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    VERY SAD!: New York City Policemen & Firefighters are "NOT INVITED" to the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, at Ground Zero. The Mayor claims "there isn't room for them".... As sad enough as it is, they weren't "invited" on that fateful day in 2001 either.... THEY JUST SHOWED UP, AND DID THEIR JOB! ♥ I am very irrate that the Mayor would make that call, alot of people are going and are already going to be pissed off at this person.
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    Give me 10 mins, for some reason its not working right now... I thought i uploaded a version that worked. Hmm. Ok. So this is my first script for any GTA series. What this script does: Return the speed of two vehicles, and allow you to lock that speed for reference. It will essentially draw a line directly (in-front & behind) you for 100 yards (ish). It will return the speed of the closest vehicle to you, along that line (will catch two lanes either side of you, most of the time). At any time you can lock the speed that is displayed. The lock will be displayed to the right of the read-out, with the front reading first. Keys: I - start radar U - Lock Speed Im not really going to offer any support for this, but if you are having problems let me know - I've only tested on one system, mine. It seems to work just fine on my system, I really made it for myself, but I thought I should probably share it, as others might want to use it. Also, if you want to use the source to incorporate it into your own mods, let me know! Btw. This will output to the top of the screen, other scripts might output here too. Right now i have fairly limited knowledge of 1. the language, and 2. modding for gta 4. Maybe in a future version I'll have it output legitimately to the screen :) Installation: Drop into your GTAIV Scripts folder Requirements: Scripthook.net (Works fine withe the scripthook that LCPDFR 0.95 has - thast what im running, im sure it works fine with the one 0.91 has too (untested though)) http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=392325 .net framework (You should already have this with LCPDFR)
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    Added in cars WILL NOT spawn in game unless you add specific text entries into various data files in the game. There is a complete tutorial on this on GTA Police Mods. Any vehicles in slots OTHER THAN the default police car slots WILL NOT be in the selection of cars you may use upon starting LCPD:FR.
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    And the politicians, who shouldnt even have been invited.
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    Perhaps what the moderators should do is create one specific thread for anything multiplayer. That way we don't get repeat threads about multiplayer all the time. It would be more organized that way.
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