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    You are correct, you may not advertise other websites. Nothing to see here! This topic has been closed by LCPDFR.com staff. If you feel that this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    Real Nice! I like it better than ELS. Also You can run the Fuel Mod now with no problem reading Street Names.
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    I think the negativity in these posts can be cut down a bit, but I do however think that no matter the level of knowledge of modding, scripting, modeling etc. somebody has should limit them on giving support to others. I know very little about modding and scripting and modeling but I do try to give my help where ever I can, and I believe that if somebody wants to gather a group of people together and try to give out help is good. But as it says on the bottom of the webpage, "G17 Media can not be held responsible for user-submitted content, which is the responsibility of the individual user." So I find no reason why he/they shoundn't be allowed to gather a Community Group to offer help, if they give bad information, it's their problem, not the LCPDFR staff, and anybody with any sort of mind can distinct between his community and the LCPDFR staff, as their names are colored differently.
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    1.) You spelled community horribly wrong. 2.) Did anyone approve the group name? It sounds an awful lot like you're trying to imitate the G17 staff. That doesn't sit too well with me.
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    This is a pretty big moment for all of us here at LCPDFR, especially me.  For quite some time now, LCPDFR has been a really big site with a massive community, a huge downloads database and everything else but for me at least, it's always felt like there has been a huge piece missing from the puzzle.  Now, with the release of ELS 7 right here on LCPDFR.com, it feels like we've just taken a massive step forward to the completion of that puzzle.   ELS ultimately embodies everything that the game modding community is all about - we see a missed opportunity, a mechanic that hasn't reached its full potential or just simply something that we all believe is wrong with the game and we do what we can to fix it.  In LCPDFR's case there has always been considerable demand for an entirely new game, something which is the complete opposite of GTA.  For years we'd waited, and for years nothing had happened.  Eventually, I just gave it a bash to see what I could do and from that point on it just grew and grew and grew.  The story for ELS, though, is a little different, seeing as there had actually been police lights in every GTA game.  The beauty of this form of modding though is non-acceptance of the status quo and an ambition to make something better.  Essentially, that's what Caine did back in 2009 with ELS, he made a simple system to enable better looking emergency lights.  While already a big accomplishment on its own, this new system opened up all new forms of possibilities, something which grew into the state we're in today where ELS cars absolutely dominate the vehicle modding scene.  Not only did Caine offer an improvement to the existing systems within the game, he also revolutionised the entire emergency vehicle modding scene - something which is often overlooked as we're simply so used to it now.   I'm hesitant to continue at this point, as I don't want to detract from the release of the mod or the mod itself, although this is a big moment for all of us, and I do feel as though it is an appropriate time to briefly point out Caine's contributions to the entire emergency modding community, not only here at LCPDFR.com, but also including GPM - the place where for many of us, it all began.  While many of you will only have known him as the talented guy behind ELS, DAS and DLM to name but a few of his scripts, as well as the countless models he's gifted to us over the years dating as far back as the POLC and POLP, the mods that almost everybody had in their game at the time, well before the CVPI and Charger came about, Caine was also an important person backstage at GPM and was, in my opinion, single-handedly responsible for the much talked about transition between GPM 1.0 (the phpFusion site) and GPM 2.0 (the IPB site with the famous cracked road background).  The importance of GPM 2 was that it advanced the idea of having a modding website centred around an actual community, rather than being simply a place to download mods and look at pictures.  Not only that, but Caine was also the one that pushed forward with the ideas of organisation and professionalism, an approach that put less emphasis on individual egos and instead shined the spotlight on the site in general.  From a personal perspective though, the best thing that Caine did was simply being Caine.  He was the one guy that would stand up for me, that would help me and he was ultimately the one that took me from being simply the guy that made LCPDFR to being what I am now.   Finally, I'd just like to point out that although ELS 7 has been uploaded to LCPDFR.com by myself, it goes without saying it goes without saying that it was developed exclusively by Lt.Caine -  I was involved with the development process only slightly, assisting with a select few features.  NIcolaiB has also been actively involved with the project from a very early stage, giving his input and advice which has shaped many of the new core features of the mod.  Understandably, Caine wishes to retain his privacy and anonymity at this point - something which may change if we can work out a way to combat the masses of messages, questions and thank yous he is likely to receive.  I think it is one of the most admirable qualities that you can have, and it's something that I do my best on, but to go to the effort of actually reading all the messages that people send you is quite a challenge when the numbers involved are staggering.     I know that for most people here, this is a great moment because ELS 7 has finally arrived.  For me, though, it's genuinely an extraordinarily special moment because I've been lucky enough to be part of it and I've been fortunate enough to be the first to announce it.   From the man himself. "it's certainly nice to be here, this place is amazing, and it's an honor to know that I've contributed to making you feel better about it."   You can find ELS 7 in the Downloads section here:  Sam.
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    From the album Sam's Snaps

