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    Most likel Most Likely, if they added the bomb threats, and road blocks and other things like that already and they have took them out, then that just means they have to much bugs ( making the game/scripts crash ) and that they eventually will be included in the future.
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    well the IV police cars were imitating the nypd ones, ( the lights anyway) so if its la i would think they would put these kind of cars in > http://www.flickr.com/photos/southerncalifornian/2218783809/ or something like that, without the lighting system of course because on the consols you have limited buttons. i'm sure lcpdfr will make a new .95/1.0 version for it shortly after it comes out.
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    I am now fed up of that basic blue police computer in the original cars and the downloaded cars, so I made a new one. On the bottom screen is an ANPR/ALPR application and on the top screen is the WatchGuard GUI. I will release the bottom one sometime tomorrow, the top one will need the permission of the vehicles original authour. vehicle_generic_interior.png goes in vehshare.wtd in vehicles.img this is for the default police vehicles. laptop.png replaces the laptop screen image used in some custom police vehicles, you may need to resize it to fit. NOTE: It is highly recommended that you use OpenIV so that you can change the laptop.dds to A8R8G8B8 rather than DXT1, this will keep the laptop at a higher quality.
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    I use this. http://www.gtagaming.../misc-mods/3009 (skin) And this: http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-iv/script-mods/2963 (script)
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    ~Cleaned up Thread - Removed all suggestions and responses to suggestions NOT related to pursuits - As we don't want thread hijacking and new suggestions for 0.95 are not allowed anyways ~
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    Sorry for taking so long, I forgot to post it, see first post for download.
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    WOW! really Im Australian and I find that incredibly racist, we have heaps of gangs and majority of those guys are white, middle eastern and eastern european and our bank notes are coloured, still to talking about your own country next time.
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    I think LCPD FR Developer Should Post whats in 0.95 and what Suggestion has been accepted by members ,as some of new Members and Old members Suggesting Same thing. I think this should help what to suggest when suggestion is accepted by Development or Working on it or pending or etc. Sorry i think i did posted in a wrong post but i dont know where to post it and i do not find the list of features in 0.95 that is coming.
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    I like him too. How about we'll delay the next version? Oh wait, it's not even announced. Let's delay the announcing!
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    Lol, maybe add in the terms of regulations? And yes, lets avoid him using LCPDFR :biggrin:
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    Its not needed, plus its almost never used in real life because it creates too much danger for the officers at the road block and civillians stopped because of it if the suspect refuses to stop.
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    You misunderstood me, I was implying that if GTA V follows GTA IV's format and gives you hardly anything to do once the story is completed, people will start looking around for mods that revive the game, and due to LCPDFR's overwhelming popularity since the announcement of 0.95, theres a 50/50 chance of it being continued in the sequel. Of course it'd take a few months as they'd need to figure out what the game runs on.. could be lucky and for some reason use the same coding principle as IV did.
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    The V looks like a dollar bill (America, Canada, Australia use dollars - settings?). The banner wrapped around the V looks very Gangland - So that makes Australia unlikely and Canada too - their gangs are more aboriginal than homie, drug, low rider, low pants. That leaves America - any town with the low rider, low pants, gangs. San Andreas again? Vice City (modern day). [rantstart] I also think Rockstar need more after story activity - yeah I like bowling with Roman or Drinking with Packie, but how do I pay for it - eventually money will run out (since I have done every mission, vigilante, assasination), you put the effort of offices, laundromates, Pizza Restaurants - but no jobs - like pizza boy. And creating Westdyke - but not giving us a oppurtunity to buy real estate - come on. Then you have guns - that are so easy to find - yet you have remoddled the hand to hand combat system - make guns harder to find - make more missions based on hand to hand. And adding the phone but no numbers to call - like to order a pizza - grrr.. rockstar. [/rantend] Looking forward to it though :)

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