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ELS Spotlight Setting?

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So I'm experiencing something odd with all vehicles (ELS Enabled) that have a spotlight on them. When I turn on the Emergency Lights, the Spotlight turns on with them, and occasionally flashes. When that happens, it's as if I'm driving with my Brights on lol. Seems highly unrealistic to me. I've honestly never seen that happen on the models I'm using until today. One of which I've used for many months now, though I suppose there's a slight chance I simply didn't notice. If that's the case, does anyone know of a setting (via the .xml or els.config) to turn that off? Or is this some sort of odd bug? Thank you for any help or info in this case, and have a great day!

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So I just found the cause... It's VisualV for whatever reason. Found this out after reinstalling mods one by one. So for now I'll be removing that mod. Hope this helps anyone else who may have the same issue.

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