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[WIP] Total Callouts [Suggestions]

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Total Callouts



The Total Callout plugin will include as many callouts as can be done with RageHook and LSPDFR. I aim to integrate this with other plugin's such as Albo1125's court system and Albo1125's. Arrest Manager. This plugin is still in the early development stages so I am unable to give a definitive release date due to bugs, testing and implementing more callouts and ideas.

I am willing to listen to the community and implementing the callouts they request to the best of my abilities and that is possible with the API's. 


  • Pursuit in Progress (Credits to ToastinYou)
  • Stolen Vehicle (Credits to Albo1125)
  • Knife Brandish / Attack

If you would like to suggest any features, callouts or ideas then please post on this thread, I shall try my best to reply to everyones ideas.


Not released yet.

Testing Team

Currently not accepting testers.

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I haven't posted anything since creating the topic and I apologise for that.

However, I had an activation issue on my retail copy which stopped me completing any testing. This has been resolved and development is now underway.

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I have yet to see this:

People Graffiti'ing a building (be creative ;p)

A kidnapping in progress (or possible kidnapping/suspicious van) where a person is trying to lure people in a van. Perhaps spawn a van with someone in the back trying to be like "Come here kiddo" and spawn a hipster young looking dude? (again be creative ;P) Or even try to get a person actually grabbing a person and trying to throw them into their vehicle. Or, just use your own ideas for this one. I dont know.. 

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