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  • [DEV] Templated Buffalo S By LtMattJeter

     Please provide credit where it is due! The file was uploaded to make it easier for mod authors to make Emergency Service Vehicles without having to learn how to template and map the template. Please import the template when importing the model.  This was released to promote vehicle modding in GTA 5. Hopefully it will spark some energy!  Original Model-Rockstar Games-Templated and UV mapped by MattJeter 
  • Traffic Policer 1.2 (Ambient events, ANPR Callouts, Parking Tickets & Traffic Stop Assist: FollowMe) By Albo1125

    Please do not reupload or redistribute this without my explicit permission. Thank you.
    Welcome to Traffic Policer! This mod aims to add some more depth to traffic policing in LSPDFR by adding ambient events, ANPR callouts, parking tickets & Traffic Stop Assist (FollowMe)!
    Ambient Events:
    What is an ambient event? It's an event that randomly occurs while playing. You can deal with them in whatever way you wish (if you even spot them).
    Ambient event: Driver using their mobile phone (driving standard is affected!). Yes, the driver actually holds a phone to their ear or in their lap, depending on whether they're texting or calling.Ambient event: Driver's vehicle is unroadworthy. With shattered windows, smoking engines and bald tyres to look out for, make sure you keep everyone on the road safe by taking these unsafe vehicles off the road!Ambient event: Dangerous speeder. Everybody knows speed kills. Make sure everyone stays within the speed limit and impose hefty fines on those who don't!Ambient event: Driver is drunk (driving standard is affected!). One should NEVER drink and drive. When you see a car driving in an erratic way suggesting they may be drunk, breathalyse them to confirm your suspicions.Ambient event: Motorcyclist without a helmet. Helmets are essential to your safety should you fall while riding a motorcycle. Help protect someone's life by ticketing them for this 'seemingly unimportant' offence!Ambient event: Street Race! With two people racing each other in their heavily modded vehicles and driving extremely dangerously, this is an accident waiting to happen unless you intervene! Special thanks to TheUniT for helping me with this ambient event by modding the vehicles.Callouts:
    Callout: ANPR Hit: Vehicle's usual occupants are wanted. This callout has over 45 possible ways it can go, illustrating that traffic officers never know the dangers they're going to face! Remember, computers can be wrong sometimes, and that includes ANPR systems  Features:
    Parking Tickets: When standing close to a vehicle, press LShiftKey and E (configurable) to report that vehicle for a parking violation.Traffic Stop Assist:  FollowMe! When a vehicle stops in a bad location on a traffic stop, you can drive in front of them and press LControlKey + T (Default) to make that vehicle follow you. This allows you to have the vehicle pulled over in a safer, more appropriate location. Additionally, there is a lengthy .ini file wherein you can customise the chances of ambient events happening along with some other settings, such as disabling blips!
    Get the perfect pull over location, even on the highway!
    Thanks Zachary Houseknecht, Jeff Favignano, First30Minutes, KansasCityKansasLivin Luster and many others now for using Traffic Policer in their videos! Be sure to subscribe to their channels! 
    Drag the Plugins and LSPDFR folders into your GTA V root directory. See the ReadMe for further details.
    Traffic Policer was designed to work with Ragehook 0.22 and LSPDFR 0.2b. Ragehook 0.20 is no longer officially supported. Ragehook 0.23 and (0.24) are confirmed to be working.
    You are going to want to download the latest versions of the following mods to get the optimal experience (credits to their authors):
    Breathalyzer by Qwerasdzxc. This is the breathalyzer optimised to work with Traffic Policer!Speed Radar by Straysify or a different speed checking mod.Police Radio by FinKone to tow away vehicles.Traffic Control by Stealth22 to stop traffic and set up speed zones.More Jail Points and Prisoner Transporter by Albo1125 to deal with your prisoners Support:
    If you encounter bugs or problems, please leave a comment (not a review) below describing your problem. Make sure you attach your Rage Log file, which you can find in your GTA V Root folder.
    Traffic Stop Assist: FollowMe: Make sure the vehicle has actually stopped like normal before making them follow you for the best experience.
    Future development:
    To check on the development progress of Traffic Policer, visit the forum topic: Suggestions are more than welcome there!
    And yes, this mod will be regularly updated while in beta while I work to fix bugs and implement optimizations. Thank you for your understanding.
    Have fun on your traffic shift !
    If you enjoy Traffic Policer, please consider leaving a 5 star review  If you are feeling exceptionally generous, a small donation for the 100+ hours of work would be much appreciated as well 
    Thank you DBock1989 for the thumbnail screenshot!
  • V Interceptor Default-Type By Lt.Caine

    This is the default V Interceptor, remapped to accept custom decals and with some slight adjustments.
    − A modified version of the default Police Interceptor (police3) vehicle model.
    − Features a completely mapped body with template for custom decal textures.
    − Features 4 custom CHP/LAPD inspired SAHP and LSPD textures.
    − A texture template is provided in the download.
    − N/A (First release.)
    − Due to current issues with V crash collisions, the vehicle’s glass will not shatter.
    − Always make sure to create backups before overwriting any original game files.
    − To avoid the need to overwrite original game files, use the “mod” folder method provided by OpenIV.
    − 1. Using OpenIV, open the file “update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday4ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf”.
    − 2. Once inside, find and replace the vehicle files with the corresponding ones provided in the download.
    − 3. Close OpenIV.
    − Base GTAV vehicle model made by Rockstar Games and modified by Lt.Caine.
    − Vehicle body remapped by Lt.Caine.
  • [DEV] Templated Stanier By LtMattJeter

    iansonwheels and Windows446! 
    This was released to promote vehicle modding in GTA 5. Hopefully it will spark some energy! 
    To make it easier for those of you who wish to get into modding and texturing I've decided to follow the new standards of GTA V modding. Using universal templates for default cars. The template was provided by Lt Caine, and mapped by me. 
    I want to thank Lt. Caine for his outstanding work! 
    To offer a little something special I've included two beautiful skins:
    A Neveda Highway Patrol Skin by Windows446
    A Los Santos Police Department Skin by iansonwheels
    How to install: 
    -Please back up files, I will not be held responsible for any damage to your game. 
    -Use Open IV and locate: "x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf" Please replace the file with the file you wish to replace. 
    The templated vehicle may not be used without giving proper credit. The file was uploaded to make it easier for mod authors to make Emergency Service Vehicles without having to learn how to template and map the template. Please import the template when importing the model. Using this templated model without giving proper credit will result in punishment. As permission will be revoked. 
    Original Model
    -Rockstar Games
    -Standard Template by LtCaine
    -mapped by MattJeter