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  • Liberty City Police (Ford Crown Vic) By OfficerELS

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    Hello LCPDFR Community . How are y'all ? It has been long time since my last mod ,well I am back again bringing you my latest model , been working on in quite a while now . Mostly I forgot how to even use the ZModeler , but I menaged somehow to get into it again .
    Remember to rate , comment .

    If I forgot to credit anyone , let me know!!!

    Hope you like it . . .
    Thanks for downloading !!

    Regards Officer ELS
  • MagForce SA-441 Siren By Jeep

    MagForce SA-441 Dual Siren
    This is a high quality port of the MagForce SA-441 dual siren. The files used in this were taken directly from the siren manufacturer and ported into the game seamlessly. 
    What's so special?
    Loud, and clear tones.No clipping (mild clip on air horn, to be fixed)Includes dual-tones.What's included?
    Primary WAILPrimary YELPPrimary PHASERDual YELP / PHASER (for really clearing traffic)Preview
  • Ticket Time By FinKone

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    Ticket Time

    By FinKone


    1920x1080 (download TicketTime(hotfix 1.01)

    1600x900 (download TicketTime1600x900 v1.01)

    If you are running a lower resolution, it will not work correctly.

    What is Ticket Time? Ticket Time expands on the mechanics of LCPDFR (and requires LCPDFR) to work. It was made to work with 1.0d, and 1.1.

    It gives the player more options in terms of collecting information from the driver of a vehicle. It does not generate it owns "persons" names, or wanted status.

    It works in conjunction with LCPDFR.

    Completing the form is not required - but adds that extra detail for players that want it.

    Install - throw Ticket Time in your scripts folder.

    Use - pull a vehicle over using LCPDFR. Once they've come to a stop, and you are behind them, press Z.

    Follow the prompts from there...

    Known issues of 1.01

    Issues giving the suspect orders using LCPDFR once asked to step out of the vehicle (use other methods until I fix this if you want.)
    Having another unit can sometimes (rarely) make the game crash. Still checking into this one.

    Feel free to track me on youtube.
  • Backup Callout(1.0d + 1.1 LCPDFR Callout) By FinKone

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    Backup Callout is a plugin for LCPDFR 1.0d, which uses LCPDFR API calls to plug in fluidly into your game.

    Its currently all about assisting a primary officer, which has requested dispatch for a additional unit (YOU), to assist him in a high risk and normal traffic stops.

    Be careful. These felons don't want to go back to jail.

    You will find bugs. You might even crash. It will improve over time.


    IF YOU SHOW UP TO THE SCENE AND THE POLICE CAR AND OFFICER ARE NOT THERE, CHANGE YOUR "Els_Range_Pl", and "Els_Range_AI" to 500 or greater. This is just a update to inform users having trouble. 1.20 update soon, this is just a msg update.

    Do not upload, redistribute, or modify without permission.

    Updated 22/MAR/2015

    If you are a YouTuber, please throw my channel a plug so my kids don't starve before the winters over.

    Installing Tutorial

    Recent Update Notes :
    Update 1.20 added more spawn locations (REFER TO MAP PICTURE UP TOP FOR LOCATIONS), added even more handling and improves to protect from a crash in the event of a bad spawn. Tested and working 100% with LCPDFR 1.0d, and 1.1. Later versions after this one MAY however, require 1.1.. we'll see I want to use some of the new APIs.
    Update 1.19 added more polish to the normal traffic stops. Added more protection in the event of a bad spawn (tips from LMS and LtFlash helped a lot in improving this go around). Still going to polish up this one a bit more, should clean itself up 100% of the time without a crash in the event of a bad spawn/fail spawn. No new spawns, just didn't have time.
    Update 1.18 [hotfix] The aborts got a little jacked up, I made a mistake. Not if the callout fails to create - it should abort and clean up without throwing a fit on its way out the door. LCPDFR should no longer crash if this callout fails.
    Update 1.18 - More spawns! The warzone has been added! (Bohan), different spawn system (not location, but creation of peds), to reduce callout failure. Normal traffic stops added (Still be ready for anything... ;) ), Manager line 169 error shouldn't be a large issue any longer.
    Update 1.14 - Worked on protecting the game from having a fatal crash. Still working on the script crashes that are happening. If you are getting a null ref NOT related "GTA IVLCPDFRSVNbranchesLCPDFR Ambient ActionLCPD First ResponseLCPD First ResponseLCPDFRCalloutsCalloutManager.cs:line 169", Feel free to let me know - otherwise if that is in your log, I'm working on correcting this for the next update. 1.14 uploaded again. Only correction was the version when callout plugin, plugins. Forgot to update version. :|
    Update 1.09 "HIGHWAY" should see minimal crashing. More spawns added (check map picture). The only goal of this was to make it more stable in terms of the event spawning. There are still some issues with the events themselves (Officer car not despawning properly, minor hangs.)
    Update 1.08 "HIGHWAY" is more stable. I've disabled all old method for spawning in the cars. This is a static method. If you are having a lot of trouble with the other versions, TRY THIS. If you are not - there really is no need to upgrade. This is my attempt to discover why it works for some, but not for others. Most stable release, does not features city backups, only highwaycallouts for the BROKER AND DUKES HIGHWAY AREAS. Will not spawn them on the other three islands. South East Main Island Only (game starting location)
    Update 0.97 "Disregard the Disregards" edition - Attempts at making more stable, and reducing the chance of a disregard. Light testing on this version.
    Reduced chances of fatal crashes by putting more protection in.

    Completed Features:

    Traffic requests happen map wide, city and highway.
    4 out comes to the traffic stop - all of which can change based on the random statistics given to the felon on creation.
    Assign State or County Police Officers to Highway Traffic stops and assist (Just read the INI for once!)

    Idea pool + planned features
    Suspect flees on foot
    Suspect throws drugs on ground (player must collect)
    Improve spawning of city related felon traffic stops (rarely grabs a bad spot)
    Add carspawn options (letting players pick which vehicle in a INI spawn as the primary, and officer uniforms.), add stock spawning variety.
    Add spawn points for highway traffic stops (current method needs to grow to handle this)
    Add non-felon stops, traffic assists for normal infractions
    To add, have suspect with drugs chance to flee vehicle and drop drugs. Vehicle can be searched for drugs also (don't just clear the scene!)

    Bad spawn location for callout. Poor placement of units (sometimes in buildings) - this will improve more over time.
    Forcing a callout back to back can fail to create the police car and officer if it was not yet deleted from memory. I do not force these to be deleted, because I want the suspect car to be there when you get back!
    Bad spawning, criminals floating, incorrect position, stuck. This is most likely due to the users computer, I'll be reducing the distance they are created and see if that helps combat this issue. High end rigs / well setup games are rarely reporting this.
    Police Officer Car not despawning, but Officer despawning.
    Crash (rarely) when aiming at criminal when transition from my script control is given to LCPDFR.
    Vehicles fail to spawn and land on ground (being looked into, seems to be the case on slower computers/bogged down computers).
    LCPDFR having a issue out of my control and causing a script crash. Been talking with other scripters and have been told this one might be out of my hands. It doesn't do it that often. Its happening on accepted and I'll be investigating I way around it.
    Working on a solution for this crash error - "GTA IVLCPDFRSVNbranchesLCPDFR Ambient ActionLCPD First ResponseLCPD First ResponseLCPDFRCalloutsCalloutManager.cs:line 169"