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    Agree with that. Regardless of your level of skill, the community has standards. It does not matter if you are brand new to modding. Don't release something under those standards and then get butt hurt when people tell you the truth. What I see is a vehicle that has a lightbar on it, and probably took 5 minutes. It may have taken you longer due to the fact you are new, but looking at other recent models compared to this, it is not anywhere near their quality.
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    wouldnt be terrible if you removed the blue outline on the doors... that makes it look horrible
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    Just because it's you first model does not mean anything, it's still low quality. Why do people always think when I give constructive criticism I'm being a dick or I think I'm better than everybody? I did tell you what is wrong, Whelen Edge is scaled improperly and no effort was really put into it. Also the stands are overlapping the doors, you do not have to be so rude if someone does not give you a high rating...jeez people nowadays.
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    That's because you are being a dick.. could be nice about it, so what if "low quality" doesn't mean he did horrible..
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    Hilth0's just giving his criticism and I agree with him. You should keep improving your skills before releasing.
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    EDITED IN June, 2014. Hello everyone, I don't know if there is still someone from this forum following our game, but I really wanted to tell you that we are officially back developing the game (about a month ago). Our company closed a deal with a nice publisher and we are going to launch this year (release soon to be announced in our website). I really wanted to thank you, everyone, that supported us in the past and I hope we can count with you again. Check our website once more to see the news and we even has a recent new (pitch) gameplay video. But our current version (not in video) is MUCH better and we are going to have much more news in our website soon. I really wish I could have some of you guys, fans of police games, to support us. And admins / moderators, please, keep up this great mod, the last version is great and I really enjoy playing it ;) Cheers ================================================================================================================== Hello all, Its been a long time since my last check here, I was real busy. Today I want to announce here a game "for fun" I was creating, I got good feedbacks and now I want to finish this nice project. Its called Police Tactics, a game where you control a police officer life, including its duties while in blue/black and while off-duty. EDIT: this project is now been developed by my game studio, Odin Game Studio. It will be good to get feedback from a community that loves police related games and this is the perfect moment. Game briefing can be found here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/police-tactics Development blog, with always latest infos: http://policetacticsgame.blogspot.com.br/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoliceTactics Cheers
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    Here is a preview of one of the new features in the next version of vdH Police Helper!! There is no set release day yet - it will be released when it is ready.
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    Any Idea what's causeing that red issue it works on other versions of the car?? -Andrew
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    Code 3 x2100 (v2)

    From the album trewq34's WIPs

    What's new?: - New glass - Adjusted sizing

    © Mike Oscar Modding Studios 2013

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    That's not always true ^ You can google tutorials, if you're really serious about learning.
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    This is awesome can you add that sign on the bmw to the audis too? 5/5
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    No, you won't have to reinstall LCPDFR, but you'll have to run the game as administrator.
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    http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/51254/gtav-official-site-update-exclusive-country-clubs-local-artisans.html You know you have a problem when gtav.net hasn't updated yet, nor here. I gotta break away before it comes out!
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    My first car is a Crown Victoria LX Sport. I did want to get a Police Interceptor, but then I realized this: The Police beat the living shit out of them. In addition, I didn't want it to look too much like a cop car. My car came with Mercury Marauder rims, so that took care of that problem. If the CVPI has a rebuilt engine or tranny, then it's alright. But you have to remember, those cars idle 24/7, almost non-stop. The only time they probably get turned off is when they get maintenance or filled up with gas. All the heat that lingers in the engine, from running all day long, isn't good for any car. I personally think you could get something nicer. You could get a civilian model that has more options, leather seats, in addition, it wasn't beat to death by overly aggressive cops. My LX Sport is actually faster than a CVPI, because I upgraded several engine components on it with Mercury Marauder parts. Also, you'll probably get some good answers from these guys as well: http://www.crownvic.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php Just my advice, Nick
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    Honestly, your first car should be something small. You need to get used to being on the road and having awareness of the space around you, I really wanted a Nissan Skyline R34 as my first car but it was just too big for me so I went with a Ford KA. Because of its size, its perfect for parking and city / town driving and helps me as a new driver get used to judging situations and if I could fit my car through there. Of course, I'm in the UK so it might well be entirely different so the choice is completely up to you. I wouldn't go for a retired cop car though, those things have a ridiculous amount of miles on them and could be prone to mechanical failures down the line.
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    hey I know this is your first one ever, but I agree with Hilth0 u need to put time in to the vehicle before your upload it, the more time you put into it the more great stuff will come out of it, you were so excited to upload it u rushed it and rushed things become halve arsed done see what i mean im not being a arsehole about it im saying in a nice way, put good quality time into it like add a rambar with leds on it, put leds in the back windows, make the texture clear and create a ELS configuration for it ok i give it a 3/5 which is an average ok :)
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    DSF Model for me is way too scaled up.. but those lights are pretty cool man! those Apollo's are gonna have to grow on me though
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    From the album Pengi's Models and Stuff

    Apart of a Bohan Police pack including other vehicles :D Skin currently says liberty as I await the Bohan Skins
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    You just took two unlocked parts, no effort really, the Whelen Edge is scaled improperly. 2/5
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    Not bad a little more lights and a ram bar other than that a good piece of work. The Whelen edge definitely fits the age of the vehicle.
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    Braveheart, Take a look on the Comment you posted on the video, It explains. For you though, I'll post it again. HERE. " As There's those out there that don't credit the original authors, It's hard to get the Credit right. If you read the description, I credited the person who i believed to be the original author. I'll amend the mistake, But in future, If you find something you've done, But not been credited, Contact the user privately instead of posting in the comments. It's politer that way. As you can see here, It was an honest mistake." It Also states the changes I've made, And credit has been changed from the person i thought to be the original author, To yourself. Again, Check back on your comments, You'll see that I've made an attempt to contact you. Another display of yourself not getting in direct contact with me, instead, Just attacking in the comments. I've messaged you, Please take the time to read it :)
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