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Most efficient police forces in the world

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and what about the best trained police , for example if you can remember , do you know about the philipines SWAT police bus incident . its look like the police there are not trained at all .

That question is equivalent to which Army or Special Forces Unit is the best. Different training methods and standards across the world and as such it is impossible to distinguish what makes a Unit or Organization "The Best".

In my opinion I believe if I had to choose it would be the Hong Kong Police, they are held to an extremely high standard.

The incident you highlighted was a very unfortunate and mismanaged event, there was a lot of politics involved and when it became clear of the bias that the incident commander had, he should have been replaced by some one neutral. They had at their disposable an Army Special Forces Team and a Specialist Police Tactical Team whose sole job and purpose of creation were for events such as the bus incident but because of the politics and biased involved they were told to stand down.

BTW is the COPS In US been respected ??? many hate the police for wad reason . is it police brutatily ???

That's also a very hard question to answer because in different areas (mostly rural, small communities) support for law enforcement and military is extremely high; whereas in more metropoltian areas it's 50/50

As for the reasons why some people hate cops/military it's because over the years incidents involving police/military corruption, brutality, funding, pay issues have been in the public eye which creates an aura of distrust and disconnect between Public Service and the general public.

IN my country , the police here are a respectable job , many people respect the cops there except the thugs , or people break the laws . they must be f.... hate the cops here . because singapore is such a small country , and the cops usually nab the suspect withthin few hours (2-3 hrs ) or sometime within 1hour time .

Again it's 50/50; some view career in law enforcement or the military as a career for the uneducated high-school drop out or a person with a troubled past or a person without a future. Other's view it as a worth while and noble career with a good salary and benefits.

I'm Chinese-Canadian, when I walk down the street in uniform other Asian minorities look at me with disdain and contempt while others look at me as a positive role model. Depends on people's experience with an organization.

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