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Coquitlam RCMP CVPI

Here is the RCMP Coquitlam CVPI that was created with the help of many moders!! I will be making this CVPI available for download once i have created a proper readme.txt with all the proper information and credit to whom it need! There will also be a video that will be uploaded to youtube once I have the time to upload it! This model is my first model! I had made it to look almost identical to the original as you will see in the pictures! some constructive criticism would be nice! So i may learn on how to correct them!



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Coquitlam RCMP

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Really like the model,  but particularly the Tomar lightbar looks great.  


Excited to stop using the other tomar equiped vehicle i downloaded.  It is nice,  but the player model will always have their legs/feet clip through the floor...


1 question and 1 comment.


Will it have a non-rambar version?  


And i believe the blue/red colours are reversed.  Easily changed in the texture i assume.


Canada Day Celebration!'' target='_blank'>Canada Day Celebration!>Canada Day Celebration!       

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To answer your questions! 


1. there will not be a non-rambar Coquitlam rcmp CVPI as there isnt actually any in coquilam.. 


2. and yea they actually are switched over I just never got around to flipping them (but yes its very easy to fix)





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Looks good in action.

Do you run any ENBs or prefer not to because of performance?

Looks like the default ELS visual settings. 

I am willing to accept a fps hit that can drop my game to 35-40fps because the ENB visual difference is too great for me.

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