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GTA V Crashing

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Hi all! Recently I have been playing GTA Online. To avoid ban, a friend suggested me to use a mod GTA V Launcher  that starts a kind of launcher and disables mods. Few hours ago I have installed the redux graphic enhancement and all went fine. I started the game via Rage Hook because I wanted to play LSPDFR then I realized that that launcher mod was still up. I uninstalled it and installed again trainer and skin control mods but now GTA crashes on startup. I tried to start it via launcher,RPH and .exe file but nothing works. Any idea on how to fix this? I would love to provide you additional infos but I don't know which log file I should attach. If you tell me, I'll do it asap. Thank you all!


EDIT: Uninstalled and I am downloading the game again. I'll write here if the problem persists installing mods again.

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2 hours ago, DonkeyTV said:

Can you send the RGH log?

@DonkeyTV Thanks :)! I have uninstalled and I am re-downloading. I'll then check if fresh game starts and then I'll install Open IV and RGH then the Redux Graphhix mod and then LSPDFR etc. I'll check step by step if I have CTDs. Thank you for your answer :)

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