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6 hours ago, Original Light said:

Personal preference.

Although, GTA V is a newer game (and a more stable game, at that). Additionally, LSPDFR is probably a bit more expansive than LCPDFR in terms of features. 

Totally Agree, I feel that LSPDFR is far more stable than LCPDFR. Fair enough there LSPDFR doesn't have everything that LCPDFR has but it has more than enough for true experience. ELS is on its way, just a matter of time, siren mastery is now available, just takes time, LCPDFR didnt just happen over night, they are still discovering things you can do with GTA V. 


6 hours ago, USsecretservice said:

Which is better? Is gtav worth it?

My opinion GTA V is well worth it. You won't be disappointed that I promise you

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