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On the Prowl

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I've only done LSPD and some LS County shots so far, so I figured I'd hit ol' Paleto Bay for a change.

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Various GTA V Shots

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What's your specs and graphic settings there?

I've actually got a pretty lousy graphics card and settings (I've noticed that bumping up my saturation about 5-10% makes my shots look a bit nicer) but:

CPU: i7-3770 3.40Ghz

GPU: AMD HD 7700 Series

16 GB Ram

Running on Windows 8.1 64-bit

In game I've got most everything on high, MSAA I believe was only on x2 for this shot (kills my FPS) and everything under advanced graphics is off/as low as it goes, I haven't even bothered trying with those.

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