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Discontinued Projects - Narobic (4 Items)

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Here you can find my discontinued projects. Sometimes I start a project and just end up not liking it or something didn't work out. Considering that I still put time and effort into the projects I thought that I would share them with you. Some of them are pretty much done so if you would like to finish them and post them on your own just ask me first :)

Any questions? Just PM me titled "Discontinued Question"



San Andreas State Patrol Pack


SWAT Vest: uppr_diff_008_a_uni.dds


Simply replace the texture of any freemode character vest with this one.

Best used with EUP



Los Santos Sheriff Ford F-150: template.dds


Patrick Siren: (PATRICK)0x0D329446.wav


Use with: American Sirens Pack




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Added a new item: San Andreas State Patrol texture pack (SAPD) A fictional texture pack that adds SASP/SAPD vehicles (instead of SAHP)

This was originally posted on the site as a texture pack, but I wasn't the happiest with it. Thought I'd still share it for those who want it!

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