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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Images of the RCMP

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      I'd like this many, many of times if possible.  Wasn't aware image comments was the new stomping ground for debates about which state is better.
    • all about dat new york
    • Exactly lol, its common sense New York is the superior state. Some people just don't get it.
    • mfw people argue over which state is superior 

    • Hell yeah brother, is there any rear deck lighting?
      Least mass shootings per population, lower homicide per population... What the fuck does that have to do with our 13 million people in a clusterfuck of an area? Lower homicide per population, least mass shootings, lower violent crimes, it means NYC is safer regardless of being a city 10 times your size. Our budgets are not proportional to our population sizes. Your budget is around $500,000,000 which was just a request, and could not even be granted, with a 900,000 person metro population (yes, metro, if you want to compare more than our city propers than we will still dwarf yours) to our almost $6 billion budget, which is ever so increasing to our 8,000,000 population. To do the math for you, that is about 12 times your budget with only 9 times your population, maybe that shows our city is safer?
      No, having 4 seasons, and not being a desert isn't a "preference" it's a standard of living. I'd rather not burn up every day of the year, and then freeze over night every day of the year without it snowing or raining very often, and I guess it could be a preference because I just called it that, but really do you enjoy that, seems... weird.
      Yes safer cities than nevada?
      You linked me a comparison between cities in Nevada not with other cities in the country, that was nice. And WHAT!!! FORBES.COM SAID HENDERSON, NEVADA IS THE SECOND SAFEST CITY IN THE WORLD! CASE CLOSED!
      (That was sarcasm) Point is, you found one website that "proves" your point (with little evidence) compared to 20 others that are all different from each other. The inconsistencies are abundant, one has a city in New York as the safest, but really this just proves none of these are reliable and therefore, I dont think that counts for anything:
      There isn't one consistency.
      Anyway, my point with that was being more "policed" (which also where is there evidence for that) is not bad, and maybe if you were more "policed" you wouldn't have had 900 people shot and 50 killed by a mass shooter last year. Who knows though right?
    • >>least mass shootings per population
      >>lower homicide rate per population
      >>higher law enforcement budget
      Wow, it's like having 13 million people in one clusterfuck of an area means something. Fucking moron.
      >>not a desert
      >>has 4 seasons
      >>an actual city
      Again, preferences. 2+ million people isn't a city? (Correction - 850k, because I know you'll google "Las Vegas population" and be greeted with the city proper instead of the township.)
      >>safer cities than nevada
    • Everything with a Edge I'll take
      >beautiful state
      >most visited state
      >least mass shootings per population
      >least terrorist attacks
      >safer cities than nevada
      >not a desert
      >has 4 seasons
      >not in a drought
      >higher law enforcement budget
      >lower homicide rate per population
      >an actual city
      >On the night of October 1, 2017, a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, leaving 58 people dead and 851 injured.
      Oh, but being heavily policed with ever decreasing crime rates and low terrorist attacks is bad?
      >what else
      >beautiful state
      >most heavily policed state in the US
    • Commented on my pic, and gotta defend my beautiful state <3
    • I don't remember asking you a god damn thing
    • nah. nobody likes New Mexico. Nevada too, nobody likes Nevada. And didn't you make like 5 cars for them? (THINKING EMOJI) 5 unrealistic cars I should say (SHAKING HEAD EMOJI)
    • can I get my hands on this?

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