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Announcements & Support

News & Announcements

The latest updates, news and announcements from the LCPDFR team.

  • 108 topics
  • 3,316 replies

Website Problems, Suggestions and Updates

The place to offer your ideas and get support for anything related to the LCPDFR.com website. Some website updates are occasionally posted here.

  • 726 topics
  • 4,893 replies

Discussion & Expression

General & Miscellaneous Discussion

An off-topic forum for all forms of conversation.

  • 1,455 topics
  • 18,790 replies


For broad and wide ranging discussion of all things gaming outside of GTA IV, GTA V or LCPDFR.

  • 551 topics
  • 5,606 replies

Computers & Technology

The place to talk about the latest trends in technology, get advice on computer specs and discuss programming and design.

  • 546 topics
  • 5,973 replies

Entertainment, Television & Sport

The place to talk about your favourite movies, television and sports.

  • 140 topics
  • 1,400 replies

Politics, Current Events & Society

The place to discuss the issues that matter and noteworthy news events.

  • 296 topics
  • 6,678 replies

Creativity & Media

From banners and posters to sound and video, share your favourite media creations, ideas, tips and tricks here.

  • 148 topics
  • 1,206 replies

Toggle %s LCPD First Response

Development Blog

Written by LMS, this blog provides an insight into LCPDFR Development and programming in general.


Random discussion about LCPD First Response goes here. No support requests!

  • 1,932 topics
  • 17,407 replies


Got cool LCPD First Response related media to share? Here's the place to do it!

  • 1,075 topics
  • 7,344 replies


Got a suggestion for a new feature? Share it here.

  • 404 topics
  • 3,804 replies


Support for LCPD First Response, including a knowledge base and support request forum.

  1. Knowledge Base
  2. Support Requests
  • 5,171 topics
  • 28,784 replies


Forum to discuss developing mods using the LCPDFR 1.0 API.

  • 23 topics
  • 80 replies

Toggle %s Grand Theft Auto IV


Discussion & Media

A forum for all GTA IV discussion and media, modding related or not.

  • 2,524 topics
  • 17,242 replies


A dedicated support forum for both issues related to the game itself and modifications.

  1. Knowledge Base
  2. Support Requests
  • 5,136 topics
  • 26,025 replies


Vehicle Modifications

A development showroom for presenting, discussing and releasing vehicle modifications.

  • 409 topics
  • 7,652 replies

Script Modifications

A development showroom for presenting, discussing and releasing script modifications.

  • 47 topics
  • 4,938 replies

Player, Ped & Other Modifications

A development showroom for presenting, discussing and releasing player, ped and other modifications.

  • 87 topics
  • 1,831 replies

Development Support & Requests

A dedicated modification development and suggestions forum for Grand Theft Auto IV.

  1. Tutorials & Questions
  2. Suggestions & Requests
  • 3,820 topics
  • 22,689 replies

Toggle %s Grand Theft Auto V


The place to discuss Grand Theft Auto V in all its glory from gameplay mechanics and wanted levels to vehicles and weapons.

  • 221 topics
  • 3,535 replies


For all things online in Grand Theft Auto V. Arrange multiplayer games or talk about the new features offered here.

  • 34 topics
  • 344 replies


A place to share your favourite images, videos and sounds of Grand Theft Auto V.

  • 60 topics
  • 1,410 replies

Toggle %s International Community

Forum Francais.

Forum des conferenciers Francais.

  • 70 topics
  • 349 replies

Deutsches Forum

Forum for Deutschsprachige.

  • 103 topics
  • 599 replies

Nederlands Forum

Forum voor Nederlandse sprekers.

  • 52 topics
  • 312 replies

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