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Park Police Skin - Charger

Park Police version. Suggestions?

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[WIP] LCPD Fictional Skin Pack

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All these are just the same. In my opinion, you need more variety than a few colors and the default LCPD badge.


For this particular one, I would completely change the design for a park police vehicle considering it's a different agency from the city police department.

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That's the criticism I needed :D

I thought people might not like it, and more variety, as In all the vehicles need to be more different? Or the skin in general needs more variety?

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Well, maybe just this vehicle. I think if you're going for just a department, like you're other photos of this Charger, it's completely okay that they're all the same.


I just think that you could differentiate between the park police and the LCPD a bit by changing up the livery as a whole because it currently is exactly the same of the LCPD's, unless you just wanted this texture to represent a smaller division of the LCPD.

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So, I was aiming for this to be one department, that's why they look so similar with slight variations. But for the park one, I was also thinking of that being a smaller division of the LCPD, so. That's why they are all similar :)

Thanks anyway! Any suggestions?

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