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NYPD Marked Slicktop FPI (Not Ironic's)

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lol no release right

maybe, but probably not.. i have perms to do so but not sure if it will get stolen.. out of respect for the others involved with the cars i might not.. most of my friends/fellow community members will be getting it though.  i  might release it later on though not done with the pack im gonna make the explorer utility highway patrol unit next.

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probably not.. i have perms to do so but not sure if it will get stolen.

Of course it will get stolen at one point or another. There's nothing you can do but accept that and move on. You've got a great model that a lot of people are interested in downloading, but you choose to deprive them of that model just because a few fucktards will rip it.


I understand that modeling isn't easy and takes a hell of lot of time and effort, so the last thing you want is some ripper claiming it as theirs but you've just got to think past that. There's a lot of genuine members who would be chuffed to bits to have a car like this in their game, you've got to think of them rather than the select few ripping it. The positives simply outweigh the negatives, in my opinion. 

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