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So I have downloaded a vehicle but the files are different from any I had ever seen on this site.  They are .wft and .wtd files and I have no idea how to install them using open IV for GTA 5. I have had people tell me goto pc/ models /cdimages /vehicels but when I open OpenIV I have no access to that only the files in the GTA folder. So if some one could really go into detail on how to install these files I would be most grateful! Incase this helps the cars I am trying to install are located here : 

 These cars are my local police cars and could really enhance the game for me! Also if you download the files can you check to see if the skins are already on the cars? If not could you please tell me how to add them to these vehicles! I realize I am asking a lot but I have been unable to figure this out the past two days while researching how to do this! PLEASE HELP ME! Thank You in advance! 

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38 minutes ago, BlueSteelShield said:

The cars are GTA 4 only, not GTA 5 :tongue:

yup. I would 100% agree that that is the issue

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