",username,365); } } } </script> </head> <body onload="checkCookie()"> </body> </html>
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    How a productive conversation can come from this I don't know. But yes, cookies are indeed delicious.
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    NYPD Classic Vans

    From the album Strike's

    Above: Above, NYPD Ford Econoline with some 1980's styled liveries. Below: Manhattan North Task Force & mildly vandalized Bronx Task Force GMC G-1500. Thinking what can I do now...
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    I love cookies! I had almost an entire box last night and they were delicious!
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    My department does the same. It may be the fact that toughbooks range anywhere to a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars, while Dells are usually in the hundreds.
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    Why do you just want to critique my choice of topic and not actually answer?
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    Which is better in your opinion? Personally i prefer Diesel, it has an extra flavour to it, that just turns it into a masterpiece. Hands down my favorite beverage.
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    I wanted to have a General & Miscellaneous Discussion
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    Why are you so eager to advertise this? Seriously, of all the possible topics, you really thought this one needed to be made?
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    WTF? Do you mean Sour Cream? or do you eat it with cottage cheese?
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    Technically you will be a CHP Officer not trooper :P Anyways on topic, I have no idea yet. I know for a fact there is no way in hell that after around 21ish years of sitting in school I will want to have an office job. This limits me to a career out and about. Due to my current career as a ocean lifeguard, I may end up sticking with medical. However, if I do go the LEO route, I have a rough plan: I have already become somewhat fluent in spanish through 9 years of learning and still have one more year. I hope to get a minor in Italian in college and with my experience in Spanish can take a test to be able to mark that on my resume aswell. I will either be getting a degree in Criminal Science or some other criminology course(Although I have heard other degrees are sometimes more appealing to departments). So by the end of the day, I will know 3 languages(maybe 4) as well as have a college course and prior medical experience. I have no set plan yet if I go into Medical, right now I am leaning towards Police. Once I start applying I will probably apply for either a local PD around me now or one near where I plan going to college. Maybe Portland Police! But all that is ages away, currently I am focused on school and my social life. As when I am an officer, I will probably be looking back at this time of my life.
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    It's a known "glitch". You must purchase a apartment from the in-game internet browser for it to count towards to achievement. If you already did that, then I am out of luck. 
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    From the album Gotham State Police Roleplay

    http://www.gothamcityrp.com/ Clan opening soon! Join us on Teamspeak! gothamcity.teamspeak3.com Models: Caprice - KevinDV Expedition - Dhruv F250 - VooDoobie CVPI - LTCaine Impala - LTCaine Textures: All textures done by spreilly for Gotham City RP.
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    * MASSIVE UPDATE! * BRAND new version 3.0 is OUT - LOADS of new updates with new features such as the London Borough of Camden and Heathrow Airport! DOWNLOAD IT >HERE! SEE THE VIDEO FOR A WALKTHROUGH OF ALL OF THE VEHICLES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJfa1Cz0yMo COMPLETELY NEW MOD ADDED Camden Council, Heathrow Airport-themed ground units ADDED British Numberplates Mod, London version CHANGED Double Decker Bus to ARRIVA LONDON, as First London is no longer in service REWORKED ALL skins - POLICE font changed to real version, improved battenburg 'hexagon' pattern with a brand new one REPLACED ALL vehicles with Double Doppler's versions where replacable Utilized a few useless slots to police ones (Roman's Taxi, FlyUS Feroci) REMOVED Extra Vehicles - was causing problems for some users - now What You See Is What You Get simple as that
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    Your profile picture looks like you've been sent there before.
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    You do know that LCPDFR testers are imprisoned in dark cells and work long shifts with no breaks? Also, if you're caught sleeping on the job, you're sent to NicolaiB's torture dungeon. It's definitely an undesirable position if you ask me.
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    The light parts are just attached to indicator_rr_l0 and indicator_lr_l0 Testing the latest version of EVCS for Grady: (not my vehicles but I set up the lights) Hoping to try to do up some EVCS vehicles too with inspiration from GTAV models...
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    because American government certainly knows what they are talking about all the time..
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    I'm pretty sure this only affects users who have monetized game-play videos who aren't partnered with say Machinima (Yes, I know Machinima is crap now. First thing I thought of.) or other partnering companies. Because even though it's your video, you don't own the game itself therefore you're making money off someone else's content.
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    Technically videos of gameplay are covered in the copyright the game publisher has over their game. Youtube *has* to enforce copyright if asked. If they refuse a takedown request, they can become liable for the actions of their users (that's the whole point of DMCA takedowns - Youtube isn't held responsible for their users' content, but only if they do act if it's brought to their attention). So, if they get complaints, it's not like they have a choice.
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    You made the lightbars on his cars? Please confirm this by showing me a link.
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