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Lights problems

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Hi guys.

I have a problem with my Sheriff only police cars. When i load any police car (Sheriff.ytd) the lights are all fucked its lights up outside the lightbar and on the car they light up away from the car i dont know what i did. Hope you guys can help me out. its only the Sheriff -.- the police 1 2 3 and Sheriff 2 works like it should

light problems.jpg

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Wow, im surprised no one helped you 2 weeks ago considering this is such an easy issue to fix yet is so widespread.

Find your sheriff carvariations (its in your dlcpacks in openiv. They wont (shouldnt) be located in the patchdays, only the folders above them.

Drag the carvariations onto your desktop and go into it. Hit Ctrl F and search for sheriff, if nothing pops up, move on to the next carvariations.

Once you find it, scroll down until you see "SirenSettings". It will be located either just above for a few lines above <Item>

Change the siren settings number to 1 or 2, depending on what it is.

That should fix your issue. If it didnt, youtube or google is a great place to search. "How to edit carvariations on a sheriff vehicle in gta v" or simply remove "on a sheriff vehicle"

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