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Landstalker with default V lightbar v2

I've noticed a distinct lack of Landstalkers with the default lightbars, so I intended to correct that.

Wheels changed to the ones from Lt.Caine's pack + added default, NYPD-style pushrod.

Also, if you used TUNES's MX-7000 Landstalker and had errors, they should be fixed now.


Blame THED haha. I might use the default landstalker ones.

It should be TUNES. It's his model, and I confounded him with THED. Sorry.

From the album


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Yeah, there was a lot things that needed to be fixed on that Landstalker, but I really didnt find the time to fix them as I moved onto other projects of mine. 


Anyways, great job on your model, it certainly does look promising!

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Is there a way to get that front grille updated too? And the rear license plate area to match up with Lt Caines?

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The only thing changed with the grille is the color (from grey to black). I'll see what I can do about the rear.

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