    Police Buffalo 1.0 ELS-DN cruises past with an old school V-shaped rotating lightbar and integrated headlight flashers,
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    Well, for Apple, 'S' stands for stupid. Just kidding, many say it stands for 'speed', or 'second edition', though there is no clear answer given by Apple. I'm pretty sure the 'S' in the S4 and others, stand for Samsung. I am not positive, though.
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    might be a stupid question but...whats up with that S behind the name? 5S...4S...are those SPORT Versions of it?
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    I'm sorry ninja, but I can't really find a good car pack for mid-end pc's... I used Jotov_24's (2 of the 3 versions), and I thought it was pretty decent. Have you already tried this one? http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/city-cars-mod-pack-v14-f17907. :)
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    All - For those of you who may or may not know me or my work around various modding sites, I'm TraumaPak. In the past known as RGXlegends. Most of my work being on GPM, I've 3D modeled since end of 2009-2013. It has been a long, interesting 4 years seeing the various work from many people. I've spent countless hours and days building vehicles, lights, and other various things. It is at this time I have decided to resign, taking a step towards the future and leaving my work behind. At this time, I have not decided what to do with my unfinished projects, althought I might hand them off to people to finish and release at there own discretion. Also, For those of you who have PM'd me for permission to use or edit vehicles, skins etc, you are free to do as you wish. Also, for those of you who I did not reply back to in PM's, I'm sorry. I very very rarely log in. Peace Out, TraumaPak.
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    ^ He seemed to play LCPDFR fine to me. Nice video! Although I can't say the same for that Charger, looks like it was missing a few textures or something.
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    Well sorry for this being my first template. I'd like to see you do better! (since you're complaining of it not being templated properly...
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    First off, its a ricer So it would be a no go for most guys here. Secondly, most people here prefer realistic gameplay so Ferrari 458 Italia wouldn't fit Liberty City policing. Thirdly, your car isn't even templated properly.
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    this is probably the best pack of skins ive seen haha gonna have to try em out later, thanks for the up
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    That looks amazing. Whats your graphics mod? Super realistic looking
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    This whole topic is about why he wouldn't release it. He just wants to know why he can't edit it. If anything, you may have something shoved up in you so hard, that you can't see straight.
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    From the album Skinns

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    You must be new to the internet. This is the average education level people who use these crazy contraptions called computers have: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vR-8k-7FG4 Yeah. Anyway, point is nobody's going to pay attention to that.
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    I personally don't think that someone that knows nothing about the mod and is new here shouldn't be giving anyone help with something they know nothing about, I for some reason doubt they gave the okay for this..
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    I have a older phone but it still works, its knowing as "The Brick"
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    Nice is looks just like the one I made for Florida 5/5:)
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    Nokia 2220 Slider '> I dont care much for all the tech a phone dose, also lone as I can make calls and send texts im happy
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    Apalachicola Police

    From the album Apalachicola Police

    Now Released!!!
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    Ah the problem is you need to change "08tahoe.wft" to whatever_car_you_want_to_replace.wft and then export it and put it in the game. I used to have all these problems too and this managed to fix it :)
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    Please read the very first pinned thread in this forum. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
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    BMW M5, BMW 530D, Land Rover Discovery 4 Lightbar by KevinDV Edited to a new British one by Kinksta100 Radio Control by kinksta100 SuperEliteGamingUk (BPM) for the Original Models. Video Preview: Download links in the video description.
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    And why not? These step vans are still used nowadays.
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    He wants Dev Resources, not a Doge Viper EDIT : Beat me to it Chippy!
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    Upcoming Skin Pack State Police

    From the album Upcoming Skin Pack

    My next skin pack State Police
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    Liberty County W.I.P Update

    From the album Liberty County W.I.P Update

    Liberty County W.I.P Update Added New 2013 Ford F-150.
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    Liberty County Sheriff W.I.P

    From the album Liberty County Sheriff W.I.P

    Liberty County Sheriff Skin Pack Coming Soon...
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    I'm being picky because you are trying to emulate a real-life skin you should at least make it identical or almost (& for almost I mean not too much different). Otherwise you could just make it LC & I wouldn't say anything.
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    If you guys want a better view of the vehicle I did a showcase video for the car. Here is the link. Thanks 00Stevo
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    FUCKING EPIC!!! Dude, I literally shit my pants when I saw this BEAST of a pack come down the pike. The bitch of the matter is now I have to change my entire fleet. Damn man, your work never, ever ceases to amaze me. You really should be paid for the quality of work you are throwing down! Just for the record, I do not believe I have ever seen a 15 livery pack contain such quality from the first to the last. AMAZING! Thank you again!
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    Thanks for this, finally a traffic mod that works. Good buy taxis.

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