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Making Cops on Patrol More common?

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So, I see plenty of cops on the streets when playing the "vanilla" game version, but any time I go on duty in LSPD:FR, it seems like it almost entirely gets rid of other cops on the beat. I still see them on the side of the highway doing a 'speed trap,' or sometimes they'll rush by me in the middle of a pursuit, but I don't see them patrolling, just driving around the city, etc., and I feel like that kind of takes away some of the realism of the game, and frankly, ruins some good screenshot opportunities.

I'm not saying I'd like to be able to see other cops on traffic stops, or searching vehicles or anything crazy (although that would be awesome), I'm just saying I'd like to see some other cops simply driving around the big ol' state of San Andreas as I play, and I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to some .meta somewhere to make this happen. I couldn't find anything on the subject when I did a quick search... all I found was stuff about backup units not responding and the like.

Thanks for any help here!


(Note: I'm not sure if this is the 'right' place to post this, but it seemed like the best option to me. I apologize if I'm wrong.)

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